ILRS Station News Procedure

News from the field stations is very important.

In addition to documenting issues in their History Logs, Stations should notify the ILRS community via SLRMail in the following situations:

  • Projected extended downtime period for the station.
  • Reduction or increase in tracking schedule and/or changes in operational staff.
  • Need for a bulk resubmittal of data as a result of fixing any processing errors found.
  • Documentation and reporting of Data quality degradation issues.
  • Termination of Station operations.

History Logs are crucial for the effective use and interpretation of the SLR tracking data. It is the obligation of the stations to make sure that History Logs are kept current, and the station events listed above are reported to the community via SLRMail.

All station news should be sent to SLRmail and should adhere to the following subject line requirement (SLRMail #1120):

Subject: Monument number + 4-character Site Code + description

     For example a news item from Monument Peak (CDP#=7110, Site Code=MONL) would have the following subject:

Subject: 7110 MONL New SOD and System Eccentricities

     The CDP monument number and ILRS 4-character Site Code are delineated in the 1st and 2nd columns in the Site Identifier List at:

     ILRS Operational Station Identification Table

Note: The ILRS CB assigns the CDP marker number and the 4-character site codes.