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Mission Images:

PAZ satellite
Image courtesy of HISDESAT
Mission Objectives:

The objectives of the PAZ mission are to provide:

  • SAR (Synthetic Apeture Radar) images for dual use
  • Radio Occultation data suitable to be ingested into numerical weather prediction models (NWP) in near-real time, to contribute to reducing the forecast error
  • A SAR data fusion capability for maritime surveillance from space with AIS data services

Laser ranging will help in the calibration of the on-board microwave Precise Orbit Determination system (IGOR GPS receiver).

Mission Parameters:
Expected Life: 5.5 years
Primary Applications: Aid in weather prediction
COSPAR ID: 1802001
SIC Code: 2501
NORAD SSC Code: 43215
Launch Date: Feb. 22, 2018
RRA Size:  
RRA Shape: Hemispherical/Pyramid
Reflectors: 4
Size of Reflector: 39 mm diameter, 47.41 mm height
Orbital period: 94.85 minutes
Inclination: 97.44 degrees
Altitude: 514km
Eccentricity: 0


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