12th International Workshop on Laser Ranging Instrumentation

Matera, Italy
November 13-17, 2000

Overviews of Space Geodetic Technologies (invited papers)

  • F. Sanso, Geodesy: a frame for other geosciences and surveying techniques
  • C. Boucher, The ITRF; concepts, realisation and perspectives
  • W. Gurtner, R. Neilan, The international GPS service; organization, products and projects
  • P. Tomasi, The geodetic VLBI; role and contribution to geodetic frames
  • C. Reigber, B. Tapley, A New Class of Satellites for Earth System Sciences: CHAMP and GRACE

Scientific Achievements, Applications and Future Requirements in Space Geodesy

  • D. Smith, M. Zuber, and the MOLA Science Team, Mapping Mars Topography with Laser Altimetry
  • M. Zuber, D. Smith , A. Cheng, J. Garvin and the NLR Science Team, Determining the Gravity, Topography, and Dynamics of Asteroid 433 Eros with Laser Altimetry
  • M. Cheng and B. Tapley, Time-varying Earth's gravity field from analysis of SLR data
  • R. Noomen, M.C. Naeije, M. Rutkowska, R. Scharroo, B. Vermeersen and P.N.A.M. Visser, SLR analysis at DEOS: an overview
  • R. Sabadini, G. DiDonato, L.L.A. Vermeersen, R. Devoti, V. Luceri, G. Bianco, Antarctic melting and mantle viscosity constrained from Satellite Laser Ranging analysis of the long wavelength time dependent gravity field
  • P.Exertier, J.Nicolas, F.Barlier, SLR: A point of view on scientific achievements and future requirements
  • P. Dunn, M. Torrence, R. Kolenkiewicz and D. Smith, SLR measurements of vertical motion
  • R. Eanes, Station position time series from SLR+DORIS
  • R. Eanes, Corrections to the Marini-Murray refraction model that affect the scale of the SLR station solutions and GM
  • P. Shelus, J. Ries, J. Williams, J. Dickey, A Summary of LLR Activity and Science Results

Data Analysis and Models

  • V. Husson, In Search of the 'BEST' SLR Coordinates
  • E. Pavlis, The JCET/GSFC SLR-based TRF Contribution to ITRF2000
  • S. Schillak, Determination of the Borowiec SLR Coordinates
  • M. Kuzmicz-Cieslak, S. Schillak, E. Wnuk, Stability of Coordinates of the SLR Stations on a Basis of Satellite Laser Ranging
  • N.P. Zelensky, D.D. Rowlands, F.G. Lemoine, D.S. Chinn, S. B. Luthcke, G.C. Marr, Precise Orbit Determination for the GEOSAT Follow-On Spacecraft
  • G. Appleby and T. Otsubo, Comparisons of SLR Observations and Orbits with GLONASS and GPS Microwave Orbits
  • J. Hu, H. Cheng, F. Chugang, Study on Systematic Error between Two Polar Motion Series

Lunar Laser Ranging

  • J.F.Mangin, J. Chapront and teams, New Improvements in the Reduction ofLLR Observations, News of the LLR Grasse with a particular night of Full Moon.
  • T. Murphy, The Apache Point Observatory Lunar Laser-ranging Operation (APOLLO)
  • R. Ricklefs, New Data Formats to Accommodate Possible Laser/Optical Transponder Measurements to the Moon and Beyond

New or Upgraded Stations

  • M. Vilcheck, A. Peltzer, A. Reed,Overview of the Naval Research Laboratory SLR Facility
  • R. Neubert, L. Grunwaldt, H. Fischer,The new SLR Station of GFZ Potsdam: A Status Report
  • G. Bianco, M. Selden, T. Oldham, M. Bieneman, D. McClure, R. Sala, C. Steggerda, R. Stringfellow, M. Heinick, C. Clarke, J. Hundertmark, Overview of the MLRO Project (History and Status)
  • F. Pierron , J. Nicolas, E. Samain and F. Barlier, Centimeter accuracy for the French Transportable Laser Ranging Station through sub-system controls
  • C.Foreman, B.Lindsey, D.O'Gara, Modernization of the Satellite Laser Ranging Observatory at Haleakala, Maui
  • D. Carter, The NASA Satellite Laser Ranging Network:" Recent accomplishments and Future Plans
  • H. Kunimori, T. Otsubo, F. Katsuo, J. Amagai, H. Kiuchi and T. Yoshino,The status of KEYSTONE SLR stations
  • F. Yang, W. Chen, Z. Zhang, J, Chen, Progress of Shanghai SLR Station during 1999-2000
  • H. Donovan, M. Perry, D. Patterson, Features of the SLR 2000 Facility:" Climate Control, Dome Movement Control and System Security
  • T. Guo et al., New Wuhan (TROS) station in Beijing China
  • M.Tawadros, Y.Helali, K.Hamal, M.Cech, H.Jelinkova, A.Novotny, I.Prochazka, Helwan Satellite Laser Station Upgrade in 1999-2000
  • A. Al-Ghamdi, Status of re-commissioning SALRO
  • A. Banni, F. Buffa, L. Mureddu, Updating at Cagliari Station

Station Performance Evaluation / Quality Control

  • C. Feng, F. Yang, Y. Zhu, LAGEOS-1 & LAGEOS-2 Quicklook Residual Analysis
  • V. Husson, J. Horvath, M. Veasey, O. Brogdon, P. Stevens, T. Mann, D. Yoest, S. Wetzel, Generic Normal Point Version 2.4 Benchmark Results
  • T. Otsubo," New Approach to Quality Check: Multiple Satellite and Intensity Dependence
  • Y. Xiong, W. Wang, C. Jiang, X. Zheng, M. He, Y. Zhang, H. Feng, Performance of the Kunming SLR Station
  • P. Gibbs, D. Benham, R. Sherwood, P. Standen, D. Walters, R. Wood, An overview of quality control at the Herstmonceux SLR station
  • G.Bianco, R.Devoti, R.Lanotte, V.Luceri, M.Selden, Preliminary assessment of the MLRO observational capabilites
  • S. Wetzel, V. Husson, O. Brogdon, Automated Data Format and Integrity Q/C of the Global SLR Data Set
  • V. Husson, P. Stevens, G. Appleby, System Performance Assessment from NERC Simultaneous Arc Analysis
  • S. Wetzel, J. Horvath, O. Brogdon,R. Wood, G. Appleby, P. Gibbs, Improved Data Delivery and Prediction Processes to Support Low Flying SLR Supported Satellites
  • M. Davis,"" J. Seago, A. Reed, SLR observation byproducts: ISS protection
  • F. Barlier, J. Nicolas, P. Exertier, P. Bonnefond, O. Laurain, F. Pierron, J.F. Mangin and the Laser Group, Geodetic Time series at Grasse - France from a colocation experiment
  • V.D. Glotov, V.V. Mitrikas, N.N. Parchomenko, V.F. Shiriaev, Precise automatic SW for SLR-station and complex analysis of SLR data (POSTER)
  • F. Qu, T. Wang, N. Liu, Precise determination of GPS35 satellite with SLR observations (POSTER)

Target Design, Signature and Biases

  • D. Nugent, S. Wetzel,The ETS-VII Laser Retroreflector Array
  • L. Grunwaldt, R. Neubert and K. Lapushka, First Results of Laser Ranging to the CHAMP Retroreflector
  • J. Fan, F. Yang, Application of Point Spread Function on Satellite Signature Effect
  • R. Neubert,The Centre of Mass Corrections of Spherical Satellites
  • G. Bianco, M. Chersich, R. Devoti, V. Luceri and M. Selden, Measurement of LAGEOS-2 Rotation by SLR Observations
  • T.Otsubo, G.M. Appleby and P. Gibbs, Systematic Range Bias Related to GLONASS Reflector Array
  • J.F. Mangin, J.M. Torre, D. Feraudy, M. Furia, A. Journet, G. Vigouroux, C. Berger, F. Barlier and P. Exertier, GLONASS Observations at the LLR station at Grasse; Corrections Related to the Laser Signature Effect and to the Location of the Centre of Mass
  • M.Rutkowska, R. Noomen, SLR system characteristics in WESTPAC, LAGEOS-1 and LAGEOS-2 observations
  • D. Voelz, J. Sellers, S. Hanes, J. Rotge, V. Shargorodsky,V. Shevchenko, V. Vasiliev and V. A. Burmistov, US/Russian micro-satellite for calibration of active ground-based optical collectors
  • V. Shargorodsky, V. Vasiliev, N. Soyuzova, V. Burmistrov, I. Gashkin, M. Belov, T. Khorosheva, E. Nikolaev, Experimental Spherical Retroreflector on Board of Meteor-3M Satellite

Timing Devices and Calibration

  • U. Schreiber, Summary from the Colloquium on SLR-System Calibration Issues" (Invited)
  • J. McK. Luck and G. Johnston, Locat ties and verification of calibrations"
  • M. Paunonen, Calibration of a common optics, single channel satellite rangefinder at Metsahovi"
  • G. Kirchner, F. Koidl, Graz Event Timing System: ET
  • Ju. Artyukh, V. Bespal'ko, E. Boole, High Resolution Modular Time Interval Counter
  • Y. Zhao, P. Sperber, T. Wang, J. Kolbl, C. Fan, N. Liu, Test Report of Clock Distributor in Changchun and Beijing

Atmospheric correction and Multiwavelength Ranging

  • A.Prokopov and Ye. Remayev, New approach to the problem of tropospheric delay modeling in SLR (POSTER)
  • A.Prokopov and Ye. Remayev, The refraction limitations of accuracy in two-color SLR (POSTER)
  • G. Kirchner, F. Koidl, I. Prochazka, K. Hamal, SPAD on GaAsP for SLR: Calibration Ranging Results
  • S. Riepl, Experimental Verification of the MARINI-MURRAY Model by Two Colour SLR
  • J. Gaignebet, J. Hatat, J. Oneto, Last developments and results in 2-color Laser ranging at OCA/CERGA
  • H. Donovan, Reduction of the Minimum Elevation Tracking Angle to 10 Degrees For the NASA SLR Network
  • E. Pavlis, V. B. Mendes, Improved Mapping Functions for Atmospheric Refraction Corrections for LR: Preliminary Validation Results

Detectors and Filters

  • Yu. Artyukh, V. Bespalko, K. Lapushka, A. Ribakov, Digital range-bias correction at the SLR Station Riga - 1884.
  • J. Blazej, New materials for photon counting avalanche photodiodes
  • G. Kirchner, F. Koidl, Fully Compensated Start Pulse Detection
  • G. Kirchner, F. Koidl, Low Cost Laser Beam Imaging for Daylight Tracking
  • P. Gibbs, R. Wood, C-SPAD as a single-photon detector.
  • I. Prochazka, J. Blazej, K. Hamal, Thermoelectrically cooled operation of InGaAs/InP photon counters at the eye safe wavelength
  • H. Donovan, M. Levy, J. Hundertmark, J. Miller, Laboratory Verification of the SLR 2000 Quadrant Microchannel Plate Photomultiplier Tube

Technology Development

  • Y. Gao, B. Greene, Y. Wang, Laser Developments for Advanced Ranging Applications
  • R. Burris, Upgrade and Characterization of the U. S. Naval Research Laboratory Nd:YAG SLR Laser
  • M.V. Baryshnikov, A.V. Shestakov, A.A. Koltsov, Laser System for SLR with a Diode-Pumped Microlaser used as a Master Oscillator (POSTER)
  • H. Donovan, Update on Emerging United States Regulations and Standards of the Federal Aviation Administration and American National Standards Institute Regarding Laser Energy Propagated through the Atmosphere

Automation and Control Systems

  • R. Schmidt, G. Baustert, R. Koenig, H. Meixner, K.-H. Neumayer, Ch."Reigber, The Development of Automated Processing of Orbit Predictions for CHAMP
  • T. Celka, S. Schillak, Accuracy of the IRV Predictions at Borowiec SLR Station
  • U.Schreiber, S. Riepl, A. Schlicht, A. Boer, R. Dassing, The New Control System for WLRS and TIGO: Getting Started
  • J. McGarry, T. Zagwodzki, John Cheek, A. Mallama, A. Mann, M. Perry, R. Ricklefs, Automated Control Software Checkout: the SLR2000 Experience
  • J. Cotter, B. Greene, T. Williscroft, D. Cording, Next Generation Software Architecture for Autonomous Tracking Systems and Tracking Networks
  • B. Greene, C. Moore, Y. Gao, L. Dahl, Devices Supporting Laser Tracking Automation
  • J. Luck, C. Moore, B. Greene, Autonomous Laser Ranging Results from Mount Stromlo
  • W. Gurtner, Demonstration of the Zimmerwald Remote Control System

Advanced Systems and Techniques

  • S. Riepl, H. Hase, A. Boer, W. Schleuter, TIGO -- Transportable Integrated Geodetic Observatory
  • J. Degnan, An Overview of SLR2000 Engineering Progress and Potential Future Upgrades
  • P.Titterton, Selection of SLR2000 Acquisition Parameters
  • A. Mallama, The Weather Sensors for SLR2000 - Cloud animation
  • B. Greene, Next Generation SLR Systems with 1mm Calibrated Accuracy
  • V.D. Shargorodsky, V.P. Vasiliev, V.B. Burmistrov, M.V. Baryshnikov, Compact SLR-system suitable for serial production

New Applications

  • J. Degnan, A detailed analysis of an Earth-Mars laser transponder link
  • H. Kunimori, Transponder technology incorporated" for laser ranging to the" Moon-Mission status of SELENE-II
  • T. Otsubo, P. Gibbs, D. Walters and R. Wood, Determination of Lageos Spin Motion from Photometric Observation
  • U. Schreiber, How to improve SLR?
  • E. Samain, The Time Transfer by Laser Link (T2L2) experiment