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The Agenzia Spaziale Italiana (ASI) and the Centro di Geodesia Spaziale (CGS) hosted the 12th International Workshop on Laser Ranging November 13-17, 2000 at the ex Convento dell'Annunziata in Matera Italy. Various ILRS-related meetings were held in conjunction with the workshop, including 5th ILRS General Assembly. The original workshop Web site hosted at ASI is no longer available.

The workshop proceedings are sorted by session:

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Overviews of Space Geodetic Technologies (invited papers only) (F. Sansò)

F. Sansò, Geodesy: a frame for other geosciences and surveying techniques No Paper Icon
C. Boucher, The ITRF; concepts, realisation and perspectives No Paper Icon
W. Gurtner, R. Neilan, The international GPS service; organization, products and projects No Paper Icon
P. Tomasi, The geodetic VLBI; role and contribution to geodetic frames No Paper Icon
C. Reigber, B. Tapley, A New Class of Satellites for Earth System Sciences: CHAMP and GRACE No Paper Icon

Scientific Achievements, Applications and Future Requirements in Space Geodesy (M. Pearlman)

D. Smith, M. Zuber, and the MOLA Science Team, Mapping Mars Topography with Laser Altimetry No Paper Icon
M. Zuber, D. Smith , A. Cheng, J. Garvin and the NLR Science Team, Determining the Gravity, Topography, and Dynamics of Asteroid 433 Eros with Laser Altimetry No Paper Icon
M. Cheng and B. Tapley, Time-varying Earth’s gravity field from analysis of SLR data Presentation Icon
R. Noomen, M.C. Naeije, M. Rutkowska, R. Scharroo, B. Vermeersen and P.N.A.M. Visser, SLR analysis at DEOS: an overview Presentation Icon
R. Sabadini, G. DiDonato, L.L.A. Vermeersen, R. Devoti, V. Luceri, G. Bianco, Detection of the time dependent gravity field and Global Change Presentation Icon
P. Exertier, J. Nicolas, F. Barlier, SLR: A point of view on scientific achievements and future requirements Presentation Icon
P. Dunn, M. Torrence, R. Kolenkiewicz and D. Smith, SLR measurements of vertical motion Presentation Icon
R. Eanes, Station position time series from SLR+DORIS No Paper Icon
R. Eanes, Corrections to the Marini-Murray refraction model that affect the scale of the SLR station solutions and GM No Paper Icon
P.J. Shelus, J.G. Ries, J.G. Williams, J.O. Dickey, A Summary of LLR Activity and Science Results Presentation Icon
Zip archive of all files from Scientific Achievements, Applications and Future Requirements in Space Geodesy session Paper Zip Icon
1.6 Mb

Data Analysis and Models (R. Devoti)

V. Husson, In Search of the 'BEST' SLR Coordinates Presentation Icon
E. Pavlis, The JCET/GSFC SLR-based TRF Contribution to ITRF2000 No Paper Icon
S. Schillak, Determination of the Borowiec SLR Coordinates Presentation Icon
M. Kuzmicz-Cieslak, S. Schillak, E. Wnuk, Stability of Coordinates of the SLR Stations on a Basis of Satellite Laser Ranging Presentation Icon
N.P. Zelensky, D.D. Rowlands, F.G. Lemoine, D.S. Chinn, S. B. Luthcke, G.C. Marr, Precise Orbit Determination for the GEOSAT Follow-On Spacecraft Presentation Icon
G. Appleby and T. Otsubo, Comparisons of SLR Observations and Orbits with GLONASS and GPS Microwave Orbits Presentation Icon
J. Hu, H. Cheng, F. Chugang, Study on Systematic Error between Two Polar Motion Series No Paper Icon
Zip archive of all files fromData Analysis and Models session Paper Zip Icon2.0 Mb

Lunar Laser Ranging (P. Shelus)

J.F.Mangin, J. Chapront and teams, New Improvements in the Reduction of LLR Observations, News of the LLR Grasse with a particular night of Full Moon Presentation Icon
T. Murphy, The Apache Point Observatory Lunar Laser-ranging Operation (APOLLO) Presentation Icon
R. Ricklefs, New Data Formats to Accommodate Possible Laser/Optical Transponder Measurements to the Moon and Beyond Presentation Icon
Zip archive of all files fromLunar Laser Ranging session Paper Zip Icon0.5 Mb

New or Upgraded Stations (H. Kunimori)

