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Katsively Contact:

Agency Crimean Laser Observatory of the Main
Astronomical Observatory NAS of Ukraine
Mailing Address 19 Ac. Shuleykin str.,
98688 Katzively, Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine
Primary Contact
    Contact Name Andriy Makeyev, Vladimir Tryapitsyn
    Telephone (primary) +380654237580
    Telephone (secondary) +380654237552
    Fax +380654237551
    E-Mail clogao@rambler.ru
Secondary Contact
    Contact Name
    Telephone (primary)
    Telephone (secondary)

Katsively Coordinates:

Approximate Position:

X coordinate [m]     3785944.434
Y coordinate [m]     2550780.706
Z coordinate [m]     4439461.394
Latitude [deg]     44.3932 N
Longitude [deg]     33.9701 E
Elevation [m]     68.7
Survey Method     
Date Measured     
Additional Information SLRF2008

Katsively News:

Local Events:

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SLRMail Messages:

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