Eighteenth International Workshop on Laser Ranging Instrumentation

Fujiyoshida, Japan
November 11-15, 2013

Opening session

  • Mr. Shigeru Horiuchi, Fujiyoshida City Mayor, Dr. Mizuhiko Hosokawa, NICT, Dr. Yoshihide Kozai, Former Director General of NAO, Dr. Graham Appleby, ILRS GB Chair, SGF UK, Welcome Address
  • Keynote Lecture 1, John Degnan, The Impact of SLR Technology Innovations on Modern Science
  • Keynote Lecture 2, Masayuki Fujita, Seafloor Geodesy - A New Challenge for Approaching Great Earthquakes around Japan
  • Michael Pearlman, Shinichi Nakamura, Toshimichi Otsubo, Information from WS Office

Session 1: Data Management, GGOS, Geodesy

  • Yasuhiro Murayama, Mustapha Mokrane, Bernard Minster, ICSU-World Data System, New Scientific Data Management
  • Florent Deleflie, Christophe Portmann, Laurent Soudarin, Christophe Barache, Jerome Berthier, and David Coulot, Dissemination of SLR data-related products through a Virtual Observatory
  • Michael Pearlman, Erricos Pavlis, Carey Noll, Chopo Ma, Scott Wetzel , Graham Appleby, Ruth Neilan, GGOS Global Space Geodesy Networks and the Role of Laser Ranging
  • S.M. Merkowitz, S. Desai , R.S. Gross, L. Hilliard, F.G. Lemoine, J.L. Long, C. Ma, J.F. McGarry, D. Murphy, C.E. Noll, E.C. Pavlis, M.R. Pearlman, D.A. Stowers, and F.H. Webb, NASA's Space Geodesy Project
  • Daniela Thaller, Ole Roggenbuck, Krzysztof Sosnica, Peter Steigenberger , Maria Mareyen, Christian Baumann, Rolf Dach, Adrian Jäggi, SLR-GNSS analysis in the framework of the ITRF2013 computation
  • Shinobu Kurihara, and many colleagues of the IVS, Recent Progress and Future Perspectives of the International VLBI Service for Geodesy and Astrometry (IVS)
  • V.V. Pasinkov., V.V. Kovalev., A.A. Fedotov., V.D. Shargorodskiy, Deployment of SLR colocation sites with one-way RF systems and VLBI for the improvement of the GLONASS
  • Blinov, I.Ignatenko, Laser ranging in Main metrological center of the Russian State service of time, frequency and the Earth rotation parameters determination

Session 2: Gravity, Earth Model, Reference Frame

  • Krzysztof Sosnica, Adrian Jäggi, Daniela Thaller, Ulrich Meyer, Christian Baumann, Gerhard Beutler, Rolf Dach, Earth gravity field recovery using GPS, GLONASS, and SLR satellites
  • Koji Matsuo, Toshimichi Otsubo, Temporal variations in the Earth's gravity field from multiple SLR satellites: Toward the investigation of polar ice sheet mass balance
  • Cheinway Hwang, Shin-Fa Lin, Yan-Ti Chen, Tzu-Pang Tseng, and B. F. Chao, Low-frequency gravity change from GPS data of COSMIC and GRACE: potential enhancement from COSMIC-2's GPS and SLR data
  • V. Luceri , C. Sciarretta, G. Bianco, Earth's low degree gravitational variations from space geodetic data
  • Ole Roggenbuck, Maria Mareyen, Geophysical fluid models for atmosphere, ocean and hydrology and their impact on SLR analysis
  • Mathis Blossfeld, Vojtech Stefka, Horst Mueller, Michael Gerstl, Consistent estimation of Earth rotation, geometry and gravity with DGFI's multi-satellite solution
  • Krzysztof Sosnica, Adrian Jäggi, Daniela Thaller, Gerhard Beutler, Rolf Dach, Christian Baumann, SLR-derived terrestrial reference frame using observations to LAGEOS-1/2, Starlette, Stella, and AJISAI
  • Xiaoya Wang, Bing He, Bin Wu, Xiaogong Hu, The Error Analysis of SHAO Terrestrial Reference Frame and EOPs
  • Erricos C. Pavlis, Magdalena Kuzmicz-Cieslak, Daniel König and Keith Evans, JCET’s Daily-updated State-of-the-art SLR-only TRF

