Twenty-third International Workshop on Laser Ranging

Online only
October 16-20, 202

Session 00: Welcome and Opening Remarks

Session 01: Scientific Analysis of SLR Observations: Past, Current and Future Challenges and Possibilities

  • The Influence of Geodetic Satellite Orbital Parameters on the Quality of Global Geodetic Parameters - Joanna Najder, Krzysztof Sosnica, Radoslaw Zajdel
  • Histogram calculations for Laser Ranging - David Arnold
  • LARES-2 Centre of Mass Corrections - José Rodriguez, Graham Appleby, Reinhart Neubert, Toshimichi Otsubo, Andreja Susnik
  • Application of ITRS 2020 Realizations for SLR POD - Mathis Bloßfeld, Manuela Seitz, Julian Zeitlhöfler, Sergei Rudenko, Matthias Glomsda, Alexander Kehm
  • Improving Low-Degree Gravity Estimates with Future SLR Satellites - Evan Tucker, Steve Nerem, Bryant Loomis
  • Implementation and Validation of a Novel Representation of the Gravitational Effect of Ocean Tides - Alexander Kehm (1), Mathis Bloßfeld, Michael Hart-Davis, Henryk Dobslaw, Torsten Mayer-Guerr
  • The G4S_2.0 Project: State of the Art and SLR Campaign - Feliciana Sapio, David Lucchesi, Massimo Visco, Alessandro Di Marco, Marco Cinelli, Emiliano Fiorenza, Carlo Lefevre, Pasqualino Loffredo, Marco Lucente, Carmelo Magnafico, Roberto Peron, Francesco Santoli, Francesco Vespe
  • Improvements in the SLR Processing of the Copernicus Sentinel-3/6 Missions - Carlos Fernández, Marc Fernández, Heike Peter, Pierre Féménias, Carolina Nogueira Loddo

Session 02: New Technologies and Operations

  • Eventech Update on Timing and Time-Tagging Technologies - Pavels Razmajevs
  • First results with Eventech Stream Time Tagger in Full Record Mode - Kalvis Salmins, V. Bespalko, V. Stepanovs, R. Suna
  • Hybrid Photodetector as Sensor for SLR: First Results - Kalvis Salmins, J. del Pino, J. Kaulins
  • Acoustic Positioning System of Closely-Flying Aircraft for SLR Eye Safety - Toshimichi Otsubo, Mihoko Kobayashi, Yusuke Yokota, Kenji Kouno, Hiroshi Araki
  • Detection of Aircraft in Nighttime All-Sky Images Using Deep Learning - Carlos Hernandez-Fernandez, José Rodríguez
  • Low cost Real-time Cloud Mapping For Evaluation of Laser Acquisition Conditions Developed in Grasse O.G.S. - Hervé Viot
  • SkyVision: a Whole Sky Monitoring Software for SLR Graz - Peiyuan Wang
  • Sub-cm Ranging with MiniSLR® - Felicitas Niebler
  • Tsukuba SLR Station, Current Status 2023 - Ayano Nakajima
  • Installation and First Results of the Yebes Laser Ranging Station (YLARA) - Beatriz Vaquero, José Rodríguez, José Antonio López-Pérez, Adolfo GarcĂ­a, Jens Steinborn, Andre Kloth, Steffen Zeidler, Sven Bauer, Erik Günther, Reik Mattner
  • NASA SLR System Characterization: A Case Study using Ground Tests - Van Husson, Christopher Szwec, Peter Dunn

Session 03: Lunar Laser Ranging and Transponders

  • Laser Time Transfer in Mission of lunar orbit of CAS - Wendong Meng
  • LLR System Design with Separate Transmit and Receive Telescopes - Zhi-Peng Liang, Jian Gao, Xing-Wei HAN, Cheng-Zhi Liu
  • Using LLR Data for Testing General Relativity with Focus on the Equivalence Principle - Jürgen Müller, Biskupek L., Singh V., Zhang M.
  • Relativistic Geodesy Utilizing Accurate Time Transfer and the ACES Mission - Ulli Schreiber
  • Next Generation Lunar Retroflector and the Role of SLR Stations - Doug Currie
  • Multipurpose Interplanetary Laser Instrument - John Degnan
  • Exploring the Impact of Lunar Dust on APOLLO Retroreflector Array LLR Return Rates - Sanchit Sabhlok, James B. R. Battat, Nicholas R. Colmenares, Daniel P. Gonzales, Tom W. Murphy, Jr.

Session 04: Missions and Applications

  • GENESIS: Co-Location of Geodetic Techniques in Space - Pacôme Delva
  • Benefits for Geodesy from SLR Tracking of Future GENESIS Mission - Tomasz Kur
  • Technical Demonstration of Mt.FUJI on HTV-X and Challenge of Attitude Estimation by SLR - Yuki Akiyama
  • Applying SLR to a 1U CubeSAT with a Reflector Module mini-Mt.FUJI - Takanao Ishii
  • ILRS Support for SWOT Mission - Alexandre Couhert, Shailen Desai, Sabine Houry
  • Overview of SLR Missions at Shanghai Observatory and Laser Ranging - Zhien Cheng
  • Extending ILRS support to 24 BeiDou-3 Satellites - Tracking Performance and Outlook - Radoslaw Zajdel
  • Active Debris Removal by Astroscale-Japan (ADRAS-J): Overview - Sharon Sara Saji
  • NanoFF Mission Operations - Debdeep Roychowdhury

Session 05: Space Debris

  • An Update on Space Safety Activities in ESA and on ESA's Zero Debris Approach - Tim Flohrer
  • Automated Space Debris Observation and Detection With a Low Cost Astronomy Mount - Michael A. Steindorfer, Franz Koidl, Daniel Fauland, Nadine Trummer, Peiyuan Wang
  • The Role of SLR and SSA Observation Campaign Within the ELSA-d Mission - Sharon Sara Saji, Justin Gay-Semenkoff
  • AGO70 Telescope: Demonstration of Passive Optical System Supporting SLR Tracking of Space Debris on LEO - Jiri Silha, Matej Zigo, Michael Steindorfer
  • The Progress of Space Debris Laser Ranging at Shanghai SLR Station - Haifeng Zhang, Zhang Zhongping
  • Study on Space Debris Laser Detection in Kunming Station - Xiaoyu Pi
  • Space Debris Laser Ranging Activities in Zimmerwald - Thomas Schildknecht, Julian Rodriguez, Pascal Sauer, Pierre Lauber, Lucia Kleint
  • The Johannes Kepler Observatory and Laser-Space Debris Related Activities - Gerd A. Wagner, Wolfgang Riede, Thomas Dekorsy