DFPWG Meeting, Canberra 2006

15th International Workshop on Laser Ranging
Elizabeth Room 1, Crowne Plaza Hotel
Canberra, Australia

Monday, October 16, 2006,


1. Welcome and Introduction W. Seemueller
2. Membership W. Seemueller
3. Review of CB Activities M. Pearlman, C. Noll
4. Refraction Study Group Report
(Note separate session on "Multiple Wavelength, Refraction", Tuesday, October 17, 2006, 17:30-18:30, Elizabeth Room 1, Crowne Plaza Hotel
E. Pavlis
5. Format Study Group Report
(Note separate LLR/Transponder CPF implementation discussion, Friday 20, Oct. 2006, 13:00 to 14:00, Board Room, NCA)
R. Ricklefs
6. Revision of ILRS Full-Rate Data Format R. Ricklefs, J. McGarry
7. Other Business, Next Meeting  


Participants: J. Horvath, S. Wetzel, Ch. Clarke, R. Noomen, J. McGarry, R. Ricklefs, W. Gurtner, J. Luck, Ch. Moore, W. Seemueller (more? I forgot to circulate a list of participants).

To Item 1:

Wolfgang Seemueller welcomed all participants and gave a short introduction

To Item 2:

The DF&P WG has four new members:
Julie Horwath, Christopher Clarke, Mark Davis and Chris Moore

To Item 3:

No review of CB Activities

To Items 4:

Most of the work is done in the both Study Groups, Refraction SG and Formats SG, thanks to the chairs Randy and Erricos for their excellent work.

Refraction Study Group

The results were presented in a talk by G. Hulley and E. Pavlis "Improvement of current refraction modeling in SLR by ray tracing through meteorological Data" (see http://www.ilrscanberraworkshop2006.com.au). At the AWG meeting on Saturday, Oct. 21, 2006, inclusion of this refraction modeling into the ILRS products will be decided.

To Item 5 and 6:

Format Study Group

Primary/backup CPFs are provided by all prediction providers for all observed satellites (in parallel to the IRVs) except of LARETS backup CPFs by MCC (end of October?). They are available at CDDIS and EDC, and are distributed by the CPF exploder at EDC.

Revision of the ILRS full-rate data format: the preliminary format description is available on the ILRS web pages. It has been updated at the request of transponder mission contacts (one format for full-rate and normal point data?). See the talk of Randy Ricklefs: "Consolidated Laser Prediction and Data Formats: Supporting New Technology", http://www.ilrscanberraworkshop2006.com.au.

To Item 7:

The GB approved the new data format development in the GB meeting on Thursday morning, October 19, 2006.

No other business. The next meeting may be at EGU in Vienna.

Start of meeting: 18:00 pm, End of meeting: 19:00 pm.