Session 3: Data Quality and its Products, SLR Network

  • Stanislaw Schillak, Pawel Lejba, Piotr Michalek, Karolina Szafranek , Quality of the SLR data 1983-2012
  • Horst Mueller, Mathis Blossfeld, Quality and possible improvements of the official ILRS products
  • Toshimichi Otsubo, Mihoko Kobayashi, Shinichirou Takakura, Subdaily Quality Check of Laser Ranging Data at Hitotsubashi University
  • Jean-Michel Lemoine, Florent Deleflie, Franck Reinquin, and David Coulot, Quality assessment of SLR data-related products
  • Christian Schwatke, EUROLAS Data Center - Improvements of the Website for the ILRS Community
  • David McCormick, NASA SLR operational network project overview
  • Thomas Varghese, Engineering changes to the NASA SLR Network to overcome obsoleteness and improve performance and reliability

Session 4: POD and its Application

  • Young-Rok Kim, Eunseo Park, and Hyung-Chul Lim, Orbit Determination and Analysis for STSAT-2C
  • Oliver Montenbruck, Peter Steigenberger, Georg Kirchner, GNSS Satellite Orbit Validation Using Satellite Laser Ranging
  • V.V. Pasinkov, V.D. Shargorodsky, M.A. Sadovnikov, V.V. Sumerin, The concept and the preliminary results of the SLR application in the problem of improving the GLONASS accuracy
  • Zhao Chunmei, Tang Xinming, Wei Zhibin, Li Qian, The Accuracy Verification for GPS Receiver of ZY-3 Satellite by SLR
  • Georg Kirchner, Franz Koidl, Martin Ploner, Pierre Lauber, Johann Eckl, Matthew Wilkinson, Robert Sherwood, Adolf Giessen, Martin Weigel, Multi-Static Laser Ranging to Space Debris Targets: Tests and Results
  • Zhang Zhongping, Zhang Haifeng, Wu Zhibo, Li Pu, Wu Bin, Sun Hao, Chen Juping, Progress and Observation of Space Debris Laser Ranging at Shanghai Station
  • Georg Kirchner, Daniel Kucharski, Franz Koidl, ENVISAT Spin and Attitude Determination Using SLR

Session 5: Laser Time Transfer

  • Anja Schlicht, Ulrich Schreiber, Ivan Prochazka, Pierre Exertier, Time Transfer: Sideline or Geodetic Objective?
  • I. Prochazka, K. U. Schreiber, J. Kodet, A. Schlicht, J.Blazej , European Laser Time Transfer (ELT) - System delays calibration
  • Ulrich Schreiber, Jan Kodet, Anja Schlicht, Ivan Prochazka, Johann Eckl, Guenther Herold, European Laser Time Transfer (ELT) and Laser Safety for the ISS
  • Guenther Herold, Johann Eckl, Matthias Muehlbauer, Andreas Leidig, Ulrich Schreiber, Progress Report on the WLRS: Getting ready for GGOS, LLR and Time Transfer
  • Jan Kodet, Ulrich Schreiber, Johann Eckl, Ivan Prochazka, Petr Panek, Local ties control in application of laser time transfer