M. Vilcheck, A. Peltzer, A. Reed,Overview of the Naval Research Laboratory SLR Facility No Paper Icon
R. Neubert, L. Grunwaldt, H. Fischer,The new SLR Station of GFZ Potsdam: A Status Report Presentation Icon
G. Bianco, M. Selden, T. Oldham, M. Bieneman, D. McClure, R. Sala, C. Steggerda, R. Stringfellow, M. Heinick, C. Clarke, J. Hundertmark, Overview of the MLRO Project (History and Status) Presentation Icon
F. Pierron , J. Nicolas, E. Samain and F. Barlier, Centimeter accuracy for the French Transportable Laser Ranging Station through sub-system controls Presentation Icon
C. Foreman, B. Lindsey, D. O'Gara, Modernization of the Satellite Laser Ranging Observatory at Haleakala, Maui Presentation Icon
D. Carter, The NASA Satellite Laser Ranging Network: Recent accomplishments and Future Plans Presentation Icon
H. Kunimori, T. Otsubo, F. Katsuo, J. Amagai, H. Kiuchi and T. Yoshino,The status of KEYSTONE SLR stations No Paper Icon
F. Yang, W. Chen, Z. Zhang, J, Chen, Progress of Shanghai SLR Station during 1999-2000 Presentation Icon
H. Donovan, M. Perry, D. Patterson, Features of the SLR 2000 Facility: Climate Control, Dome Movement Control and System Security Presentation Icon
T. Guo et al., New Wuhan (TROS) station in Beijing China No Paper Icon
M. Tawadros, Y. Helali, K. Hamal, M. Cech, H. Jelinkova, A. Novotny, I. Prochazka, Helwan Satellite Laser Station Upgrade in 1999-2000 Presentation Icon
A. Al-Ghamdi, Status of re-commissioning SALRO Presentation Icon
A. Banni, F. Buffa, L. Mureddu, Updating at Cagliari Station No Paper Icon
Zip archive of all files fromNew or Upgraded Stations session Paper Zip Icon4.9 Mb

Station Performance Evaluation/Quality Control (V. Luceri)

C. Feng, F. Yang, Y. Zhu, LAGEOS-1 & LAGEOS-2 Quicklook Residual Analysis Presentation Icon
V. Husson, J. Horvath, M. Veasey, O. Brogdon, P. Stevens, T. Mann, D. Yoest, S. Wetzel, Generic Normal Point Version 2.4 Benchmark Results No Paper Icon
T. Otsubo, New Approach to Quality Check: Multiple Satellite and Intensity Dependence Presentation Icon
Y. Xiong, W. Wang, C. Jiang, X. Zheng, M. He, Y. Zhang, H. Feng, Performance of the Kunming SLR Station Presentation Icon
P. Gibbs, D. Benham, R. Sherwood, P. Standen, D. Walters, R. Wood, An overview of quality control at the Herstmonceux SLR station Presentation Icon
G.Bianco, R.Devoti, R.Lanotte, V.Luceri, M.Selden, Preliminary assessment of the MLRO observational capabilites Presentation Icon
S. Wetzel, V. Husson, O. Brogdon, Automated Data Format and Integrity Q/C of the Global SLR Data Set No Paper Icon
V. Husson, P. Stevens, G. Appleby, System Performance Assessment from NERC Simultaneous Arc Analysis Presentation Icon
S. Wetzel, J. Horvath, O. Brogdon,R. Wood, G. Appleby, P. Gibbs, Improved Data Delivery and Prediction Processes to Support Low Flying SLR Supported Satellites No Paper Icon
M. Davis, J. Seago, A. Reed, SLR observation byproducts: ISS protection No Paper Icon
F. Barlier, J. Nicolas, P. Exertier, P. Bonnefond, O. Laurain, F. Pierron, J.F. Mangin and the Laser Group, Geodetic Time series at Grasse - France from a colocation experiment Presentation Icon
V.D. Glotov, V.V. Mitrikas, N.N. Parchomenko, V.F. Shiriaev, Precise automatic SW for SLR-station and complex analysis of SLR data (POSTER) Presentation Icon
F. Qu, T. Wang, N. Liu, Precise determination of GPS35 satellite with SLR observations (POSTER) No Paper Icon
Zip archive of all files fromStation Performance Evaluation/Quality Control session Paper Zip Icon2.6 Mb

Target Design, Signature and Biases (G. Appleby and V. Vassiliev)

