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13th International Laser Ranging Workshop
"Toward Millimeter Accuracy"

System Calibration (I. Prochazka and U. Schreiber)
Session Summary

Title Primary Author
Use of free surface of liquids in interferometric methods: application to split corner cubes Jean-Louis Oneto
Portable Calibration Standard Mission Review Karel Hamal
Portable Calibration Standard Capabilities Ivan Prochazka
High accuracy short range laser rangefinder for system calibration and installation Peter Sperber
An experimental common detector, coaxial Cassegrain laser telescope and its calibration Matti Paunonen
Local Surveys at Goddard Jim Long
Local Survey Relationships to System Calibration and Bias Identification Paul Stevens
  • A total of seven papers were presented during the session.
  • Subjects discussed:
    • Arc seconds accuracy adjustment technique for the split corner cube was presented by J.L. Oneto.
    • The system calibration capabilities and field operation results of the Portable Calibration Standard have been presented by the Prague group,
    • P. Sperber described the concept and construction of the novel and compact laser rangefinder for sub-millimeter ranging up to 100 meter distances.
    • M. Paunonen presented the new optical scheme for SLR system calibration setup using the 1 m aperture Riga mount and optics.
    • J. Long and P. Stevens described the local surveys and its relationship to the system calibration and bias identification at Goddard.
  • The general trend toward the millimeter ranging accuracy has dominated the entire session.
  • The best SLR systems provide millimeter precision, sub-millimeter stability and millimeter data sets consistency ranging to ground targets.


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