Future ILRS Stations Table

Below is a table of the future ILRS stations. Lists of active, engineering and closed/inactive stations are available.

The table is sortable; click in the column header to sort.

Site Name Country Timeframe Comments
Tenerife (IZN-1) Spain 2022 New SLR Station (ESA)
Irkutsk (Tochka) Russia 2022 Co-located with Irkutsk (IRKL, 1891)
La Plata (AGGO) Argentina 2022 (middle) TIGO re-location from Concepcion
Mendeleevo (Tochka) Russia 2022 Co-located with Mendeleevo (MDVS, 1874)
San Juan Argentina 2022 Upgrade of existing system
Yebes Spain 2023 (early) New SLR Station (https://cddis.nasa.gov/2019_Technical_Workshop/docs/2019/posters/session4_Lopez_Perez_poster.pdf)
Metsahovi Finland 2023 New SLR replacing old SLR system (METL, 7806)
Mount Abu India 2023 New SLR Station
Ponmundi India 2023 New SLR Station
Tsukuba Japan 2023 (approx.) New SLR Station
Ny Ålesund, Svalbard Norway 2024 New SGSLR (NASA & Norwegian Mapping Agency)
McDonald, TX USA 2025 New SGSLR replacing old SLR system (NASA)
Haleakala HI USA 2027 New SGSLR replacing old SLR system (NASA)