Satellite Maneuvers

Most active satellites perform routine maneuvers. Maneuver information is to be maintained via the web by the appropriate mission.

Maneuver Notification Procedure

CPF prediction files issued before a planned maneuver and covering the epoch of the maneuver should contain the post-maneuver arc based on predicted values for the thrusts. A warning message announcing the maneuver (satellite name, time of the planned maneuver) should be sent to urgent @ tum.de (see also http://ilrs.gsfc.nasa.gov/about/contact_ilrs/urgent.html).

Maneuver Histories

Most active satellites perform routine maneuvers. Maneuver information, as well as spacecraft attitude and mass data, are maintained by the mission; information for selected satellites are available via the web. Below are links to these data, provided by the International DORIS Service (IDS). The IDS Central Bureau ftp site includes information about these data such as the maneuver file format and mass file format.

Attitude Histories

Mass Histories