ILRS Quality Control Board (QCB)

The Quality Control Board was organized at the 19th International Workshop on Laser Ranging to address SLR systems biases and other data issues that have have degraded the ILRS data and data products. The formulation document listed below documents the discussions held at the Workshop and the impetus for organizing the Quality Control Board. The board is a joint activity under the ASC and the NESC. The board meets monthly by telecon or in person; notes from the meetings to date are included below.

SLR Data Quality Control (QC) Analysis Reporting

Analysis/Associate Analysis Center Reporting Website Online Reports
CNES   https://cddis.nasa.gov/archive/reports/slrcnes/
DGFI https://www.dgfi.tum.de/en/international-services/ilrs/  
Hitotsubashi University 6-hourly quick reports:

1-year (July 2016 to June 2017) detailed check:
JCET http://geodesy.jcet.umbc.edu/ILRS_AWG_MONITORING/ https://cddis.nasa.gov/archive/reports/slrjcet
MCC   https://cddis.nasa.gov/archive/reports/slrmcc
NSGF http://sgf.rgo.ac.uk/analysis/nporbit.html  
SHAO   https://cddis.nasa.gov/archive/reports/slrsao

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