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LARES - LAser RElativity Satellite

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Mission Photos:
LARES satellite

LARES satellite

LARES-2 satellite

LARES-2 satellite

Courtesy of ASI

Mission Objectives:

LARES and LARES-2 will achieve important measurements in gravitational physics, General Relativity, space geodesy and geodynamics, in particular, together with the LAGEOS-1 and LAGEOS-2 satellites and with the GRACE models, it will provide a very accurate determination of the Earth gravitomagnetic field and of the Lense-Thirring effect.

Mission Instrumentation:

The LARES satellite is covered with 92 uncoated cube corner reflectors made from Suprasil 311. Each cube measures: height=27.889 mm, diameter=38.10 mm.

The LARES-2 satellite is covered with 303 uncoated cube corner reflectors made from Fused silica Corning 7980. Each cube measures: height=19.05 +/- 0.25 mm, diameter=25.4 mm.

Mission Parameters:
Satellite LARES LARES-2
Sponsor: ASI/ESA ASI
Expected Life: Many decades Many decades
Primary Applications: Relativity Relativity
COSPAR ID: 1200601  
SIC Code: 5987 5988
Satellite Catalog (NORAD) Number: 38077  
Launch Date: 13-Feb-2012 2020-Jun
Satellite Radius: 182 mm 212 mm
RRA Shape: Sphere Sphere
Reflectors: 92 corner cubes 303 corner cubes
Size of Reflector: 38.10 mm diameter 25.4 mm diameter
Orbit: circular circular
Inclination: 69.5 degrees 70.16 degrees
Altitude: 1450 km 5899 km
Eccentricity: 0.0 between 0 and 0.0025
Weight: 386.8 kg  
Additional Information: