ILRS E-mail Exploders

You can send an message and/or attachment(s) to any ILRS element(s) by using the mailing addresses below:

The rules of use for the exploders are as follows:

  • Mail your message to ilrs-<<explodername>> @ lists.nasa.gov (where <<explodername>> is an abbreviation for the specific ILRS element, address not case sensitive, i.e., upper or lower case permitted). The message is automatically and immediately distributed to all addresses in the distribution list.
  • There is no format restriction on the subject field or body of the message.
  • You can send attachments and/or ASCII messages.
  • To subscribe or unsubscribe from an exploder or to change your email address please send an email to Claudia Carabajal (Claudia.C.Carabajal @ nasa.gov).

List of Exploders: