DFPSC Minimum Returns per Normal Point Study Group

Jaguar Team "Minimum Returns per Normal Point"

Note: This was a study group of the DFP SC that was disbanded on 21 September 1999 during the 2nd Data Formats and Procedures Standing Committee Meeting held in Florence, Italy.


To determine whether ILRS NPs formed from 1, 2, 3 or 4 raw returns suffer a significant rate of rejection in analysis.


  • LAGEOS-1, -2 - Eanes
  • Etalon-1, -2 - Appleby
  • ERS-1, -2 - Gendt
  • Starlette, Stella - Dunn
  • GLONASS, GPS - Springer
  • WESTPAC -  Glotov


The Jaguar Team concluded that useful data would be lost if a limit was placed on the minimum number of returns required to form a normal point. So, this team's recommendation is "That the ILRS makes NO RESTRICTION on the minimum number of returns used to generate normal points."