3rd International Workshop on Laser Ranging Instrumentation

Lagonissi, Greece
May 23-27, 1978

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Table of Contents

Satellite Tracking Requirements

  • Pearlman, M. R., "Introductory Remarks", p. 1
  • Tatevian, S. K., "The Use of Interkosmos Laser Network for Satellite Geodesy", p. 9
  • Kovalevsky, J., "Prospects for European Programs in Space Geodynamics and Oceanography", p. 12
  • Mulholland, J. D., Calame, O., "Scientific Goals of Lunar Laser Ranging", p. 22

Operating Satellite Laser Systems

  • Aardoom, L., "Operating Satellite Ranging Systems; Introductory Remarks", p. 30
  • Gaignebet, J., "The CNES Satellite Ranging Laser Systems", p. 33
  • Gaignebet, J., "Station de Telemetrie Laser 2eme Generation", p. 36
  • Wilson, P., Nottarp K., Seeger, H., "The Short-pulse Laser Ranging System Installed in Wettzell", p. 58
  • Wilson, P., "Lunar Ranging Modifications for the Laser Ranging System in Wettzell, Fed. Rep. of Germany", p. 64
  • McGunigal, T. E., "Laser Ranging Work at the Goddard Space Flight Center - An Update", p. 66
  • Hamal, K., "Interkosmos Laser Radar Network", p. 75
  • Pearlman, M. R., Lanham, N. W., Wohn, J., Thorp, J. M., Imbier, E., Young, F. D., "The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Satellite Ranging Hardware", p. 82
  • Aardoom, D., Zeernan, F. W., "The Satellite Ranging System at Kootwijk", p. 89
  • Fischer, H., Neubert, R., "Satellite Laser Ranging Instrumentation at the Potsdam Station", p. 97
  • Johnson, W. C., Veis, G., "The Dionysos Satellite Ranging Laser, 1978", p. 103
  • Cugusi, L., "The Satellite Laser Ranging System at Cagliari Observatory", p. 110
  • Bauersima, I., Beutler, G., Gurtner, W., Kloeckler, P., Schuerer, M., "The Zimmerwald Satellite Ranging Station Technical Description", p. 115
  • Halme, S.J., Paunonen, M. V., Sharma, A.B.R., Kakkuri, J., Kalliomaki, K., "The Metsahovi Laser Ranging System", p. 119
  • Yumi, S., Kakuta, C., "Future Plan on the Laser Ranging Systems at the International Latitude Observatory of Mizusawa", p. 124
  • Aardoom, L., "Operating Satellite Ranging Systems, Concluding Summary", p. 125
  • "Reports from NASA, SAO, Wettzell, Kootwijk, Cagliari, Zimmerwald, Metsahovi, Helwan, Crimea, Dodaira", p. 127

Lunar Ranging Systems

  • Silverberg, E.G., "Lunar Ranging Systems, Remarks by the Session Chairman", p. 137
  • Calame, O., Gaignebet, J., "French Lunar Laser Ranging Station", p. 139
  • Kokurin, Yu.L., Kurbasov, V.V., Lobanov, V. F., Sukhanovsky, A. N., "Crimean Lunar Laser Ranging System", p. 143
  • Cushman, S.F., "Status of Maui Lure Observatory", p. 146
  • Silverberg, E. C., "McDonald Observatory Station Report", p. 148
  • Kozai, Y., Tsuchiya, A.,"Laser Ranging System at the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory", p. 150
  • Wilson, P., "Lunar Ranging Modifications for the Laser Ranging System in Wettzell, Fed.Rep. of Germany", p. 154
  • Greene, B. A., "Station Description Orroral, Australia Operated by the Division of National Mapping", p. 156

Calibration and System Errors

  • Mangin, J. F., Gaignebet, J., "A Start-Pulse Centroid Detector", p. 162
  • Bize, D., Duchene, B., Gaignebet, J., "Laser Wavefront Distortion Measurements", p. 166
  • Wilson, P., Nottarp, K. "The Calibration Procedures for use in Wettzell", p. 169
  • Bufton, J. L., "Review of Atmospheric Correction for Laser Ranging Data", p. 174
  • Pearlman, M. R., Lanham, N.W., "SAO Calibration and System Accuracy", p. 179
  • Kokurin, Yu. L., Kurbasov, V. V., Lobanov, V.F., Sukhanovsky, A.N., "Calibration and Errors", p. 183
  • Zeeman, F. W., "Calibration Procedure at Kootwijk", p. 188
  • Billiris, H., Tsolakis, N., "Calibration of a Pulse Laser Ranging System", p. 191
  • Hamal, K., "Calibration of the Interkosmos Laser Radar No 12", p. 198