Session 6: Space Missions

  • I.A. Grechukhin, V.N Grigoriev., N.O Danileiko., I O.A. vlev, V.V. Kovalev, A.I. Manzheley, P.I. Nabokin, V.V.Slagoda, I.V. Sorokin, V.D. Shargorodsky, A.S. Shevchik, V.V. Sumerin , Russian free-space laser communication experiment “SLS”
  • Georg Kirchner, Ludwig Grunwaldt, Reinhard Neubert, Franz Koidl, Merlin Baschke, Zizung Yoon, Hauke Fiedler, Laser Ranging to Nano-Satellites in LEO Orbits: Plans, Issues, Simulations
  • Andrew Nicholas, SpinSat Mission Overview

Session 7: SLR Technology and Synergy

  • J. McGarry, S. Merkowitz, H. Donovan, J. Horvath, C. Clarke, J. Degnan, J. Cheek, A. Nelson, D. Patterson, A. Mann, F. Hall, R. Ricklefs, T. Varghese, T. Zagwodzki, E. Pavlis, The Collocation of NGSLR with MOBLAS-7 and the Future of NASA Satellite Laser Ranging
  • Erricos C. Pavlis, Magdalena Kuzmicz-Cieslak, Jan F. McGarry, Christopher B. Clarke, Julie Horvath and Howard Donovan, Evaluation of the 2013 NGSLR and MOBLAS-7 Co-location Dataset at GGAO
  • Stanislaw Schillak, The results of two-color observations
  • Daniel Kucharski, Hyung-Chul Lim, Georg Kirchner, Toshimichi Otsubo, Giuseppe Bianco, Franz Koidl, Joo-Yeon Hwang, Modeling spin parameters of Ajisai, LARES and the other geodetic satellites with SLR data

Session 8: SLR Technology and Safety (Graham Appleby, Georg Kirchner)

  • H. Donovan, T. Zagwodzki, J. Annen, J. Horvath, F. Hall, D. Patterson, A. Nelson, E. Hoffman, J. Degnan, J. McGarry, J. Cheek, Upgrade of the NGSLR optical bench and resulting performance improvements
  • R. Burris, J. Rodriguez, R. Smith, L. Thomas, D. Huber, Proposed beam divergence estimation procedure for the ILRS
  • Matthew Wilkinson, Jose Rodriguez, Integration of a SBS-3 ADS-B receiver into the SGF, Herstmonceux aircraft safety system
  • Domenico Iacovone, Giuseppe Bianco, The new ADS-B based aircraft avoidance system at the MLRO
  • Jorge R. del Pino, Hazards & Risks @ SLR Network, Updates and New Challenges

Session 9: Moon and Deep Space

  • Douglas Currie, Bradford Behr, Giovanni Delle Monache, Simone Dell’Agnello and Tom Murphy, Status of LLRRA-21 and Simulation of Apollo Behavior
  • Jürgen Müller, Liliane Biskupek, Franz Hofmann, and Enrico Mai, Lunar Laser Ranging - What is it Good for?
  • S. Bouquillon, G. Francou, H. Manche, J-M Torre, C. Le Poncin-Lafitte, C. Lhotka, Lunar Laser Ranging : Recent activities of Paris Observatory Lunar Analysis Center
  • S. Bauer , D. Dirkx, J. Oberst, H. Hussmann, P. Gläser, U. Schreiber, D. Mao, G. Neumann, E. Mazarico, M. Torrence, J. McGarry, D. Smith, M. Zuber, Analysis and application of 1-way laser ranging data from ILRS ground stations to LRO
  • J. McGarry, X. Sun, D. Mao, J. Horvath, H. Donovan, C. Clarke, E. Hoffman, J. Cheek, T. Zagwodzki, M. Torrence, M. Barker, E. Mazarico, G. Neumann, D. Smith, M. Zuber, LRO-LR: four years of history making laser ranging
  • Yuji Harada, Sander Goossens, Koji Matsumoto, Jianguo Yan, Jinsong Ping, Hirotomo Noda, Junichi Haruyama, Frequency-dependence of the tidal dissipation on the Moon: Effect of the low-viscosity zone at the lowermost mantle
  • D. Dirkx, L.L.A. Vermeersen, R. Noomen, P.N.A.M. Visser, Numerical geodesy experiments for a Phobos laser ranging mission concept

