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Mission Photos:

GEO-IK-2 Satellite
The circa 2015 depiction of the Geo-IK-2 (Musson-2; 14F31) satellite in deployed position in orbit. Credit: ISS Reshetnev

The Geo-IK-2 satellite is a follow-on geodesy mission to the GEO-IK series. It has the following instruments:

  • SADKO radar altimeter
  • Laser retro reflectors
  • GLONASS and GPS receiver
Mission Objectives:
  • construction of high-precision geodetic network in the geocentric coordinate system (reference frame);
  • determination of the Earth's gravitational field parameters
  • determination of continental plates movements;
  • determination of the earth tide;
  • determination of changes in the Earth's rotation speed and pole coordinates, solution of a number of applied problems that require the operative determination of the coordinates of ground stations, including:
    • creation of regional geodetic networks;
    • remote sensing of the Earth;
    • the definition of the marine geoid;
    • ice monitoring.

Satellite laser ranging will be used for Precise Orbit Determination (POD).

Geo-IK-2 Mission Parameters:
Satellite Geo-IK-2
Sponsor: JSC ARADEMISIAN M.F. RESHETNEV Information Satellite Systems (JSC ISS)
Expected Life: 1 year
Primary Applications: Construction of high-precision geodetic network; Earth remote sensing
Primary SLR Application: Precision orbit determination
Launch Date: June 4, 2016
COSPAR ID: 1603401
SIC: 5561
NORAD: 41579
NP Bin Size: 30
RRA Diameter:  
RRA Shape: Two-cone
Inclination: 99.47 degrees
Eccentricity: 0.001 degrees
Perigee: 958.5±15 km
Period: 6216.5 sec
Additional Information:

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