Station Timing

  • Silverberg, E. C., "Comments on the Feedback Calibration Method", p. 201
  • Imbier, K., Lanhman, N. W., Pearlman, M. R., "SAO Network Timing", p. 202
  • Nottarp, K., Wilson, P., "Epoch Timing - A Review", p. 204
  • Nottarp, K., Wilson, P., "Epoch Timing for the Station Wettzell, Fed. Rep. of Germany", p. 206

Special Topics in Hardware

  • Gaignebet, J., Sinet, C., "TV Guiding for Satellite and Lunar Ranging", p. 208
  • Ramsden, S.A., "Session 6A Special Topics in Hardware (Mainly Lasers) Introductory Remarks", p. 211
  • Dewhurst, R. J., Jacoby, D., Ramsden, S. A., "High Energy Picosecond Pulses from a Low-Mirror Unstable Nd~ YAG Laser", p. 214
  • Gaignebet, J., New Developments on Laser Transmitters for the GRGS/CERGA Satellite and Lunar Ranging Systems", p. 220
  • Hamal, K., Jelinkova, H., "Compact Satellite Ranging Laser Subsystem", p. 225
  • Kokurin, Yu. L., Kurbasov, V. V., Lobanov, V. F., Sukhanovsky, A. N. "Efficiency of the Ruby Telescopic Amplifier", p. 228
  • Hamal, K., Vrbova, M., " Quantum Limited 4 nsec Laser Ranging Accuracy", p. 232
  • Paunonen, M. V., "A Fast Laser Triggered Spark Gap Driven Electrooptical Shutter System", p. 235
  • Bret, G. G., "Laser for Satellite Ranging at Quantel", p. 239
  • Johnson, T. S., Degnan J. J., McGunigal, T. E., "200 Picosecond Laser Development Status Report", p. 248
  • Hamal, K., "Figure of Merit of a Laser for Radar Applications", p. 252

Laser Safety

  • Nouel, F., "Laser Safety", p. 254
  • Thorp, J. M., Pearlman, M. R., "Laser Safety at the SAO Stations", p. 257
  • Visser, H., Zeeman, F. W., "Laser Safety at the Kootwijk Observatory", p. 258
  • McGunigal, T. E., Hebris, J., "The Use of the Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System (ATCRBS) for Laser Ground Station Range Safety", p. 262
  • Hatat, J. L., "The Satellite Laser Ranging Station at San Fernando, Spain", p. 272

Ranging Software and Data Preprocessing

  • Wilson, P., "Software in the Service of Laser Ranging Measurement. Process Introductory Remarks", p. 284
  • Thorp, J. M., Latimer, J., Campbell, I. G., Pearlman, M. R., "SAO Ranging Software and Data Preprocessing", p. 286
  • Novotny, A., "A Desk Top Calculator Control System for Laser Ranging", p. 291
  • Greene, B. A., "Software for Laser Ranging at Orroral", p. 294
  • Nouel, F., Brossier, C., "Software and Data Preprocessing", p. 298
  • Vermaat, K., "Laser Data Preprocessing at the Kootwijk Observatory", p. 301
  • Carpenter, L., "Goddard Laser Tracking Data", p. 306
  • Sinclair, A.T., "Software Requirements for Proposed UK Satellite Laser Ranging System", p. 318
  • Shelus, P. J., Ricklefs, R. L., "System Software for Lunar Ranging at McDonald Observatory", p.321
  • Schutz, B. E., "Laser Pointing Predictions from On-Site Analysis", p. 325

Future Systems/New Concepts

  • Gaignebet, J., "Preliminaires en Vue d'une Telemetrie Spatiale par Laser 'Modes Bloques' ", p. 328
  • Silverberg, E. C., Schutz, B., Wilson, P., Malewich, I. A., "A Proposal for a Very Compact Laser Station for Operational Geodesy", p. 333