Refraction Study Group (RSG)

This study group was formed 25 April 2000 at the ILRS Data Formats and Procedures meeting in Nice. The primary objectives of this study group are:

  • Assess the adequacy and accuracy of the Marini and Murray model for SLR at the 1 mm level, for all elevations above 15 degrees and all wavelengths from 355 to 1570 nanometers and perhaps beyond.
  • If necessary, define a new model and/or set of procedures which will satisfy these requirements, and verify it experimentally.
  • Define optimum schemes for the collection and pre-processing of meteorological and any other necessary data to be used as input to the models/procedures, and assess the impact of the absence of any such data which may be difficult or expensive to collect.
  • Prepare a formal recommendation to the ILRS, including a standard algorithm and set of recommended practices, for adoption by stations and analysis centers.

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