16th International Workshop on Laser Ranging Instrumentation

Poznan Poland
October 13-17, 2008

Scientific Achievements, Applications and Future Requirements

  • Laser Ranging Contributions to Earth Rotation Studies, Richard Gross
  • Geocenter Motion: Causes and Modeling Approaches, Erricos C. Pavlis, Magdalena Kuzmicz-Cieslak
  • International Terrestrial Reference Frame - Latest Developments, Horst Mueller
  • Status of ITRF Development and SLR contribution, Zuheir Altamimi
  • Determination of the SLR station coordinates and velocities on the basis of laser observations of low satellites, P. Lejba, S. Schillak
  • Temporal variations of the Earth gravity field derived from SLR Data over a long period of time, Florent Deleflie, Pierre Exertier, Olivier Laurain, Dominique Feraudy, Jean-Michel Lemoine
  • A 33 Year Time History of the Earth Dynamic Oblateness changes from SLR data, Minkang Cheng, Byron D. Tapley
  • ICESat, GRACE, and Time Varying Gravity: SLR Contributions and Applications, S. B. Luthcke, D. D. Rowlands, F. G. Lemoine, H. J. Zwally, S. M. Klosko, D. S. Chinn, J. J. McCarthy, T. A. Williams
  • Use of SLR Observations to improve Galileo GIOVE-B Orbit and Clock Determination, I. Hidalgo, A. Mozo, P. Navarro, R. Piriz, D. Navarro-Reyes
  • Orbit Determination of LRO at the Moon, David E. Smith, Maria T. Zuber, Frank G. Lemoine, Mark H. Torrence, Erwan Mazarico
  • Comparison and Combination of SLR Solutions Including Gravity Field Coefficients and Range Biases, N. Panafidina, M. Rothacher, D. Thaller
  • Measurment of Anomalous Angle of Deviation of Light During Satellite Laser Ranging, Yuriy V. Ignatenko, Vladimir M. Tryapitsyn, Andriy A. Makeyev, Igor Yu. Ignatenko
  • Overview of the Science Results from ICESat, B. E. Schutz, H. J. Zwally
  • Planetary Laser Altimetry; Past and Present, David E. Smith, Maria T. Zuber
  • Volatile Exchange on Mars, Maria T. Zuber, David E. Smith
  • Lunar Laser Ranging - A Science Tool for Geodesy and General Relativity, Juergen Mueller
  • Lunar Core and Mantle. What Does LLR See?, James G. Williams
  • Status of the INFN Satellite/lunar laser ranging Characterization Facility, SCF), S. Dell'Agnello, G. O. Delle Monache, D. G. Currie, R. Vittori et al
  • Confirming the Frame-Dragging Effect with Satellite Laser Ranging, John C. Ries, Richard J. Eanes, Michael M. Watkins
  • Status of the LARES Experiment for Accurate Measurements of Earth Gravitomagnetism, Ignazio Ciufolini, Antonio Paolozzi, Erricos Pavlis
  • New accurate atmospheric correction of SLR observations, D.D. Wijaya, F.K. Brunner
  • Evaluation of PPN parameter Gamma as a test of General Relativity using SLR data, Ludwig Combrinck (Poster)
  • Preparing the Bernese GPS Software for the analysis of SLR observations to geodetic satellites, D. Thaller, M. Mareyen, R. Dach, W. Gurtner, G. Beutler, B. Richter, J. Ihde (Poster)
  • The methods of converting observation data of SLR between two nearby stations, Pap V., Medvedsky M. (Poster)
  • Estimation of the elastic Earth parameters k2 and k3 from the SLR technique, Milena Rutkowska, Marcin Jagoda (Poster)

