Missions Working Group Meeting, Canberra, 2006

15th International Workshop on Laser Ranging
NCA Exec Room
Canberra, Australia

Tuesday, October 17, 2006,


Mission Priority review and future
Past/present campaign results and lessons
Future mission pick up and issues, if any

Currently I have requested reports by JAXA Japan regarding the Japanese past/present/future missions, namely, ALOS, OICETS and VSOP2, to discuss in subject A, B, and C above.

Also please note in the General Assembly of the ILRS, there is an agenda item to pick up several missions as below, however, any issues to discuss closely before the GA should go to the Mission WG.

  • ALOS
  • Galileo/GIOVE-A
  • ICESat
  • LRO
  • T2L2

Any other mission or general issues to discuss, please let us know. We need each mission agency or mission contacts person to attend and bring information to the working group.

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