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Mission Photos:

OICETS in orbit
Courtesy of JAXA

Mission Objectives:

The JAXA Optical Inter-orbit Communications Engineering Test Satellite (OICETS) is a demonstration of the optical communications with the ESA geostationary Advanced Relay and Technology MISsion (ARTEMIS).  The experiment will verify important technology for large volume optical communications between satellites, a crucial capability for future space activities, including global-scale data acquisition from Earth observation satellites and stable communications for manned space missions.  Optical communications provides wider bandwidth than radio frequencies and lighter on-board equipment.  The experiment will include acquisition, tracking, and pointing technologies with ARTEMIS, and study the effects of micro-vibrations of the satellites on the communications link. SLR will provide the primary POD for OICETS.

Mission Instrumentation:

The major experiment items considered for OICETS are:

  • experiments for evaluating on-board equipments capabilities under space environment
  • experiments for evaluating acquisition and tracking mechanism using stars and planets
  • inter-orbit optical communications experiments
  • measurement of micro vibration of satellite to evaluate the effect to communication link
  • precise orbit determination experiments only by laser ranging (Japanese stations plus the ILRS network)
  • by operating inter-satellite optical communication equipment on the ground, tracking performance is confirmed; data of the atmosphere fluctuation for low orbit satellite at communication wavelength are acquired (NICT)
Mission Parameters:
Sponsor: JAXA
Expected Life: 1 year
Primary Applications: optical communications
Primary SLR Applications: precision orbit determination
COSPAR ID: 0503101
SIC Code: 1578
Satellite Catalog (NORAD) Number: 28809
Launch Date: August 23, 2005
NP Bin Size: 5 seconds
RRA Diameter: 16 cm
RRA Shape: annulus
Reflectors: 6 corner cubes
Orbit: polar
Inclination: 97.83 degrees
Eccentricity: 0
Altitude: ~610 km
Weight: ~550 kg

Additional Information: