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Mission Photos:


Mission Objectives:

The Satellite Surveying and Mapping Application Center (SBSM) ZY-3 satellite, will provide stereo and multispectral imagery for topographic mapping, remote sensing and environmental applications.

SLR tracking data will be used for precise orbit determination.

Mission Instrumentation:

ZY-3 satellite will have the following positioning instrumentation onboard:

  • GPS
  • Retroreflector array
Mission Parameters:
Satellite: ZY-3
Sponsor: SBSM China
Expected Life: 10 years
Primary Applications: Remote sensing applications
Primary SLR Applications: Precise orbit determination
COSPAR ID: 1200101
SIC Code: 2202
Satellite Catalog (NORAD) Number: 38046
Launch Date: Jan-09-2012
NP Bin Size: 15 seconds
RRA Shape: Hemisphere
Cube Diameter:
Reflectors: 9 corner cubes
Inclination: 97.421 degrees
Eccentricity: 0
Altitude: 505 km
Orbital period: 96 minutes

Additional Information:

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