The Role of Satellite Laser Ranging in the Global Geodetic Observing System

  • The Contribution of Laser Ranging to the Global Geodetic Observing System, Richard Gross
  • Quality Assessment of the ILRS EOP 'DAILY' Product, C. Sciarretta, V. Luceri, G. Bianco
  • ESOC IGS, IDS, and ILRS (Re-) Processing, Tim Springer, Michiel Otten, Nacho Romero, John Dow
  • The comparison of the station coordinates between SLR and GPS, S. Schillak, M. Lehmann
  • SLR and the Next Generation Global Geodetic Networks of low satellites, Erricos C. Pavlis, Magdalena Kuzmicz-Cieslak
  • SLR, GNSS, VLBI, and DORIS Networks: ILRS+IGS+IVS+IDS, Carey Noll (Poster)
  • The Virtual Observatory in Geodesy and Earth's Sciences: The French activities, Florent Deleflie, Sebastien Lambert, Pierre Exertier, A.-M. Gontier, C. Barache (Poster)

Network and Station Performance

  • Multi-Satellite Daily Bias Report: How to Read and Handle it, Toshimichi Otsubo, Mihoko Kobayashi, Tadahiro Gotoh and Toshihiro Kubo-oka
  • Assessment of SLR observation performance using LAGEOS data, Gang Zhao, You Zhao, Mingguo Sun, Huanhuan Yu
  • Attempts to separate apparent observational range bias from true geodetic signals, Graham Appleby, Matthew Wilkinson, Vincenza Luceri, Philip Gibbs, Victoria Smith
  • Sub-centimeter SLR precision with the SLRF2005/LPOD2005 network, N.P. Zelensky, F.G. Lemoine, D.D. Rowlands, S.B. Luthcke, D.S. Chinn, J.W. Beall, B.D. Beckley, S.M. Klosko, P. Willis, V. Luceri
  • NGSLR Performance in High and Low Energy Operation, Peter Dunn, Christopher Clarke, Mark Torrence
  • Development of quality control tools for the MLRO, G. Bianco, V. Luceri, D. Iacovone
  • Challenges of the TerraSAR-X/TanDEM-X formation, Krzysztof Snopek, Ludwig Grunwaldt, Rolf Koenig
  • Improved Modeling Approaches Towards the mm SLR, E.C. Pavlis, M. Kuzmicz-Cieslak, and P. M. Hinkey
  • ITRF datum and ILRS network geometry, V. Luceri, G. Bianco, C. Sciarretta, M. Virelli
  • Assessing Tracking Performance of High Satellites at Mt Stromlo SLR Station, Christopher Moore (Poster)

Lunar and Interplanetary Laser Ranging

  • Millimeter Laser Ranging to the Moon: a comprehensive theoretical model for advanced data analysis, Sergei Kopeikin
  • APOLLO: One-millimeter Lunar Laser Ranging, T. W. Murphy, E. G. Adelberger, J. B. R. Battat, C. D. Hoyle, R. J. McMillan, E. L. Michelsen, C. W. Stubbs, and H. E. Swanson
  • Earth Orientation Parameters from Lunar Laser Ranging, Liliane Biskupek, Juergen Mueller
  • Status of the LLRRA21/MoonLIGHT NASA LSSO project , D. G. Currie, S. Dell'Agnello, G. O. Delle Monache, R. Vittori et al
  • Laser Ranging to the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter: a Global Network Effort, Jan McGarry, Thomas Zagwodzki, Ronald Zellar, Mark Torrence, Julie Horvath, Christopher Clarke, Donald Patterson, John Cheek, Randall Ricklefs, Anthony Mallama, Carey Noll, Mike Pearlman, Greg Neumann
  • Pre-Launch Testing of NGSLR Ranging to LRO, Anthony Mallama, Jan McGarry, Tom Zagwodzki and Jack Cheek
  • LR-LRO Data Flow and Scheduling Operations, Christopher Clarke, Julie Horvath, Jan McGarry, Thomas Zagwodzki, Carey Noll, David Carter, Mark Torrence, Greg Neumann
  • LRO Operations at the MLRS, Jerry R. Wiant, Randall L. Ricklefs, Peter J. Shelus
  • One-Way Ranging to the Planets, Maria T. Zuber, David E. Smith
  • The contribution of LLR data to the estimation of the celestial pole coordinates, Wassila Zerhouni, Nicole Capitaine, Gerard Francou
  • Analysis and prediction of altimetric sea level variations during ENSO, and normal conditions, Tomasz Niedzielski, Wieslaw Kosek

