13th International Workshop on Laser Ranging Instrumentation

Washington D.C., USA
October 7-11, 2002

Scientific Achievements, Applications, and Future Requirements

  • Zuheir Altamimi, SLR Contribution to the International Terrestrial Reference Frame (Invited)
  • Christopher Cox, Time-Variable Gravity Analysis Using Satellite-Laser-Ranging as a Tool for Observing Long-Term Changes in the Earth's Systems (Invited)
  • Frank Lemoine, Steven Klosko, Christopher Cox, Scott Luthcke, The Development of NASA Gravity Field Models and their Dependence on SLR (Invited)
  • Graham Appleby, Toshimichi Otsubo, Evaluation of potential systematic bias in GNSS orbital solutions
  • Remko Scharroo, Contributions of SLR to the Success of Satellite Altimeter Missions (Invited)
  • Rolf Koenig, Ludwig Grunwaldt, Roland Schmidt, Peter Schwintzer, Chris Reigber, SLR and the CHAMP Gravity Field Mission (Invited)
  • Scott B. Luthcke, Frank G. Lemoine, David D. Rowlands, Nikita P. Zelensky, Teresa A. Williams, The SLR Contribution to Precision Orbit Determination in the GPS Era
  • John Ries, Richard Eanes, Byron Tapley, Glenn E. Peterson, Prospects for an Improved Lense-Thirring Test with SLR and the GRACE Gravity Mission (Invited)
  • James Williams, Jean Dickey, Lunar Geophysics, Geodesy, and Dynamics (Invited)
  • David E. Smith, Seasonal Changes in the Icecaps of Mars from Laser Altimetry and Gravity
  • Ken Nordtvedt, Future Interplanetary Laser Ranging: Science Goals and Methods (Invited)
  • John Wahr, David Benjamin, Shailen Desai, Geophysical Applications of SLR Tidal Estimates (Invited)
  • Richard Gross, Laser Ranging Contributions to Monitoring and Interpreting Earth Orientation Changes (Invited)
  • Erricos Pavlis, Monitoring The Origin of the TRF with Space Geodetic Techniques (Invited)
  • Peter Dunn, Absolute Earth Scale from SLR Measurements (Invited)
  • Joelle Nicolas, Pascal Bonnefond, Pierre Exertier, Philippe Berio, First Results of the French Transportable Laser Ranging Station During the 2002 Corsica Campaign for the JASON-1 Calibration and Validation Experiment
  • Milena Rutkowska, Janusz B. Zielinski, Preliminary Orbit Determination of GRACE Satellites Using Laser Ranging Data

Laser Technology Development

  • Karel Hamal, Ivan Prochazka, J. Blazej, Yang Fumin, Hu Jingfu, Jean Gaignebet, Lasers for Multiwavelength Satellite Laser Ranging
  • Georg Kirchner, Franz Koidl, Kilohertz Laser Ranging at Graz
  • Yelena Isyanova, Kevin F. Wall, John H. Flint and Peter F. Moulton, John Degnan, High-Power, Short-Pulse Microlaser - Power Amplifier System
  • Jean-Louis Oneto, Jean Gaignebet, Mechanical Measurement of Laser Pulse Duration

Improved or Upgraded Systems

  • Jan McGarry, Anthony Mallama, Randall Ricklefs, Anthony Mann, Renata Barski, SLR2000 Software: Current Test Results and Recent Developments
  • Peter Shelus, J. G. Ries, J. R. Wiant, R. L. Ricklefs, McDonald Ranging: 30 Years and Still Going
  • Daniel O'Gara, W. Lindsey, M. Waterson, J. Kamibayashi, Replacement of the LURE Telescope Controller Using COTS Components Using Commercial Off-The-Shelf Components
  • You Zhao, Cunbo Fan, Chengzhi Liu, Xinwei Han, Jianyong Shi, Xinhua Zhang, Haitao Zhang, System Stability Improvement of Changchun SLR System
  • Monique Pierron, Francis Pierron, Jocelyn Paris, Ultra Mobile Station FTLRS: Software Control
  • Jerry Wiant, J. G. Ries, R. L. Ricklefs, P. J. Shelus, The New MLRS Encoder System: Progress Report
  • Francis Pierron, E. Samain, J. Nicolas, J.-L. Hatat, M. Pierron, J.-F. Mangin, H. Viot, M. Laplanche, J. Paris, E. Cuot, Improvements of the French Transportable Laser Ranging Station to High Accuracy Level
  • Sergiy Filikov, A. Dmitrotsa, O. Minin, D. Neyachenko, L. Shtirberg, S. Tatevian, Upgrading of the Simeiz-1873 SLR Station
  • Ludwig Grunwaldt, Reinhart Neubert, Harald Fischer, Kalvis Salminsh, Jorge del Pino, First Laser Ranging Results of the New Potsdam SLR System
  • David Carter, System Upgrades of the NASA SLR Network
  • Howard Donovan, Loyal Stewart, Jack Stevens, Mark Levy, NASA SLR Network MCP PMT Upgrade
  • Tom Oldham, GUTS -- A New SLR System for Japan
  • Hiroo Kunimori, Integration of 1.5m Telescope and Ranging System in CRL
  • Kalvis Salminsh, XML applications in SLR