Session 10: Retroreflectors

  • David Arnold, Transfer Function of the Lares Satellite
  • V.B. Burmistrov, M.A. Sadovnikov, A.L. Sokolov, V.D. Shargorodskiy, The ring retroreflectors system
  • Linda Thomas, Stephen Merkowitz, Status of the GPS III Laser Retroreflector Array
  • Hiroshi Araki, S. Kashima, H. Noda, H. Kunimori, H. Mashiko, T. Otsubo, M. Utsunomiya, and Y. Matsumoto, Development of the Retro-reflector on the Moon for the Future Lunar Laser Ranging
  • C. Cantone, Simone Dell’Agnello, G. Delle Monache, A. Boni, G. Patrizi, M. Tibuzzi, E. Ciocci, C. Lops, M. Martini, L. Salvatori, S. Contessa, L. Palandra, M. Maiello, M. Marra , F. Piergentili, G. Capotorto, G. Bianco, R. Vittori , Completion of ETRUSCO2, thermal test results and thermal optical simulation of the standard GNSS Retroreflector Array (GRA)
  • Christopher B. Clarke, John J. Degnan, Jan F. McGarry, Erricos Pavlis, Processing Single Photon Data for Maximum Range Accuracy

Session 11: Retroreflectors and CoM

  • Matthew Wilkinson, Jose Rodriguez, SLR energy density estimations and measurements for the Herstmonceux station
  • A. Boni , S. Dell’Agnello, G.C. Delle Monache, C. Cantone, E. Ciocci, N. Intaglietta, C. Lops, M. Maiello, M. Martini, G. Patrizi, L. Salvatori, M. Tibuzzi, S. Contessa, L. Palandra, G. Capotorto, M. Marra, F. Piergentili, G. Bianco, R. Vittori, Optical FFDP and interferometry measurement and modeling of retroreflector payloads at SCF_LAB
  • Giovanni O. Delle Monache, Douglas Currie, Simone Dell’ Agnello , Bradfor Bher , Thermal/Optical Analysis of Cube Corner Retroreflectors for the Lunar Environment
  • Thomas Varghese, Thomas Zagwodzki, Thomas Oldham, Randall Ricklefs, Attempt to further enhance ranging accuracies to Lageos through de-convolution of the target response
  • Graham Appleby and Toshimichi Otsubo, Centre of Mass corrections for precise analysis of LAGEOS, Etalon and Ajisai data
  • Toshimichi Otsubo, Robert A Sherwood , Graham M Appleby , Reinhart Neubert , Centre-of-mass Corrections of sub-cm-precision Targets, STARELTTE and LARES

Session 12: SLR Technology and Development, Miscellaneous

  • Zhai Dong-sheng, Li zhu-lian, Fu Hong-lin, Li Yu-qiang, Zhang Yun-cheng, Xiong Yao –heng, Simulation and Research of Transmitting and Receiving Epoch Overlapping Phenomenon on Co-Optical Path kHz Laser Ranging System
  • M. Ploner, P. Lauber, M. Prohaska, P. Schlatter, T. Schildknecht, J. Utzinger, A. Jäggi , The new CMOS Tracking Camera used at the Zimmerwald Observatory
  • John J. Degnan, Christopher Field, Roman Machan, Ed Leventhal, David Lawrence, Yunhui Zheng, Robert Upton, Jose Tillard, Spencer Disque, Sean Howell, Recent Advances In Photon-counting 3D Imaging Lidars
  • I. Prochazka, K. U. Schreiber, J. Kodet, Petr Panek, J. J. Eckl, Recent achievements in detector and timing technology for SLR and laser time transfer
  • Johann Eckl, Guenther Herold, Rudolf Motz, Andreas Leidig, Ulrich Schreiber, Investigation and Compensation of Detector Time Delays caused by Receive Signal Intensity Fluctuations
  • Eugene Boole, V. Bespal’ko., V. Vedin, Event Timer A033-ET: Advancement of Performance Characteristics
  • Hiroo Kunimori, Mikio Fujiwara, Tetsuo Hosokawa, Towards Integrated Communication and Ranging system using 1.5um wavelength fiber technology