High repetition-rate systems

  • Development of Any Frequency Fire Rate SLR Control System, Cunbo Fan, Xue Dong, Xingwei Han, You Zhao
  • The Experiment of kHz Laser Ranging with Nanosecond Pulsesat Shanghai SLR, Zhang Zhongping, Yang Fumin, Chen Juping, Zhang Haifeng, Wu Zhibo, Qin Si, Li Pu
  • NGSLR: Sharing Eye-safe Kilohertz SLR with Transponder Ranging, Jan McGarry, Thomas Zagwodzki, Tom Varghese, John Degnan, Donald Patterson, John Cheek, Christopher Clarke, Anthony Mann, Peter Dunn, Randall Ricklefs, Anthony Mallama
  • Transmitter Point-Ahead using Dual Risley Prisms: Theory and Experiment, John Degnan, Jan McGarry, Thomas Zagwodzki, Thomas Varghese
  • Impact of Receiver Deadtime on Photon-Counting SLR and Altimetry during Daylight Operations, John Degnan
  • High speed Pockels cell shutter and the Herstmonceux MCP-PMT detector, Matthew Wilkinson
  • The New 100-Hz Laser System in Zimmerwald: Concept, installation and first experiences, W. Gurtner, E. Pop, J. Utzinger
  • 16 years of LAGEOS-2 Spin Data: From launch to present, Daniel Kucharski, Georg Kirchner, Franz Koidl
  • kHz Single-Photon Ranging: A Precise Tool to Retrieve Optical Response of Satellites, Toshimichi Otsubo, Philip Gibbs and Graham M Appleby
  • Millimeter Accuracy from Centimeter Targets, Georg Kirchner, Daniel Kucharski, Franz Koidl
  • Graz kHz SLR LIDAR: First Results, Georg Kirchner, Franz Koidl, Daniel Kucharski
  • Medium Resolution Event Timer and Range Gate Generator in Graz FPGA Card, Farhat Iqbal, Franz Koidl, Georg Kirchner
  • Development of the Electronic Circuit in High Frequency SLR Based on FPGA, Chong Chen, Cunbo Fan, Zhenwei Li, You Zhao
  • Minimization of systematic errors in satellite laser ranging with high pulse repetition rate, M.A.Sadovnikov

Lasers, Detectors, and Timers

  • Advances of High-precision Riga Event Timers, Yu. Artyukh, V. Bespalko, E. Boole, V. Vedin
  • Advances of multi kHz repetition rate picosecond laser system for satellite laser ranging, Huber Heinz, Schmidt Michael, Zoppel Sandra
  • Compact Event Timing and Laser Fire Control Device for One Way Laser Ranging, Jan Kodet, Ivan Prochazka
  • Photon counting detectors for future laser time transfer missions, Ivan Prochazka, Josef Blazej
  • Potentialities of common-used TDC chips for high-speed event timer design, E. Boole, V. Vedin
  • Progress in sub-picosecond timing system development, Ivan Prochazka, Petr Panek
  • Fast Switching Pockels Cell Driver for SLR Laser System, Josef Koelbl, Michael Froeschl, Adam Seedsman, Yue Gao, Murray Dawson
  • Narrow-band holographic filters for SLR, V.L.Moshkov Saturable Absorber Laser Upgrade, T. Oldham, H. Donovan, M. Blount, J. Horvath, O. Brogdon, D. McCollums
  • Applications of Riga Event Timer at Shanghai SLR, Zhang Zhongping, Yang Fumin, Zhang Haifeng, Wu Zhibo, Chen Juping, Yu Artyukh

Software and Automation

  • Automation - Recent Progress at Mt Stromlo SLR Station, Christopher Moore
  • New ideas in control software for LR-systems with remote assessable, autonomous process cells, Alexander Neidhardt
  • SLR Data Atomatic Preprocessing, Ding Jian, Qu Feng, Wei Zhibin
  • SLR station Riga software upgrade, Kalvis Salminsh
  • On the Generation of SLR Output Files at Mt Stromlo, Christopher J. Moore
  • Implementing the new ILRS CRD data format, Magdalena Kuzmicz-Cieslak, Erricos C. Pavlis
  • The new pointing model of telescope based on tracking data, M. Medvedsky, V.Pap (Poster)

