Guidelines for Planning International Workshops on Laser Ranging and ILRS Technical/Specialized Workshopsdownload PDF of Workshop planning guidelines

The ILRS sponsors International Workshops on Laser Ranging (IWLR) which are typically held every two years. In addition, the ILRS organizes focused technical or specialized workshops in years between the International Workshops on Laser Ranging. More information about these workshops, as well as links to their dedicated websites, is available on the ILRS website at:


International Workshop on Laser Ranging (IWLR)

  • An IWLR should typically be held every two years (as practicable).
  • The host of a future IWLR should be selected at the previous IWLR by vote of the meeting attendees; the ILRS Central Bureau will send out a notice three months prior to this meeting so that possible candidates can organize their proposals for presentation prior to the vote.
  • The IWLR host is expected to coordinate/organize the posting of presentations, workshop and splinter meeting summaries/actions, and proceedings for posting on the ILRS website.
  • The ILRS Standing Committees (SCs) and Governing Board (GB) will hold splinter meetings at the workshop and provide summary material at the closing session of the workshop.

Technical/Specialized Workshop

  • These workshops may be held in the intervening years between the IWLRs; such workshops should be on focused topics of current importance for planning purposes.
  • The ILRS CB will issue a request for proposals to host a future workshop 1.5 to 2 years in advance. Interested organizations should submit their response to the ILRS CB for review followed by final approval by the ILRS GB. After that time, the host organization selected by the Governing Board is requested to present their workshop plan at an IWLR of the previous year; alternatively, the GB may accept a proposal for a workshop with shorter notice.
  • As with the IWLR, the organizer of these workshops should coordinate the posting of presentations from the meeting as well as summary reports with key issues and recommendations; proceedings can be proposed for posting.

Schedule for future ILRS workshops (as of October 2019):

  • 2020: 22nd International Workshop on Laser Ranging, Kunming, China in October
    • Presentation on plans for this workshop to be presented at the 2019 ILRS Technical Workshop
  • 2021: Technical/Specialized Workshop, location/timeframe TBD
    • October 2019: begin search for host/location
    • January 2020: close acceptance of proposals and seek vote from GB
    • March 2020: notify proposed host and announce location to community
    • October 2020: presentation from LOC in Kunming (22nd IWLR)
  • 2022: 23rd International Workshop on Laser Ranging, location/timeframe TBD
    • July 2020 (3 months before the IWLR in Kunming): begin search for host/location
    • October 2020 (at the IWLR in Kunming): presentation by host candidates and vote by attendees