9th International Workshop on Laser Ranging Instrumentation

Canberra, Australia
November 7-11, 1994

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Future Science Applications

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Target Signature and Biases

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New Mobile Stations

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New Fixed Stations

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Timing Devices and Calibration

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Lunar Laser Ranging

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Eyesafe Systems

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Data Analysis and Models

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Detectors and Spectral Filters

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Laser Technology Development

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Streak Camera Systems

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Atmospheric Sensing and Models

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System Automation and Operational Software

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Future Roles for Laser Ranging Instrumentation

  • Lambeck, K., "Future Role for Laser Ranging Instrumentation: A Personal View", p. 734

Future Technologies and Missions

  • Pearlman, M., "Future Technologies and Missions, p. 744

Workshop Summary and Resolutions

  • Pearlman, M., "Summary Session Reviews", p. 748
  • Pearlman, M., "Discussion and Resolutions", p. 761

Business Meeting

  • "Selection of Location for Next Workshop", p. 764
  • "Organizing Committee for Next Workshop, p. 764

Symposium on Western Pacific Laser Ranging Network (WPLS'94)

  • Engelkemier, B., Otsubo, T., Kunimori, H., "Sensitivity Analysis of the Keystone Network", p. 766
  • Otsubo, T., Kunimori, H., Engelkemier, B., "Ajisai Tracking Campaign "SLR Japan '94" Result", p. 779
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  • "WPLS'94 Symposium Resolutions", p. 888

Viewgraph Presentations

Future Science Applications

  • Davis, M., Murdoch, A. "The Necessity To Change Current Operational Strategies to Support the Scientific Missions Requiring SLR Data Through the Year 2000", p. 892
  • Greene, B., May, T., Luck, J., Kunimori, H., Fumin, Y,. "Simultaneous Tracking Across Multiple Laser Networks". p. 894
  • Pavlis, E., "Comparison of GPS-35 Orbits from GPS and SLR Tracking Data", p. 895
  • Schutz, B., "Applications of SLR to a Future Altimetric Satellite: GLAS", p. 906
  • Veillet, C., "Future Possibilities in Time Transfer", p. 912

Target Signatures and Biases

  • Degnan, J., "Effects of Detection Threshold and Signal Strength on LAGEOS Range Bias", p. 920
  • Degnan, J., Shargorodsky, V., Clarke, C., Davis, M., Horvath, J., Murdoch, A., "An Analysis of Data Gathered by NASA SLR During Testing of the Fizeau Effect Within the Meteor-2 Satellite Retro-Rejlectors", p. 926

New Mobile Stations

  • Pierron, F., Kasser, M., "French Highly Mobile Laser System: Technical Specifications-Status of the Project", p. 934

New Fixed Stations

  • Fugate, R., "The Starfire Optical Range", p. 948

Timing Devices and Calibration

  • Kirchner, G., Koidl, F., "Improving an HP5370A Counter", p. 972
  • Degnan, J., Veillet, C., Frideance, P., Bane, W., Clarke, C., Davis, M., Eichinger, R., Johnson, T., Levy, M., McClure, D., Varghese, T., "Current Status of Moblas-7 Tracking of Mete os at 31P2", p. 977

Eyesafe Systems

  • Greene, B., "Eyesafe Laser Ranging-A Review" (invited), p. 986
  • Donovan, H., Patterson, D., Hitch, M., "Position Controlled Radar Surveillance System", p. 987

Data Analysis and Models

  • Schutz, B., Abusali, P., Eanes, R., "Analysis of SLR Data From GPS", p. 1000
  • Eichinger, R., Davis, M., Conklin, B., Varghese, T., Levy, M., Degnan, J., Ricklefs, R., "GPS Laser Ranging and Data Analysis", p., 1006
  • Eanes, R., "Geodynamics Resultsfrom Lageos-l and Lageos-2", p. 1014
  • Varghese, T., Clarke, C., "Parametric Analysis of NASA Portable Standard Data", p. 1023
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Laser Technology Development

  • Degnan, J., Dallas, J., "The Q-Switched Microlaser: A Simple and Reliable Alternative to Modelocking", p. 1046
  • Greene, B., Gao, Y., "Eyesafe Lasersfor Laser Tracking", p. 1058
  • Hamal, K., "Raman Lasers for SLR and Eye Safe Raman Lasers for SLR", p. 1059

Streak Camera Systems

  • Varghese, T., Oldham, T., Clarke, C., Zagwodzki, T., McGarry, J., Degnan, J., "Measurement and Analysis of the Satellite Signature Using the NASA 1.2 meter Telescope Tracking Facility's Streak Camera Receiver", p. 1068
  • Schreiber, U., Riepl, S., "A Synchro Scan Streak Camera for Dualcolor Ranging", p. 1069

Atmospheric Sensing and Models

  • Zagwodzki, T., McGarry, J., Degnan, J., Abbot, A., Varghese, T., Oldham, T., Selden, M., Chabot, R., Fitzgerald, J., Grolemund, D., "Two-Colour Wavelength Ranging at NASA's 1.2 Meter Telescope Tracking Facility", p. 1076

System Automation and Operational Software

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  • Wetzel, S., Bane, W., Bouras, J., Eichinger, R., Hopke, H., McGarry, J., "MOBLAS Controller Upgrade Status", p. 1096

List of Participants, p. 1104

Presentations Not Recorded in the Proceedings

  • Alley, C. "25 Years of LLR", Invited
  • Gurtner, W., Pop, E., Schildknech,t T., Utzinger, J., Wild, U., "ZIMLAT: The New Zimmerwald Laser and Astrographic Telescope"
  • Varghese, T., Eichinger, R., Steggerda, C., Donovan, H., Degnan, J., "Transmit/Receive Electronicsfor SLR 2000"
  • Horvath, J., Husson, V., "Development of an Automated Q/C Model for NASA SLR Data"
  • Greene, B., May, T., Luck, J., Kunimori, H., "Automatic and Remote Control of SLR Systems"