ILRS Engineering Station Identification Table

Below is a table of ILRS stations in engineering status. The current list of active ILRS sites, inactive/closed stations, and pre-ILRS stations are also available.

The table is sortable; click in the column header to sort.

Monument Code Location Name, Country CDDIS
DOMES Numbers
Site Log
Site Log
Site Log
Date of Latest
Site Log
Date of Latest
Site History Log
7040 OCTL Wrightwood, California 70409201 49901S001 - - - 20050127 -
7125 GO1L Greenbelt, Maryland 71259301 40451M114 X X X -
7826 STRK Mt Stromlo, Australia 78269101 50119S001 X - X 20190813 -
7865 STAL Stafford, Virginia 78658601 49654M001 - - - 2020031220191015