SLReport is a mail exploder to distribute regular mission related reports (e.g., campaign status reports, weekly LAGEOS reports, etc.). Each report will be automatically numbered sequentially for easy reference and archiving (SLReport archive at EDC, CDDIS and SLReport Index). SLReport was modeled after the IGSReport Mail Service and was proposed by Werner Gurtner to the SLR community at the spring 1995 EUROLAS meeting in Munich.

The rules to use this mail service are as follows:

  • Mail your report to slr-report.dgfi @ tum.de . The message is automatically distributed to all addresses in the SLReport distribution list.
  • The first non-blank line in the mail message body has to be an "Author line", i.e. it has to start with the text "Author:". Note: The exploder is case sensitive (i.e., "AUTHOR:" and "author:" will not be accepted as a valid message.
  • The subject field in the mail header has to be non-blank. It will automatically be inserted into the message body right after the author line.
  • Do not send file attachments only ascii messages and please do not reply.
  • Mails not conforming to these rules are not distributed, the mail administrator may reply with a corresponding message.
  • Allow for up to an hour for the automatic redistribution of the message.
  • Each mail message will be preceded by a numbered header, thus each distributed mail can later be referenced using the automatically assigned mail number (SLReport Index).
  • To subscribe or unsubscribe from this mail service or to change the address please send a email to the EDC (edc.dgfi @ tum.de).

The SLReport distribution list and the SLRMail distribution list are very different, so please be aware of these differences.

For more information about SLRMail and SLReport read SLRMail 0001.