ILRS Networks and Engineering Standing Committee (NESC) Activities








  • Meeting in Matera, Italy (October 2015)



  • Meeting in Fujiyoshida, Japan, (November 2013): Minutes


  • Meeting in Frascati, Italy (November 2012): Summary


  • Meeting in Poznan, Poland (October 2008): Summary


  • Meeting in Canberra, Australia (October 2006)


  • Meeting in San Fernando, Spain (June 2004): Minutes


  • Meeting in Nice, France (April 2003): Minutes



  • Meeting in Nice, France (March 2001): Minutes
  • Ulrich Schreiber organized the second SLR Calibration Colloquium to be held in conjunction with the SPIE Remote Sensing Symposium in Toulouse, France (September 2001). This colloquium was canceled due the event of September 11, 2001.


  • Meeting in Matera, Italy (November 2000): Minutes
  • Meeting in Nice, France (April 2000): Minutes
  • The CB streamlined the ILRS message distribution process.
  • The CB and NESC defined a procedure to quickly notify station operators of urgent messages.
  • The CB and NESC developed and documented normal point data submission procedures including backup modes.
  • Site Logs were completed by the most of the ILRS network stations by the end of 2000.
  • Ulrich Schreiber published the results from the first SLR Calibration Colloquium held in Florence, Italy (September 1999).


  • The first Networks and Engineering Standing Committee (NESC) meeting was held in September 1999, in Florence, Italy. During this meeting, the members of the SC were finalized. The following 6 major activities were defined based on the NESC Charter. In order to distribute the work load, each committee member was assigned one or more fields of activities.
  • The CB developed the ILRS Bibliography, an online collection of papers, reports, descriptions, manuals, etc.
  • The CB generated a list of catalogue of quality checks performed by the various analysis centers.
  • HTSI developed an automated format and data integrity program for ILRS normal point (ref: data integrity and format algorithm)
  • The NESC email exploder was created (ilrs-newg @
  • The Data Centers developed a satellites prediction flow chart.
  • W. Gurtner developed an ILRS site log form based on the IGS site log form.
  • EUROLAS developed a real-time system status exchange, including recently tracked satellites and their time biases. The ILRS CB established a weekly network status report.
  • Stefan Reipl develop a program to compute satellite link budgets, normalized for LAGEOS (ref:
  • Ulrich Schreiber organized and conducted the first SLR Calibration Colloquium held in Florence, Italy (September 1999).