D. Nugent, S. Wetzel,The ETS-VIII Laser Retroreflector Array Presentation Icon
L. Grunwaldt, R. Neubert and K. Lapushka, First Results of Laser Ranging to the CHAMP Retroreflector Presentation Icon
J. Fan, F. Yang, Application of Point Spread Function on Satellite Signature Effect Presentation Icon
R. Neubert,The Centre of Mass Corrections of Spherical Satellites Presentation Icon
G. Bianco, M. Chersich, R. Devoti, V. Luceri and M. Selden, Measurement of LAGEOS-2 Rotation by SLR Observations Presentation Icon
T. Otsubo, G.M. Appleby and P. Gibbs, Systematic Range Bias Related to GLONASS Reflector Array Presentation Icon
J.F. Mangin, J.M. Torre, D. Feraudy, M. Furia, A. Journet, G. Vigouroux, C. Berger, F. Barlier and P. Exertier, GLONASS Observations at the LLR station at Grasse; Corrections Related to the Laser Signature Effect and to the Location of the Centre of Mass Presentation Icon
M.Rutkowska, R. Noomen, SLR system characteristics in WESTPAC, LAGEOS-1 and LAGEOS-2 observations Presentation Icon
D. Voelz, J. Sellers, S. Hanes, J. Rotge, V. Shargorodsky,V. Shevchenko, V. Vasiliev and V. A. Burmistov, US/Russian micro-satellite for calibration of active ground-based optical collectors Presentation Icon
V. Shargorodsky, V. Vasiliev, N. Soyuzova, V. Burmistrov, I. Gashkin, M. Belov, T. Khorosheva, E. Nikolaev, Experimental Spherical Retroreflector on Board of Meteor-3M Satellite Presentation Icon
Zip archive of all files fromTarget Design, Signature and Biases session Paper Zip Icon4.7 Mb

Timing Devices and Calibration (P. Sperber, J. Luck)

U. Schreiber, Summary from the Colloquium on SLR-System Calibration Issues (Invited) No Paper Icon
J. McK. Luck and G. Johnston, Locat ties and verification of calibrations No Paper Icon
M. Paunonen, Calibration of a common optics, single channel satellite rangefinder at Metsahovi No Paper Icon
G. Kirchner, F. Koidl, Graz Event Timing System: ET Presentation Icon
Ju. Artyukh, V. Bespal'ko, E. Boole, High Resolution Modular Time Interval Counter Presentation Icon
Y. Zhao, P. Sperber, T. Wang, J. Kolbl, C. Fan, N. Liu, Test Report of Clock Distributor in Changchun and Beijing Presentation Icon
Zip archive of all files fromTiming Devices and Calibration session Paper Zip Icon1.2 Mb
Atmospheric correction and Multiwavelength Ranging (G. Kirchner)
A. Prokopov and Ye. Remayev, New approach to the problem of tropospheric delay modeling in SLR (POSTER) Presentation Icon
A. Prokopov and Ye. Remayev, The refraction limitations of accuracy in two-color SLR (POSTER) Presentation Icon
G. Kirchner, F. Koidl, I. Prochazka, K. Hamal, SPAD on GaAsP for SLR: Calibration Ranging Results Presentation Icon
S. Riepl, Experimental Verification of the MARINI-MURRAY Model by Two Colour SLR Presentation Icon
J. Gaignebet, J. Hatat, J. Oneto, Last developments and results in 2-color Laser ranging at OCA/CERGA Presentation Icon
H. Donovan, Reduction of the Minimum Elevation Tracking Angle to 10 Degrees For the NASA SLR Network Presentation Icon
E. Pavlis, V. B. Mendes, Improved Mapping Functions for Atmospheric Refraction Corrections for LR: Preliminary Validation Results No Paper Icon
Zip archive of all files fromAtmospheric correction and Multiwavelength Ranging session Paper Zip Icon2.6 Mb

Detectors and Filters (I. Prochazka)

