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Recent News

This page contains all recent ILRS news. For those interested in news specific to satellite missions, please visit our Mission News page.

ILRS logoChange to location of POS+EOP products in the CDDIS archiveRelease Date: 05/13/2020 The ILRS DCs have updated the archive location of the pos+eop products. Until today, the current year's products were archived in daily subdirectories at /slr/products/pos+eop/YYMMDD/. Beginning today, May 13, 2020, the products are now archived at /slr/products/pos+eop/YYYY/YYMMDD/.

ILRS logo2021 ILRS Technical/Specialty WorkshopRelease Date: 04/02/2020 The ILRS Governing Board is pleased to announce that the 2021 ILRS Technical/Specialty Workshop will be held in the October 2021 timeframe in Arequipa, Peru. The workshop will be hosted by the Astronomical and Aerospace Institute at the University of San Agustin.

At this time, the ILRS continues planning for the 22nd International Workshop on Laser Ranging in November 2020 with the local hosts in Kunming, China.

ILRS logoNew members of the ILRS Governing BoardRelease Date: 03/01/2020 Toshi Otsubo has announced that Jose Rodriguez (IGN Yebes) and Sven Bauer (GFZ Potsdam) have been elected by their EUROLAS colleagues as their representatives on the ILRS Governing Board. The change is effective 1 March 2020.

Toshi has sent his thanks to the former EUROLAS representatives Georg Kirchner and Pippo Bianco acknowledging that they worked not just for Europe on the Board but for the world-wide community for a long time. The ILRS hopes Georg and Pippo will stay actively involved in the ILRS.

ILRS logoNew Software for ILRS Gloal Report CardsRelease Date: 02/12/2020 The ILRS has been generating global report cards on a quarterly and monthly basis since 2012. A new version of the report card software is now available with changes that provide more accurate pass and NP counts, satellite RMS, and LAGEOS bias information. In addition, the table summarizing LLR data (Table 1 L) has been split into two parts (Table L1 and L2) to provide individual lunar retroreflector information. The report cards are available at: https://ilrs.cddis.eosdis.nasa.gov/network/system_performance/global_report_cards/monthly/.

For more information on the changes made to the report cards, please see: https://ilrs.eosdis.nasa.gov/network/system_performance/global_report_cards/report_card_differences_Jan01_2020.html.

Using the new software, data for the report cards between 2013 and 2020 has been regenerated and may be downloaded. The files are comma-delimited and available at https://ilrs.eosdis.nasa.gov/network/system_performance/global_report_cards/data_for_previous_report_cards.html.

ILRS logoNew ILRS Governing Board MemberRelease Date: 01/22/2020 As of January 01, 2020, Evan Hoffman/NASA GSFC has replaced Jan McGarry as one of the NASA Representatives on the ILRS Governing Board. The ILRS thanks Jan, an active and responsive member of the Board; we look forward to continued interactions with Jan and welcome Evan to the Board.

ILRS logoFirst announcement of the 22nd International Workshop on Laser RangingRelease Date: 01/08/2020 The 22nd International Workshop on Laser Ranging will be held in Kunming, China November 02 - 06, 2020. There will be five days of interesting presentations, a lot of time for formal and informal discussions, meeting project partners and paving the road for the future development of satellite laser ranging.

During the workshop there will also be a chance to visit the laser ranging station in Kunming. Theme and session topics for the workshop are currently under discussion. The organizers are open for ideas and suggestions, so please contact the local organizing committee at ilrs.workshop@ynao.ac.cn if you would like to see specific topics included in the workshop.

Additional announcements will be made when registration and abstract submission are opened.

The BLITS-M satelliteBLITS-M UpdateRelease Date: 01/02/2020 The BLITS-M satellite was launched on December 27, 2019. Mission contacts report that the spacecraft has not separated from the orbital insertion unit. Investigations are underway regarding this issue.

ILRS logoMissions Standing Committee UpdateRelease Date: 01/02/2020 Effective January 01, 2020, Rob Sherwood is serving as the co-chair of the Missions Standing Committee.

Welcome Rob!

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