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The Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie (BKG) hosted the 11th International Workshop on Laser Ranging September 21-25, 1998 in the Bavarian town of Deggendorf Germany. Various ILRS-related meetings were held in conjunction with the workshop, including 1st ILRS General Assembly. The original workshop Web site hosted at BKG is no longer available (photos in the banner are courtesy of BKG).

The workshop proceedings are sorted by session:

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Session 1: Space Geodetic Technologies (invited papers) (G. Beutler)

Paper Icon J. Kouba, G. Beutler, R. Neilan: Coordination of International GPS Service (IGS) Analysis
blank R. Biancale, G. Tavernier: The DORIS System
blank F. Flechtner, K. Enninghorst, J.C. Raimondo: The Performance of PRARE On ERS-2 and the Use of SLR Data For PRARE Range Calibration and Coordinate
blank J. Campbell, Axel Nothnagel: On the Synergism of VLBI and SLR/LLR
Paper Icon P. Dunn, M. Torrence, D. Smith, R. Kolenkiewicz: The Relationship of Laser Ranging to Other Space Techniques
Paper Zip Icon0.5 Mb Zip archive of all files fromSpace Geodetic Technologies session
Session 2: Scientific Achievements, Applications, and Future Requirements in Space Geodesy (P. Wilson, S. Klosko)
Paper Icon R. Devoti, V. Luceri, P. Rutigliano, C. Sciarretta, G. Bianco: Secular Drifts of Low Degree Zonals Obtained from SLR Geodetic Satellites
blank R. Eanes: Time Dependent Gravity Effects
Paper Icon S. Klosko: SLR Contributions to Determining the Gravitational Field and its Variations
Paper Icon P. Schwintzer, R. Koenig, Ch. Reigber, L. Grunwaldt, R. Neubert: CHAMP Mission Characteristics and Benefits from SLR
Paper Icon M. Torrence: Realization of the EGM96 Reference Frame
blank E. Pavlis: Realization of the EGM96 Reference Frame Italian US Laser Mission
Paper Icon A. Novotny: Human Factor As Important Phenomenon of Global SLR Network
Paper Zip Icon1.5 Mb Zip archive of all files from Scientific Achievements, Applications, and Future Requirements session
Session 3: Data Analysis and Models (P. Dunn, R. Noomen)
blank W.R. Dick, M. Mareyen, M. Meinig, K. Oppitz, B. Richter: The Consistency of the Global SLR Network
Paper Icon V .Glotov, V. Metrikas, S .Revnivykh, N. Parkhomenko: Analysis of the Westpac Satellite Orbital Parameters and Measurement Accuracy
Paper Icon R. Hujsak, G.C. Gilbreath: GPS Sequential Orbit Determination Using Sparse SLR Data
blank R. Koenig, Z. Chen, P. Schwintzer, Ch. Reigber, R. Biancale: The Contribution of GFZ-1, Diademe-1c, and Diademe-1d SLR Data to Gravity Field Recovery
blank T. Otsubo, Y. Koyama: Global Coordinates of Keystone Stations Derived from SLR and VLBI Observation
Paper Icon J. Ries, P. Shelus: Another Approach to Lunar Data Analysis: The Application of Bayesian Statistics
blank M. Rutkowska, R. Noomen: Range Biases and Station Positions Analysis for Network Solutions Derived From SLR Data In the Period 1993-1995
Paper Icon J. Seago, et. al.: Enhancements Toward Robust Normal Point Generation
Paper Zip Icon1.2 Mb Zip archive of all files from Data Analysis and Models session
Session 4: New or Upgraded Stations (G. Bianco)
blank G. Bianco M. Selden, M. Bieneman C. Clarke, D. Mcclure, K. Mogan, D. Moon, B. Nallappa, T. Oldham, R. Sala, R. Stringfellow: MLRO System Progress Report
blank M. Cech, K. Hamal, H. Jelinkova, A. Novotny, I. Prochazka, Y.E. Helali, M.Y. Tawadros: Upgrading of the Helwan Laser Station 1997-98
blank O. Charade, A. Bonneville, S. Labrosse, F. Barlier, J. Bosworth, M. Baltuck, J.L. Counil: The New Tahiti Geodetic Observatory
blank K. Elango, P. Soma, K. Rameshchandra, S. Rangarajan: Site Selection Criteria For Locating Laser Station At ISTRAC Campus, Bangalore, India
blank G.C. Gilbreath: Satellite Laser Ranging Campaigns from NRL@Starfire: An Overview
blank K. Hamal, I. Prochazka: Pico Event Timer Based SLR Station Upgrade
Paper Icon J. Nicolas, P. Exertier, P. Bonnefond, F. Pierron and the Grasse SLR Group: First Results with the French Transportable Laser Ranging Station
Paper Icon M.Paunonen: The New Satellite Laser Ranging System of Metsahovi
Paper Icon F. Pierron, J. Nicolas and the Grasse SLR Group: Status and New Capabilities of the FTLRS (French Transportable Laser System)
blank R. Ricklefs, D. Nugent, J. McGarry: Linux-Based On-Site Data Analysis Systems
blank V. Shargorodsky, V. Vasiliev: Towards a Really Portable SLR Station
blank V. Shargorodsky, V. Burmistrov, Yu. Roy, M. Baryshnikov, V. Vasiliev: A New Russian SLR Station Near Moscow: Purpose and Design Features
blank G. Tangyong: New Software Package for SLR System
blank M. Y. Tawadros: Helwan Satellite Laser Station for Observing Artifical Earth Satellites
blank G. Tangyong, X. Zizhong, Y. Wenwei, L. Cuixia, C. Qinfu, T. Yecun , H. Sihau, L. Hangang: CMONOC Transportable SLR System
blank Y. Fumin, T. Detong, H. Cheng, Z. You, F. Chunbo, G. Tangyong, X. Hizhong, W. Bin, J. Chongguo, F. Hesheng: Status and Plans of Chinese SLR Network
blank X. Zhizhong: The Collocation Observation Results Using SLR and GPS Techniques at a TLRS Station in China
blank Z. You, F. Cun-Bo, G. Yan, L. Cheng-Zhi, L. Zhi, S. Jian-Yong, H. Xing-Wei, Z. Xing-Hua, C. Hai-Yan, J. Hong-Ling, C. Dou-Xing: The Upgrade of Changchun SLR
blank J. Bartoszak, E. Butkiewicz, S. Schillak: Status Report of the Borowiec SLR 1997-1998
Paper Icon A. Al-Ghamdi: SALRO System Upgrades and Future Plans
Paper Zip Icon1.3 Mb Zip archive of all files from New or Upgraded Stations session