New and Upgraded Stations, Extended Facilities

  • OCA, France (Stanislaw Schillak, SRC, Poland) Upgrading Plan of the Chinese SLR Network, Yang Fumin, Wu Bin, Zhang Zhongping, Guo Tangyong
  • Status and Progress of ARGO, Jong Uk Park, Hyung-Chul Lim, Yoon-Kyung Seo, Young-Su Kim, Jang-Hyun Park, Young Su Son and Yong Ki Kim
  • The Requirements for ARGO Operation System, Yoon-Kyung Seo, Hyung-Chul Lim, In-Kwan Park, Hong-Seo Im, Jong-Uk Park
  • MEO : The New French Lunar Laser Ranging Station, Etienne Samain, Abdel Abchiche, Dominique Albanese, Nicolas Geyskens, Gilles Buchholtz, Aurelien Drean, Julien Dufour, Jerome Eysseric, Pierre Exertier, Francis Pierron, Monique Pierron, Gregoire Martinot Lagarde, Jocelyn Paris, Jean-Marie Torre, Herve Viot
  • The upgrading of the Borowiec SLR station, S. Schillak, J. Bartoszak, P. Michalek
  • Herstmonceux - towards kHz ranging and multi-technique status, Philip Gibbs, Graham Appleby, David Benham, Christopher Potter, Robert Sherwood, Toby Shoobridge, Vicki Smith and Matthew Wilkinson
  • Ftlrs : Past and currents missions, upgrade for future, Monique Pierron, Francis Pierron, Maurice Furia, Jean Marie Torre, Dominique Feraudy, Etienne Samain and Grasse Laser Staff (Poster)
  • Ukrainian SLR network, Olga Bolotina (Poster)
  • About Current Status of Katzively SLR Station, Andriy A. Makeyev (Poster)
  • Progress of Changchun SLR, You Zhao, Cunbo Fan, Xinwei Han, Gang Zhao, Ziang Zhang, Xue Dong (Poster)
  • First SLR Operation in Korea using TROS, Chinese Transportable Ranging Observation System, Hyung-Chul Lim, Guo Tangyong, Wang Peiyuan, Hyeon-Seok Jeon, Yoon-Kyung Seo, Jong-Uk Park, Zou Tong (Poster)
  • Actuality and futurity of San Juan 7406 SLR Station, W Liu, Y Han, E Actis, E.Alonso, R. Podesta, A.A. Gonzalez, A.M.Pacheco, L Zhao, C Liu, Z Yin (Poster)
  • Field maintanence of the SLR telescope at TIGO, B. Sierk, M. Avendano, A. Fernandez, V. Moera, C. Guaitiao, R. Castillo (Poster)

Operational Issues and New Missions

  • An overview of ESA's upcoming missions equipped with SLR, M. Otten, T.A. Springer, Daniel Navarro-Reyes, Pierre Femenias, Pierrik Vuilleumier, Rune Floberhagen, Mark Drinkwater, Roger Haagmans, Berthyl Duesmann, J. Dow
  • Applications of the Precision Expandable Radar Calibration Target (PERCS), Paul A. Bernhardt
  • SLR Return Analysis for SOHLA-1, Takahiro Inoue, Shinichi Nakamura, Ryo Nakamura, Keisuke Yoshihara, Hiroo Kunimori and Toshimichi Otsubo
  • SLR Return Analysis for Astro-G, Takahiro Inoue, Shinichi Nakamura, Ryo Nakamura, Keisuke Yoshihara and Hiroshi Takeuchi, Hiroo Kunimori and Toshimichi Otsubo
  • Satellite Laser Ranging Tracking through the Years, Carey Noll (Poster)
  • ILRS Web Site Update, C. Noll, M. Torrence (Poster)
  • ANDE Concept, Linda Thomas (Poster)
  • Considerations for an Optical Link for the ACES Mission, Ulrich Schreiber, Ivan Prochazka (Poster)
  • Aircraft Avoidance Technologies, T. W. Murphy, E. G. Adelberger, J. B. R. Battat, W. Coles, C. D. Hoyle, K. Kassabian, R. J. McMillan, J. Melser, E. L. Michelsen, C. W. Stubbs, H. E. Swanson, J. Tu, A. White (Poster)
  • Implementing the Consolidated laser Ranging Data (CRD) Format throughout the ILRS Network, Randall Ricklefs, Carey Noll, Julie Horvath, Oscar Brogdon, Erricos Pavlis (Poster)
  • Moblas 8 Return to Operations, Scott Wetzel, Howard Donovan, Julie Horvath, Dennis McCollums, Thomas Oldham, Alice Nelson, Don Patterson, Mike Henick (Poster)

