RSG (San Fernando 2004)

San Fernando, Spain
Wednesday, June 9, 2004


  • Ciddor-Mendes refraction formula: Awaiting reviewed publication
  • Assessment of group velocity concept (P.Ciddor)
    • first order approximation in absorption, second order in dispersion
    • worst case assupmtions for laser spectral width, slope of absorption
    • currently under revision by Y.Galkin
    • Preliminary result for wavelengths far from absorption lines:
      • Group velocity concept is applicable for fourier limited pulsewidths >10ps and propagation distances <40km
  • Crosscheck of Ciddor-Mendes refraction formula with distinct approaches
  • Assessment of horizontal refractivity gradient effects(R.Haas)
  • Improved modeling capabilities at low elevation angles require assessment of laser wavelength parameter accuracy.