Timing Devices

  • Van Husson, Loyal Stewart, ILRS Timing Devices: Specifications, Error Analysis, BEST Calibration Practices
  • Philip Gibbs, Franz Koidl, Georg Kirchner, Range Comparison Results for Various EUROLAS SR Timers
  • Werner Gurtner, Johannes Utzinger, Counter Calibrations at Zimmerwald
  • Yuri Artyukh V. Bespalko, E. Boole, K. Lapushka, A010 Family of Time interval Counters Adapted to SLR Applications
  • Etienne Samain, An Ultra Stable Event Timer
  • Loyal Stewart, Operational Performance of GPS Steered Rubidium Oscillators
  • Roger Wood, Philip Gibbs, David Walters, Christopher Potter, Getting the Best from Your Stanford SR620 Timer

Detectors and Optical Chain Components

  • Georg Kirchner, Franz Koidl, New Detection Package at Graz
  • Etienne Samain, Time Walk Compensation of a SPAD with Linear Photo Detection
  • Jana Strasburg, T. Murphy, C. Stubbs, E. Adelberger, The Advantages of Avalanche Photodiode (APD) Arrays in Laser Ranging Applications
  • Ivan Prochazka, SPAD Detector Package for Space Born Applications
  • Paul Hink, Charles Tomasetti, Joesph Wright, John Martin, Characterization of a Microchannel Plate Photomultiplier Tube with a High Sensitivity GaAs Photocathode
  • Thomas Cuff, Richard Chabot, Testing of MCP PMTS: Use of Fiber Optic Coupled Gbps Laser Drivers to Create Ersatz Laser Return Pulses

Automation and Control Systems

  • Roger Wood, Werner Gurtner, Herstmonceux/Bern Timebias Service
  • Christopher Clarke, Julie Horvath, Intelligent Scheduler, Prioritize in the Fly
  • Werner Gurtner, E. Pop, J. Utzinger, Improvements in the Automation of the Zimmerwald SLR Station
  • Zhongping Zhang, Yang Fumin, Georg Kirchner, Franz Koidl, Automated Operational Software at Shanghai SLR Station and Sun Avoidance Software
  • Anthony Mallama, John J. Degnan, Frederick E. Cross, Judith M. Mackenzie, Infrared Sky Camera -- The Production Mode
  • Jan McGarry, Thomas Zagwodzki, John Degnan, SLR2000 Closed Loop Tracking with a Photon-Counting Quadrant Detector
  • Wie-Tou Ni, et.al., Mini-ASTROD: Mission Concept

Lunar Laser Ranging

  • Jean Chapront, M. Chapront-Touze, G. Francou, Recent Contributions to LLR Analysis
  • Jean-Francois Mangin, F. Mignard, D. Feraudy, M. Furia, J.M. Torre, G. Vigouroux, The OCA LLR Station: An Update
  • Thomas Murphy, APOLLO: Multiplexed Lunar Laser Ranging
  • Ben Greene, John McK Luck, LLR Developments at Mount Stromlo: Towards Millimeter Accuracy

Station Performance Evaluation

  • Van Husson, Paul Stevens, Oscar Brogdon, Hoai Vo, MyStationPerformance.COM
  • Vladimir Glotov, V. Mitrikas, S. Revnivykh, M. Zinkovsky, The Precise Data Processing in MCC Analysis Center
  • Stanislaw Schillak, Edwin Wnuk, The Stability of the SLR Stations Voordinates Determined from Monthly Arcs of LAGEOS-1 and LAGEOS-2 Laser Ranging in 1999-2001
  • Toshimichi Otsubo, Takako Genba, Range Bias vs. Applied System Delay
  • Van Husson, Absolute and Relative Range Bias Detection Capabilities
  • Turki S. M. Al-Saud, Status of the SALRO Station - Past, Present and Future
  • Joelle Nicolas, P. Bonnefond, O. Laurain, P. Exertier, and F. Barlier, Results of the Triple Laser Ranging Collocation Experiment at the Grasse Observatory, France (September - November 2001)

System Calibration Techniques

  • Jean-Louis Oneto, Jean Gaignebet, Use of Free Surface of Liquids in Interferometric Methods: Application to Split Corner Cubes
  • Karel Hamal, Ivan Prochazka, Portable Calibration Standard Mission Review
  • Ivan Prochazka, Karel Hamal, Portable Calibration Standard Capabilities
  • Karel Hamal, Ivan Prochazka, Portable - Pico Event Timer Upgrade (presented together with the paper Portable Calibration Standard Capabilities)
  • Peter Sperber, T. Stautmeister, J. Koilbl, H. Tauscher, J. Kellner, High Accuracy Short Range Laser Rangefinder for System Calibration and Installation
  • Matti Paunonen, An Experimental Common Detector, Coaxial Cassegrain Laser Telescope and Its Calibration
  • Jim Long, Nagendra Paudel, Local Surveys at Goddard
  • Paul Stevens, Jim Long, Nagendra Paudel, Local Survey Relationships to System Calibration and Bias Identification