Session 13: Operational Aspects and Recent Progress

  • Reed Smith, Ray Burris, Linda Thomas, Status of SLR Upgrades at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory's Optical Test Facility
  • Kalvis Salminsh, Jorge R. del Pino, Preserving history and technical "know-how" - experience at SLR station Riga
  • Ludwig Combrinck, Roelf Botha, Challenges and progress with the development of a Lunar Laser Ranger for South Africa
  • Vladimir Glotov and Nataly Parkhomenko, On Objectives and Some Results of Russian Laser Ranging Network Operation in 2013
  • Hyung-Chul Lim, Man-Soo Choi, Eunseo Park, Eunjung Choi, Seung-Cheol Bang, Seong-Yeol Yu, Tae-Keun Kim, Young-Rok Kim, Dong-Jin Kim, Ki-Pyung Seong, Neung-Hyun Ka, Chul-Hee Choi, Ju-Hyun Hwang, Technical Aspects and Progress of Korean SLR Systems
  • Shinichi Nakamura, H. Kunimori, S. Kasho, K. Akiyama, M. Sato, S. Watanabe, Hashimoto, T. Otsubo, Japanese SLR challenges

Poster Session

  • Erricos C. Pavlis, Peter Hinkey and Keith Evans, A Multi-platform Package for the Visualization of the ILRS QC Reports
  • Sachiyo Kasho, Kyohei Akiyama, Anne Mori, A Report on JAXA Tanegashima Station (GMSL)
  • Natalia Parkhomenko, Victor Shargorodsky, Vladimir Vasiliev, Vasily Yurasov, Accident in orbit
  • Erricos C. Pavlis, Keith Evans and Magdalena Kuzmicz-Cieslak, Accuracy and Stability Assessment of the ILRS Stations Over Two Decades
  • Thomas Varghese, Advanced Telescopes, SLR, and Radar capability to support IRNSS at GEO ranges
  • Hirotomo Noda , Takahide Mizuno, Hiroo Kunimori, Hiroshi Takeuchi, Noriyuki Namiki, Alignment measurement with optical transponder system of Hayabusa-2 LIDAR
  • Liping Ji, Broadening of SLR Network in Chinese Mainland
  • Toshihiro Kubo-oka, Hiroo Kunimori, Tetsuharu Fuse, Hideki Takenaka, Morio Toyoshima, Toshinori Kuwahara, Kazuya Yoshida, Yoshihiro Tomioka, Kazufumi Fukuda, Junichi Kurihara and Yukihiro Takahashi , Collaboration of ranging and optical communication mission RISESAT
  • V.A. Emelyanov, G.I. Modestova, V.V. Kaplenko, S.I. Raschetin, E.P. Gladkevich, E.N. Myasnikova, I.N. Bobrik, I.Yu. Ignatenko, Commissioining of the New Laser Station in Irkutsk
  • Zhao Gang, Zhou Shanshi, Zhou Xuhua, Wu Bin, Comparison of orbit precisions on different types of navigation satellites based on SLR tracking data
  • Randall L. Ricklefs, Peter J. Shelus, and Jerry R. Wiant, Definition and Realization of the MLRS Calibration Point
  • Miho Fujieda, Yoshinori Arimoto, Nobuyasu Shiga, Kohta Kido, Yuko Hanado, and Hiroo Kunimori, Demonstration of portable frequency transfer using SMF-coupled free-space optical terminal
  • Szymon Stuglik, Detection and timing of laser pulses from Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
  • Ryosuke Nagasawa, Toshimichi Otsubo, Hideo Hanada, Development of software for high-precision LLR data analysis
  • Yuji Miura, Yasuji Suzaki, Development of the High Speed Differentiation Discriminator for Laser Ranging System
