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Mission Photos:

Sentinel-3 satellite
Courtesy of ESA

Mission Objectives:

The main objective of the Sentinel-3 mission is to measure sea surface topography; sea and land surface temperatures; and ocean and land surface color with high accuracy and reliability to support ocean forecasting systems, environmental, and climate monitoring.

The objective of the Laser Retro-Reflector (LRR) is to permit ground-based laser ranging of the Sentinel-3 satellites. These measurements will be used for calibration of the on-board navigation system and of the Radar Altimeter measurements as well as for the S-3 POD processing. SLR tracking of Sentinel-3A is restricted to a subset of the ILRS network.

Mission Instrumentation:

The mission's primary instruments are optical instruments (OLCI, SLSTR); and the Altimeter system composed of a SAR radar altimeter, a microwave radiometer, and a Precise Orbit Determination (POD) package composed of a GNSS, a DORIS and LRR.

Mission Parameters:
Satellite: Sentinel-3A Sentinel-3B
Expected Life: 7.25 years 7.25 years
Primary Applications: Marine Observation Marine Observation
Primary SLR Applications: Calibration of instruments, orbit determination Calibration of instruments, orbit determination
COSPAR ID: 1601101 1803901
SIC Code: 8010 8011
Satellite Catalog (NORAD) Number: 41335 43437
Launch Date: February 16, 2016 April 25, 2018
NP Bin Size: 15 seconds 15 seconds
RRA Shape: spherical spherical
Cube Diameter:    
Reflectors: 7 corner cubes 7 corner cubes
Inclination: 98.65 degrees 98.65 degrees
Eccentricity: approximately 0 approximately 0
Altitude: 814.5 km 814.5 km
Weight: 1150 kg (+100kg fuel at launch) 1150 kg (+100kg fuel at launch)

Additional Information: