2002 ILRS Annual Report

International Laser Ranging Service (ILRS) 2002 Annual Report (NASA/TP-2003-212239)
Edited by M. Pearlman and C. Noll

This 2002 volume is the third published Annual Report for the International Laser Ranging Service (ILRS). With this year’s report, we have chosen a different format, concentrating on achievements and work in progress rather than ILRS organizational elements. The 2002 ILRS Annual Report is structured as follows:



  • ILRS Organization, reviews the service and its role in space geodesy.
  • ILRS Tracking Network, provides the current status and recent performance statistics of the international stations supporting the ILRS and offers a perspective on site surveys and system collocations. An update on field engineering activities is also provided
  • ILRS Missions and Campaigns, gives information about many of the current and future missions supported by the ILRS.
  • Infrastructure, details recent activities tackled by the ILRS Central Bureau, including web site improvements and data center developments.
  • Tracking Procedures and Data Flow, discusses satellite predictions, ILRS tracking priorities, recent developments in the area of dynamic priorities, and the flow of on-site normal points and full-rate data.
  • Emerging Technologies, includes information about high repletion rate lasers and systems, detectors, timers and frequency standards, multi-wavelength ranging, and other hardware that will help advance the accuracy and automation of laser ranging systems. Also included are new applications for the SLR technique.
  • Analysis Pilot Projects, reviews the recent developments in the ILRS Analysis Working Group including the three pilot projects begun in 2002, Computation of Stations Positions and EOPs, Orbits, and Software Benchmarking.
  • Modeling, discusses recent advancements in refraction modeling and satellite center of mass corrections.
  • Science Coordination, examines the ILRS role in the ITRF, its synergy with the other geodetic techniques, and some interesting applications for both SLR and LLR.
  • Meetings and Reports,reviews ILRS-related meetings in 2002 and reports issued by the service.
  • Bibliography, lists some of the papers and presentations about SLR and LLR science and technology made during 2002.
  • ILRS Information, lists organizations participating in the ILRS and defines various acronyms used in this annual report.


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