  • Toshimichi Otsubo, Mihoko Kobayashi, Hiroo Kunimori, Daniel Kucharski, Graham M Appleby, Educational Activities Related to Satellite Laser Ranging at Hitotsubashi Univ.
  • Tzu-Pang Tseng,Cheinway Hwang, Shin-Fa Lin, Yan-Ti Chen, Estimation of geocenter motion using GRACE precise orbits
  • Christoph Haberkorn, Mathis Bloßfeld, Johannes Bouman, Martin Fuchs, Michael Schmidt, Estimation of the Earth’s gravity field combining SLR and GRACE data
  • Christian Schwatke, EUROLAS Data Center - Status Report 2012-2013
  • Jose Rodriguez, Graham Appleby, Expanding the SLR space segment with the Galileo constellation?
  • C. Noll, M. Torrence, L. Tyahla, ILRS Website Update
  • Krzysztof Sosnica, Carlos Javier Rodríguez-Solano, Daniela Thaller, Adrian Jäggi, Gerhard Beutler, Rolf Dach, Impact of Earth radiation pressure on LAGEOS orbits and on the global scale
  • HAN Xingwei, FAN Cunbo, SONG Qingli, DONG Xue, ZHANG Haitao, LIU Chengzhi, Improvements of System Stability at Changchun Observatory
  • Akihisa Uematsu, Kyohei Akiyama, Norimasa Ito, and the JAXA COMPIRA team, Japanese Altimetry Mission, COMPIRA
  • R. Ricklefs, Linux/RTAI Real-time Control System at MLRS
  • Dandan Mao, Mark Torrence, Erwan Mazarico, Xiaoli Sun, David Rowlands, Jan McGarry, Gregory Neumann, Mike Barker, Jim Golder, David Smith, Maria Zuber, LRO Orbit Determination with Laser Ranging Data
  • Yuncheng Zhang , Zhulian Li, Dongsheng Zhai, Yuqiang Li, Yaoheng Xiong, Near Ground Target for 1.2m Telescope SLR System
  • Takeshi Taguchi, Masahiro Nakamura, New gatable MCP-PMTs and their performances in comparison to semiconductor type detectors for SLR applications
  • Arttu Raja-Halli, Jyri Näränen, and Markku Poutanen, New telescope and observatory building to Metsähovi, Finland
  • Julie E. Horvath, Christopher B. Clarke, Jan F. McGarry, Howard L. Donovan, John J. Degnan, Alice Nelson, Donald Patterson, Anthony Mann, Felipe Hall, Thomas Zagwodzki, NGSLR Collocation Analysis
  • Seung-Cheol Bang, Nung-hyun Ka, Hyung-Chul Lim, Range Gate Generator Development for 10kHz Laser Ranging
  • Ian Ritchie, Remote Control Southern Hemisphere SSA Observatory
  • Jizhang Sang, Ian Ritchie, Matt Pearson, and Craig Smith, Results and Analyses of Debris Tracking from Mt Stromlo
  • Kalvis Salminsh, Maris Abele, Jorge R. del Pino, Riga SLR station upgrade and status report
  • Mariko Sato, Shun-ichi Watanabe, Takashi Kurokawa, Hiroko Fukura, Miyuki Fujisawa, Mikuto Koike, Masayuki Fujita, and Arata Sengoku, Satellite Laser Ranging at the Shimosato Hydrographic Observatory
  • Jerry R. Wiant, Judit Gyorgyey Ries, Satellite Tracking Near Japan 50 Years Ago
  • Hiroo Kunimori, Reiko Iwafune, Koji Ohi, SLR configuration and data management software (Debit) using WEB and relational data base
  • Eunseo Park, Young-Rok Kim, Jay Hyungjik Oh, Eun-Jung Choi, Mansoo Choi, Hyung-Chul Lim, SLR data processing status of Korean SLR system
