Quarterly Global Report Cards | Monthly Global Report Cards

The ILRS has been generating "report cards" evaluating network performance on a quarterly basis since 1997 and a monthly basis since 2012. Some assumptions made which were integrated into the initial software that created reports prior to 2020 are no longer valid due to operational and technical improvements in the network, such as an increase in the number of targets, different ways in which stations track, and pass interleaving. Therefore, new software has been developed by CDDIS, reviewed within the ILRS Central Bureau, and implemented for report cards summarizing data from 2020 onward. The differences between the previous report card and the current one are available.

The new software has been used to generate the data for the previous years' reports (from May 2013 to December 2019); these are available for download. Data used to generate the 2020-onward reports are also available.

The reports for years 2019 and prior were generated using the previous software; from 2020 onward, the new software is used.