Station Operational Issues

  • Randall Ricklefs ILRS Prediction Format Working Group, Creating a Consolidated Laser Ranging Prediction Format
  • Werner Gurtner, Operational Issues from the Stations
  • Van Husson, Operational Issues from an ILRS Central Bureau Perspective
  • Graham Appleby, Operational Issues from the viewpoint of SLR data analyses

Target Design, Signatures, and Biases

  • David Arnold, Retroreflector Array Transfer Functions
  • Joelle Nicolas, Jean-Francois Mangin, Gilles Metris, and Francois Barlier, Difference of LAGEOS Satellite Response from Raw
  • Data Analysis of the Collocation Experiment Between the Grasse Satellite and Lunar Laser Ranging Stations
  • Toshimichi Otsubo, Graham M Appleby, Recovery of Target Response Function for Center-of-Mass Corrections of Spherical Satellites
  • Vladimir Vasiliev, N. Parkhomenko, V, Shargorodsky, V. Glotov, N. Sokolov, J. Degnan, S. Habib, International Experiment in Space for Investigation of a Novel-Type Laser Retroreflector
  • Natalia Parkhomenko, V, Shargorodsky, V. Vasiliev, D. Voelz, V. Gamiz, Test Satellite for Calibration of Large-Size Optical Imaging Systems
  • Robert Kessel, William Braun, Mark Davis, Amey Peltzer, Anne Reed, Ilene Sokolsky, John Vasquez, Paul Wright, Development and On-Orbit Performance of Moderate-Cost Spherical Retroreflector Arrays for the STARSHINE Program
  • Toshimichi Otsubo, Hiroo Kunimori, Keisuke Yoshihara and Hidekazu Hashimoto, Reflector Arrangement on H2A-LRE Satellite
  • Andrew Nicholas, S.E. Thonnard, G.C. Gilbreath, The Atmospheric Neutral Density Experiment: a Mission Overview
  • David Arnold, Velocity Aberration
  • Kattimuthu Elango, M. Pitchaimani, P. Soma, and S.K. Shivakumar, Laser Retroreflector Array (LARA) for IRS Mission
  • Robert Sherwood, Roger Wood, Toshimichi Otsubo, LAGEOS-2 Spin Rate and Orientation

Atmospheric Correction and Multiwavelength Ranging

  • Stefan Riepl, David Ramirez, Cesar Guitano, Validation of Mapping Functions
  • Werner Gurtner, Eugen Pop, Johannes Utzinger, Zimmerwald Dual-wavelength Operation: First Experiences
  • Giuseppe Bianco, T. Oldham, M. Bieneman, C. Clarke, V. Husson, Two-Color Laser Ranging with the MLRO System
  • Virgilio Mendes, Atmospheric Refraction at Optical Wavelengths: Problems and Solutions
  • David Arnold, Wavelength Dependence of Range Correction
  • Ivan Prochazka, L. Kral, Atmospheric Contribution to the Laser Ranging Jitter
  • Xiong Yaoheng, Feng Hesheng, Modification of Laser Ranging Equation
  • Manuel de la Torre Juarez, George A. Hajj, Byron I Iijima, Chi O Ao, Anthony J. Mannucci, Tom P. Yunck, A Database of Atmospheric Refractivities from GPS Radio Occultations
  • Ulrich Schreiber, Florian Seitz, Franz Meyer, Biaxial Rayleigh- and Raman-LIDAR for Applications in Atmospheric Sounding and SLR
  • Yury Galkin, Ruben A. Tatevian, Preliminary Estimation of the Atmospheric Nonlinear Frequency Dispersion and Absorption Effects on the Pulse SLR Accuracy

Advanced Systems and Techniques

  • Ivan Prochazka, Karel Hamal, Millimeter Ranging Accuracy - the Bottleneck
  • John Degnan, SLR2000: Progress and Future Applications
  • John Degnan, Optimization of the Correlation Range Receiver Parameters in SLR2000
  • Donald Patterson, Jan McGarry, Overview of Data for the SLR2000 Tracking Mount Performance Testing
  • Ben Greene, Yuo Gao, Chris Moore, Y. Wang, A. Boiko, Ian Ritchie, J. Sang, J. Cotter, Laser Tracking of Space Debris
  • Stefan Riepl, Hayo Hase, Armin Boer, Wolfgang Schlueter, Eduardo Carvacho, Rodrigo Reeves, David Ramirez, Cesar Guaitiao, Emma Chavez, Raul Escobar, Carlos Bustamante, Roberto Aedo, Marco Avendano, Gonzalo Remedi, Oscar Cifuentes, Installing TIGO in Concepcion
  • Giuseppe Bianco, T. Oldham, The MLRO Project: a Status Report
  • John Degnan, Jan McGarry, Thomas Zagwodzki, Philip Dabney, Photon-Counting Airborne Microlaser Altimeter
  • Etienne Samain, Time Transfer by Laser Link
  • Hiroo Kunimori, A Satellite Laser Ranging System Based on a Micro-Chip Laser