  • André Kloth , Jens Steinborn, Ludwig Grunwaldt, SLR Station Potsdam Software Upgrade based on a Linux Real Time System
  • Martin Weigel, Georg Kirchner, Hauke Fiedler, SLR Tracking of Envisat Past its End-of-Life
  • I. Ignatenko, Some aspects of the budget of uncertainty in measurement laser station
  • Graham Appleby, Christopher Potter, Jose Rodriguez, Robert Sherwood, Toby Shoobridge, Victoria Smith, Matthew Wilkinson, Stability of the SGF, Herstmonceux site and SLR calibration
  • M. Ploner, J. Utzinger, P. Lauber, M. Prohaska, P. Schlatter, P. Ruzek, T. Schildknecht, K. Sosnica, A. Jäggi, Status of the Zimmerwald SLR station
  • Shigehito Miki, Taro Yamashita, Zhen Wang, Hirotaka Terai, Superconducting single photon detectors for near infrared wavelength with high sensitivity, low noise, and high timing resolution
  • RC Botha, WL Combrinck, System design of the South African Lunar Laser Ranger
  • Tetsuo Hosokawa,Hiroo Kunimori, T/R switch development utilizing optical fiber technology
  • E. Samain, C. Courde, P. Exertier, M. Laas-Bourez, N. Martin, J.-M. Torre, Ph. Guillemot, S. Leon, D. Rovera, M. Abgrall, P. Uhrich, R. Sherwood, G. Appleby, J. Kodet, U. Schreiber, J. Eckl, P. Fridelance, T2L2 : Microwave link comparison
  • Jan P. Weiss, Willy Bertiger, Shailen D. Desai, Bruce J. Haines, Aurore Sibois, Terrestrial Reference Frame Realization from GPS and SLR
  • Chen Wanzhen, Li pu, Meng wendong, Wang Yuanming, Yang fumin, Zhang Zhongping, The design of laser retro-reflectors and its application in the docking mission of Chinese Tiangong-1 space lab module
  • Sung-Yeol Yu, Seung-Cheol Bang, Eun-Jung Choi, Tae Kenu Kim, Hyung-Chul Lim, Yoon-Kyung Seo, Mansoo Choi, Eunseo Park, The Ground Calibration System of Korean SLR System
  • Martin Riederer, Johann Eckl, Guenther Herold and Ulrich Schreiber, The Laser Enable Box (LEB) – A tool for local and In-Sky-Laser-Safety
  • Chen Juping, Wu Zhibo, Zhang Haifeng, Li Pu, Meng Wendong, Zhang Zhongping, The preliminary Results of Laser Ranging to Satellites with 10 kHz Laser System at Shanghai Station
  • Yu. Ignatenko, The switching device for external and internal calibration at the station Katziveli
  • Xiaoli Sun, David R. Skillman, Jan F. McGarry, Dandan Mao, Mark H. Torrence, Evan D. Hoffman, Time Transfer between two Satellite Laser Ranging Stations via Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Laser Ranging
  • Tae Keun Kim , Youjian Song, Kwangyun Jung, Chur Kim, Hyoji Kim, Chang Hee Nam and Jungwon Kim, Ultra-low timing jitter optical pulse trains from mode locked Er-fiber lasers
  • Ludwig Grunwaldt, Stefan Weisheit, Jens Steinborn, Upgrade of SLR station 7841 Potsdam
  • Christian Baumann, Krzysztof Sosnica, Daniela Thaller, Adrian Jäggi, Rolf Dach, Combined LARES-LAGEOS solutions
  • Chris Quinn, David McCormick, NASA SLR Network Key Safety Elements
  • Carey Noll, Michael Pearlman, Mark Torrence, ILRS Station Reporting
  • Vitaliy, Zhaborovskyy, Ukraine SLR stations: the current state and future.