Yu. Artyukh, V. Bespalko, K. Lapushka, A. Ribakov, Digital range-bias correction at the SLR Station Riga - 1884 Presentation Icon
J. Blazej, New materials for photon counting avalanche photodiodes Presentation Icon
G. Kirchner, F. Koidl, Fully Compensated Start Pulse Detection Presentation Icon
G. Kirchner, F. Koidl, Low Cost Laser Beam Imaging for Daylight Tracking Presentation Icon
P. Gibbs, R. Wood, C-SPAD as a single-photon detector Presentation Icon
I. Prochazka, J. Blazej, K. Hamal, Thermoelectrically cooled operation of InGaAs/InP photon counters at the eye safe wavelength Presentation Icon
H. Donovan, M. Levy, J. Hundertmark, J. Miller, Laboratory Verification of the SLR 2000 Quadrant Microchannel Plate Photomultiplier Tube Presentation Icon
Zip archive of all files fromDetectors and Filters session Paper Zip Icon2.4 Mb
Technology Development (Y. FuMin)
Y. Gao, B. Greene, Y. Wang, Laser Developments for Advanced Ranging Applications No Paper Icon
R. Burris, Upgrade and Characterization of the U. S. Naval Research Laboratory Nd:YAG SLR Laser Presentation Icon
M.V. Baryshnikov, A.V. Shestakov, A.A. Koltsov, Laser System for SLR with a Diode-Pumped Microlaser used as a Master Oscillator (POSTER) Presentation Icon
H. Donovan, Update on Emerging United States Regulations and Standards of the Federal Aviation Administration and American National Standards Institute Regarding Laser Energy Propagated through the Atmosphere Presentation Icon
Zip archive of all files fromTechnology Development session Paper Zip Icon0.9 Mb

Automation and Control Systems (J. McGarry, W. Gurtner)

R. Schmidt, G. Baustert, R. König, H. Meixner, K.-H. Neumayer, Ch. Reigber, The Development of Automated Processing of Orbit Predictions for CHAMP Presentation Icon
T. Celka, S. Schillak, Accuracy of the IRV Predictions at Borowiec SLR Station Presentation Icon
U. Schreiber, S. Riepl, A. Schlicht, A. Boer, R. Dassing, The New Control System for WLRS and TIGO: Getting Started Presentation Icon
J. McGarry, T. Zagwodzki, John Cheek, A. Mallama, A. Mann, M. Perry, R. Ricklefs, Automated Control Software Checkout: the SLR2000 Experience Presentation Icon
J. Cotter, B. Greene, T. Williscroft, D. Cording, Next Generation Software Architecture for Autonomous Tracking Systems and Tracking Networks No Paper Icon
B. Greene, C. Moore, Y. Gao, L. Dahl, Devices Supporting Laser Tracking Automation No Paper Icon
J. Luck, C. Moore, B. Greene, Autonomous Laser Ranging Results from Mount Stromlo Presentation Icon
W. Gurtner, Demonstration of the Zimmerwald Remote Control System No Paper Icon
Zip archive of all files fromAutomation and Control Systems session Paper Zip Icon2.2 Mb
Advanced Systems and Techniques (J. Degnan)
S. Riepl, H. Hase, A. Böer, W. Schlüter, TIGO -- Transportable Integrated Geodetic Observatory Presentation Icon
J. Degnan, An Overview of SLR2000 Engineering Progress and Potential Future Upgrades Presentation Icon
P. Titterton, Selection of SLR2000 Acquisition Parameters Presentation Icon
A. Mallama, The Weather Sensors for SLR2000 (Cloud animation) Presentation Icon
B. Greene, Next Generation SLR Systems with 1mm Calibrated Accuracy No Paper Icon
V.D. Shargorodsky, V.P. Vasiliev, V.B. Burmistrov, M.V. Baryshnikov, Compact SLR-system suitable for serial production Presentation Icon
Zip archive of all files fromAdvanced Systems and Techniques session Paper Zip Icon4.4 Mb
New Applications (U. Schreiber)
J. Degnan, A detailed analysis of an Earth-Mars laser transponder link Presentation Icon
H. Kunimori, Transponder technology incorporated for laser ranging to the Moon-Mission status of SELENE-II No Paper Icon
T. Otsubo, P. Gibbs, D. Walters and R. Wood, Determination of Lageos Spin Motion from Photometric Observation Presentation Icon
U. Schreiber, How to improve SLR? No Paper Icon
E. Samain, The Time Transfer by Laser Link (T2L2) experiment No Paper Icon
Zip archive of all files from New Applications session Paper Zip Icon0.5 Mb
Workshop Summary/Resolutions/End of Workshop (G. Bianco)
G. Bianco, Workshop Resolutions Presentation Icon

Totals: 104 papers
Zip archive of all files fromall session Paper Zip Icon30.4 Mb


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