2007-2008 ILRS Report

International Laser Ranging Service (ILRS) 2007-2008 Report (NASA/TP-2009-215848)
Edited by C. Noll and M. Pearlman

This 2007-2008 volume is the fifth published report for the International Laser Ranging Service (ILRS). With this next report, we have chosen to use a format similar to the one used in previous years, concentrating on achievements and work in progress rather than ILRS organizational elements. The 2007-2008 ILRS Annual Report is structured as follows:



  • ILRS Organization, reviews the service and its role in space geodesy.
  • ILRS Tracking Network, provides the current status and recent performance statistics of the international stations supporting the ILRS and offers a perspective on site surveys and system collocations. An update on field engineering activities is also provided
  • ILRS Missions and Campaigns, gives information about many of the current and future missions supported by the ILRS.
  • Infrastructure, details recent activities tackled by the ILRS Central Bureau, including web site improvements and data center developments.
  • Tracking Procedures and Data Flow, discusses satellite predictions, ILRS tracking priorities, recent developments in the area of dynamic priorities, and the flow of on-site normal points and full-rate data.
  • Emerging Technologies, includes information about high repletion rate lasers and systems, detectors, timers and frequency standards, multi-wavelength ranging, and other hardware that will help advance the accuracy and automation of laser ranging systems. Also included are new applications for the SLR technique.
  • Analysis Activities, reviews the recent developments in the ILRS Analysis Working Group including the pilot projects, computation of stations positions and EOPs, orbits, and software benchmarking.
  • Modeling, discusses recent advancements in refraction modeling and satellite center of mass corrections.
  • Science Coordination, examines the ILRS role in the ITRF, its synergy with the other geodetic techniques, and some interesting applications for both SLR and LLR.
  • Meetings and Reports, reviews ILRS-related meetings in 2007/2008 and reports issued by the service.
  • Bibliography, lists some of the papers and presentations about SLR and LLR science and technology made during 2007/2008.
  • Analysis and Associate Analysis Center reports
  • Station Reports



  • ILRS Information, lists organizations participating in the ILRS and defines various acronyms used in this annual report.


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Section 2 - Tracking Network 1,000
Section 3 - Missions and Campaigns 1,100
Section 4 - Infrastructure 1,000
Section 5 - Tracking Procedures 500
Section 6 - Emerging Technologies 300
Section 7 - Analysis Activities 800
Section 8 - Modeling 1,600
Section 9 - Science Coordination 1,100
Section 10 - Meetings and Reports 300
Section 11 - Bibliography 600
Section 12 - Analysis and Associate Analysis Center Reports 1,900
Section 13 - Station Reports 3,200
Appendix A - ILRS Information 500
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