Cite the ILRS

If you are using ILRS data or products for a research publication, we ask that you properly acknowledge and or cite the ILRS. The ILRS components are funded by their respective institutions. The data and products are not copyrighted; however, in the event that you publish data or results using these data, we request that you include the following citation:

Pearlman, M.R., Degnan, J.J., and Bosworth, J.M., "The International Laser Ranging Service", Advances in Space Research, Vol. 30, No. 2, pp. 135-143, July 2002, DOI:10.1016/S0273-1177(02)00277-6.

Furthermore, please include SLR as a keyword in your papers. The SLR community relies on these acknowledgements and references to strengthen its requests for continued support from its funding organizations. The Central Bureau asks that you provide a link to and/or bibliographic reference of any SLR/LLR-related papers or presentations to ilrs-cb @