ILRS Station Upgrade Procedure

The ILRS community must be made aware when stations perform upgrades and maintenance activites since these changes can introduce biases in the data which may take some time to detect. These biases can corrupt our data products and the products developed through combination with other techniques.

Therefore, the ILRS has developed a procedure for stations when these upgrades begin. When stations make a change in the system's components in the signal path or software that is in the data processing path, the station must:

  • send a message to the CB informing the CB of the proposed changes
  • update the station site log
  • update the station configuration log and submit the entire log to EDC
  • update the configuration (C-series) records in the CRD-formated files.

The CB will review the site log and let the station know if the data need to be quarantined and if further action needs to be taken.

The CB realizes that sometimes several system changes may happen in rapid sequence. If operational SLR data are sent through the data channels after modification, stations must inform the CB that a change was made. If stations realize they will be going through changes as described above, the CB asks that station personnel please send a message to the ILRS CB PRIOR TO initiating this work to alert the community as soon as the upgrade schedule is known.

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