Analysis Standing Committee (ASC) Determination of Systematic Errors in ILRS Observations Pilot Project

Discussions within the Analysis Standing Committee (ASC) on systematic effects in laser range measurements gave rise many years ago to the continuing development of procedures by several ACs and AACs to quality-check the data from the network, in some cases on timescales close to realtime. These techniques all rely on the existence of a-priori station coordinates taken from the latest realization of the ITRF. Leading up to ASC preparations for the ILRS submission to each ITRF, further painstaking work has been carried out by the Analysis Representatives to provide coordinate time series for each station as free as possible from bias.

At the 2015 ILRS Technical Workshop in Matera Italy, several action items were discussed regarding the identification, mitigation and communication of systematic issues in the ILRS network. Specifically, the NERC Space Geodesy Facility (NSGF) AC was tasked, in consultation with other interested groups, primarily DGFI and GRGS, to draft a pilot project to be undertaken by all the ACs to inform a decision ultimately to be taken by the ASC leadership on how to mitigate the bias issue in the ILRS routine products. This page is dedicated to the 2005-2009 pilot project and the analysis of the results thereof. Please visit periodically as new items will be added as they become available during the period of the investigation.

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