Analysis Reports

Below is a table of types of analysis reports produced by ILRS analysis and associate analysis centers.

Center Satellite(s) Technique Coordinates Contact
Agenzia Spaziale Italiana (ASI) LAGEOS-1,-2; Etalon-1,-2 7-Day Arc SLRF2008 V Luceri
Austrian Academy of Sciences (AAS) LAGEOS-1,-2; Ajisai; Stella; Starlette; Larets 7-day arcs SLRF2008 S Krauss
A Maier
Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäesie (BKG) Germany LAGEOS-1,-2; Etalon-1,-2 7-day arc SLRF2008 D. Thaller
D. Koenig
Center for Orbit Determination in Europe (CODE) LAGEOS-1,-2 Combined range bias report (DGFI, Hit-U, JCET, MCC, Shanghai) A Jäggi
Center for Space Research (CSR) LAGEOS-1,-2; Etalon-1,-2; Ajisai; Stella; Starlette; LARES; Larets; BE-C 7-Day Arc SLRF2005/
J Ries
CODE IGS Analysis Center GLONASS Comparison to Microwave Orbits SLRF2008 K Sosnica
R Dach
Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai LAGEOS-1,-2; Etalon-1,-2 LAGEOS (3-day); Etalon (7-day) ITRF2005 X Hu
X Wang
Deutsches Geodtisches ForschungsInstitut (DGFI) LAGEOS-1,-2; Etalon-1,-2 7-Day Arc SLRF2008 H Mueller
M Blossfeld
Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) TOPEX/Poseidon; Jason-1; Jason-2 10-Day Arc SLRF2008/
N Zelensky
F Lemoine
Groupe de Recherche de Géodésie Spatiale (GRGS, France) LAGEOS-1, -2; Etalon-1, -2 7-day arcs, following AWG guidelines (operational solution) SLRF2008 F Deleflie
D Coulot
Hitotsubashi University LAGEOS-1,-2; Etalon-1,-2; Ajisai; Stella; Starlette; LARES; Jason-2; CryoSat-2; BE-C; GPS; Galileo; GLONASS LAGEOS (7-day); Etalon and GNSS (14-day); LEOs (2-day) SLRF2008 T Otsubo
Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformatics (IGIG) SLR observations to GNSS systems Comparison to microwave orbits   K. Sosnica
Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology, NASA Goddard & Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore County (JCET) LAGEOS-1, -2; Etalon-1, -2 7-days for all satellites SLRF2008 E Pavlis
Mission Control Center (MCC) LAGEOS-1,-2; GLONASS LAGEOS (3-day); GLONASS (8-day) ITRF2000 V Glotov
V Mitrikas
Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Space Geodesy Facility (NSGF) LAGEOS-1, -2; Etalon-1, -2 Simultaneous Arc and 7-day Orbital Arc SLRF2008 G Appleby
J Rodriguez

Analysis reports that are distributed via email, are accessible from the SLReport archives at both the EDC and the CDDIS. Some of the reports above are archived at the Data Centers for redundancy, click on the appropriate links below to gain access to these reports.

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