Targets, Signatures and Biases

  • Signal Strength Measurements and Retroreflector Array Design, David Arnold
  • Effects of Ranging in Circular Polarization, John Luck and Chris Moore
  • Laser Retro-reflector Arrays on the Compass Satellites, Chen Wanzhen, Yang Fumin, Wang Yuanming, Li Pu
  • Laser Retroreflector Array Development for STSAT-2, Sang-Hyun Lee, Kyunghee Kim, Jun Ho Lee, Jonghan Jin, Noh Hoon Myung
  • Optical Response Simulation for ASTRO-G Laser Reflector Array, Toshimichi Otsubo, Mihoko Kobayashi,Hiroo Kunimori, Shinichi Nakamura and Hiroshi Takeuchi
  • SLR Coverage Analysis for STSAT-2, Kyunghee Kim, Sang-Hyun Lee, Jun Ho Lee, Jonghan Jin,Noh Hoon Myung

Advanced Systems and Techniques: Transponders, Altimeters, and Time Transfer

  • Engineering process of SLR for LEO orbiters, M.Abele, J.Balodis, M.Caunite, I.Janpaule, A.Rubans, G.Silabriedis, A.Zarinsjh
  • BepiColombo Laser Altimeter Simulator, M. Hiener, U. Schreiber, U. Hugentobler
  • Globally contiguous, high resolution topographic mapping of planets and moons via photon-counting, John Degnan
  • Laser Altimetry and Transponder Ground Based Simulation Experiment, U. Schreiber, M. Hiener, B. Holzapfel, A. Neidhardt, P. Lauber, K.H. Haufe, N. Brandl, J. Oberst, H. Michaelis
  • Mars Laser Ranging: Science and Design, T. W. Murphy, J. Degnan, W. Farr, W. Folkner, A. Girerd, H. Hemmati, K. Nordtvedt, R. Reasenberg, S. G. Turyshev, J. G. Williams
  • Time Transfer by Laser Link - T2L2: First data, E. Samain, Ph. Guillemot, P. Exertier, D. Albanese, P. Berio, O. Laurain, F. Para, J. Paris, J.-M. Torre, H. Viot, P. Vrancken, I. Petitbon, S. Leon
  • Preliminary Results of the Laser Time Transfer (LTT) Experiment, Yang Fumin, Huang Peicheng, Zhang Zhongping, Chen Wanzhen, Zhang Haifeng, Wang Yuanming, Meng Wendong, Wang Jie, Zou Guangnan, Liao Ying, Wang Luyuan, Ivan Prochazka, Zhao You, Fan Cunbo, Han Xingwei
  • Preliminary Results of Laser Ranging to Un-cooperative Targets at Shanghai SLR, Yang Fumin, Zhang Zhongping, Chen Juping, Chen Wanzhen, Wu Zhibo, Zhang Haifeng, Ivan Prochazka
  • One Way System Calibration Techniques, Toby Shoobridge, David Benham
  • State of the SLR in Russia, Burmistrov V. B., Glotov V.D., Parkhomenko N.N., Sadovnikov M.A., Shargorodsky V.D., Vasiliev V.P.
  • New achievements in the simulator of photon counting planetary altimeter, Josef Blazej, Ivan Prochazka (Poster)