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Mt. Stromlo

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Mt. Stromlo Contact:

Agency Electro Optic Systems Pty. Ltd.
Mailing Address Locked Bag 2, PO
Queanbeyan NSW 2620
Primary Contact
    Contact Name Dr Christopher Moore
    Telephone (primary) +61 2 6287-2953
    Telephone (secondary) +61 2 6298-8000
    Fax +61 2 6287-2951
    E-Mail stromlo_slr@eos-aus.com
Secondary Contact
    Contact Name
    Telephone (primary)
    Telephone (secondary)

Mt. Stromlo Coordinates:

Approximate Position:

X coordinate [m]     -4467063.9
Y coordinate [m]     2683034.5
Z coordinate [m]     -3667007.2
Latitude [deg]     35.3161 S
Longitude [deg]     149.0099 E
Elevation [m]     804.1
Survey Method     
Date Measured     
Additional Information

Mt. Stromlo News:

Local Events:

Date 2003-01-18 HH
Event Fire storm
Additional Information SLR station destroyed along with GPS, Doris
and Glonass monitoring equipment. Monuments
STR0 and STR1 not detroyed but will require
re-furbishment and re-survey once the site
is re-established.
Date 2003-07-04 HH
Event Facility replacement begins
Additional Information The Australian Government, through Geoscience
Australia (formerly AUSLIG) signed a
contract with EOS Space Systems Pty Limited
(EOS) to rebuild the Stromlo SLR facility.
Date 2003-09-09 HH
Event Operation of facility
Additional Information Another contract signed with EOS Space
Systems Pty Limited (EOS) for the operation
and maintenance of the Geoscience Australia
facilty. The building is already completed
awaiting the installation of the dome,
telescope and laser. Engineering data is
expected to be available in December 2003,
with full operational status in early 2004.

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