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Lhasa Contact:

Agency Institute of Seismology,
China Seismological Bureau
Mailing Address No. 70 Central Xiao Hong Shan district,
Wuhan 430071, P.R. China
Primary Contact
    Contact Name SLR group
    Telephone (primary)
    Telephone (secondary)
    E-Mail whslr@public.wh.hb.cn, guoty@21cn.com
Secondary Contact
    Contact Name
    Telephone (primary)
    Telephone (secondary)

Lhasa Coordinates:

Approximate Position:

X coordinate [m]     -100535.761
Y coordinate [m]     5550605.396
Z coordinate [m]     3137037.869
Latitude [deg]     29.6349 N
Longitude [deg]     91.0377 E
Elevation [m]     3604.144
Survey Method     
Date Measured     
Additional Information

Lhasa News:

Local Events:

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SLRMail Messages:

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Lhasa Link:

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