Session 5: Lunar Laser Ranging (U. Schreiber)

Paper Icon K. Nordtvedt: Optimizing the Observation Schedule in LLR and Similar Experiments
blank S. Riepl, U. Schreiber, W. Schlüter: Improvements to LLR and SLR by Adaptive Optics
Paper Icon J. Müller; K. Nordtvedt, M. Schneider, D. Vokrouhlick: Improved Determination of Relativistic Quantities from LLR
Paper Icon J.F. Mangin, D. Ferandy, M. Furia, M. Glentzlin, A. Journet, J.M. Torre, G. Vigouroux: When Dream and Reality Meet ...
Paper Zip Icon Zip archive of all files from Lunar Laser Ranging session
Session 6: Target Design, Signature, and Biases (V. Vassiliev)
blank M. Davis, G.C. Gilbreath, P. Rolsma, J. Georges, G. Snyder, R. Eichinger: NRL@SOR SLR Observation Verification Techniques Using LAGEOS
Paper Icon J. Georges, G.C. Gilbreath, P. Rolsma: Development of A Laser Ranging Target Optimized for LEO Spacecraft
Paper Icon R. Neubert, L. Grunwaldt, J. Neubert: The Retro Reflector for the CHAMP Satellite: Final Design and Realization
blank V. Shargorodsky, V. Vasiliev, B. Greene, H. Kunimori: The Westpac Satellite Project
blank V. Shargorodsky, V. Burmistrov, N. Parkhomenko, V. Vasiliev: The Westpac Satellite Design Features and First Results of First Return Signal Analysis
blank V. Shargorodsky, V. Burmistrov, N. Parkhomenko, V. Vasiliev: Retroreflector Array On Board of the Zeya Satellite
blank V. Vasiliev, I. Gashkin, M. Belov, V. Shargorodsky: A New Approach to a Submillimeter Accuracy SLR Target Design
Paper Zip Icon0.6 Mb Zip archive of all files from Target Design, Signature, and Biases session

