DFPSC Rapid LEO Predictions Study Group

Lion Team "Rapid Leo Predictions"

Note: This study group was formed by the DFP SC; it is now replaced by the Predictions Format Study Group.

Convenor: Roger Wood, Herstmonceux

Members (proposed): Rolf Koenig, Wolfgang Seemueller, Werner Gurtner, Jan McGarry


To review the way in which predictions are currently produced and distributed, in order to improve the quality of predictions at the telescope and provide them at a frequency appropriate for each satellite.

In Particular

  • Investigate the immediate benefits of building on the present IRV system by way of:
    • Computing fresh predictions daily
    • Producing multiple IRVs per day
    • Arranging for orbit-by-orbit re-prediction for difficult satellites
  • For the longer term, examine the merits of supplying stations with fully modelled prediction files (by-passing IRVs if necessary) for every pass.


The Lion Team reported to ILRS at the 3rd General Assembly in September 1999, making recommendations for the way ahead, plus standards for procedures and formats as required.