Join the ILRS

The two types of membership in the ILRS are associate membership and correspondent membership, which are described below: Note: Please if your contact information (i.e. name or email address) has changed please update your information now:

Associate Membership

Persons representing organizations which participate in any of the ILRS activities (missions, tracking, operations, data analysis, or archiving) and who are not members of the Governing Board (GB) are considered ILRS Associate Members. They may attend open (non-executive) ILRS meetings which are announced to the general community by the Central Bureau (CB), place nominations for elected GB posts, and vote in ILRS elections. ILRS Associate Members are considered International Association of Geodesy (IAG) Affiliates with the corresponding rights and privileges.

Join the ILRS as an: (Note: The hyperlinks below will take you to the appropriate interactive form to enter your information. For your convenience, these forms are also available in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF)

Interactive Forms Printable Forms (.pdf files)
Data Center Data Center (.pdf file)
Analysis Center Analysis Center (.pdf file)
Operations Center Operations Center (.pdf file)
Station Station (.pdf file)

Send hardcopy form to:

ILRS Central Bureau
c/o Claudia Carabajal
Greenbelt, MD 20771
301-614-6111 (Voice, GSFC office)
301-614-6522 (Fax)
301-602-7787 (Cell)

Correspondent Membership

Correspondents are persons on a mailing list maintained by the Central Bureau, who do not actively participate in the ILRS, but who either express interest in receiving ILRS publications, wish to participate in workshops or scientific meetings organized by the ILRS, or generally are interested in ILRS activities. To become a correspondent please send an email to Claudia Carabajal (Claudia.C.Carabajal) stating that you would like to be an ILRS correspondent.