Session 7: Atmospheric Correction and Multiwavelength Ranging (G. Kirchner)

blank J. Hu: Comparison of Atmospheric Density Models In Precision Orbit Determination of Satellite Starlette (Poster)
blank D. Souilhac, D. Billerey: H2-Raman-Shifting of the 512 Nm Doubled Frequency Nd:Yag Laser for Multiple Laser Ranging Applications (Poster)
blank D. Souilhac, D. Billerey: Radar and Applications of Lidars for Environmental Remote Sensing (Poster)
blank G.M.Appleby and A.T. Sinclair: Validation of Atmospheric Correction Model For Herstmonceux Using In Situ Radiosonde Data
blank B. Greene, Y. Gao, W. Bane: Atmospheric Correction and Multiwavelength Ranging
Paper Icon G. Bianco, M. Selden, M. Bieneman C. Clarke, D. McClure, K. Mogan, D. Moon, B. Nallappa, T. Oldham, R. Sala, R. Stringfellow: Two-Color Ranging Upgrade for the MLRO System
Paper Icon A. Böer: TIGO - SLR 2 Color Ranging; Overview - First Results
blank I. Prochazka, et al.: Multicolor Measurements / With Spad / With PPET
Paper Zip Icon0.4 Mb Zip archive of all files from Atmospheric Correction and Multiwavelength Ranging session
Session 8: Advanced Systems (J. Degnan)
blank J. Degnan: SLR2000 Project: Engineering Overview and Status
blank P. Titterton, H. Sweeney, D. Leonard: System/Usage Impact of Operating the SLR2000 at 2 Khz
Paper Icon B. Greene: Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) Design For Antarctica
Paper Icon W. Gurtner, E., Pop, E., Utzinger J.: Automation and Remote Control of the Zimmerwald SLR Station
Paper Icon G. Bianco, M. Selden, M. Bieneman, C. Clarke, D. McClure, K. Mogan, D. Moon, B. Nallappa, T. Oldham, R. Sala, R. Stringfellow: MLRO System Progress Report
blank I. Prochazka, K. Hamal, S.M. Pershin: Spad Detector For Laser Ranging on Mars Surface
Paper Zip Icon0.5 Mb Zip archive of all files from Advanced Systems session

Session 9: Detectors and Filters (I. Prochazka)

blank B. Greene, L. Dahl, W. Bane: Range Measurement Performance of EOS Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) Systems Employing Simultaneous APD and MCP-PMT Detection Systems
blank U. Schreiber, K.H. Haufe: Timewalk in Avalanche Photo Diodes
blank I. Prochazka, K. Hamal, J. Blazej: Millimeter Ranging and Echo Signal Strength Monitoring with Spad Detectors
Paper Icon G. Kirchner, F. Koidl, I. Prochazka, K. Hamal: Spad Time Walk Compensation and Return Energy Dependent Ranging
blank D. Souilhac, D. Billerey: Design Study of an Infrared Acousto-optic Imaging Spectro-radiometer with Infrarec Fiber Probe Coupling
blank D. Souilhac, D. Billerey: Design Study of a Fiber Interferometric Sensor and a Sagnac Fiber Optic Sensor (Poster)
Session 10: Laser Technology Development (Y. FuMin)
Paper Icon J. Degnan, J. Zayhowski: SLR2000 Microlaser Performance: Theory vs. Experiments
blank H. Donovan: Emerging Safety Standards of the American National Standards Institute and the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States for the Outdoor Use of Lasers
blank B .Greene, Y. Gao, Y. Wang, M. Lederer: Diode Pumped Passively Mode-Locked Laser Oscillator for Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR)
blank F. Maßmann, A. Haase, H. Voss: The Spektrum AMG D Laser: an Innovative System for Laser Ranging
blank D. Souilhac, D. Billerey: The High Power Co2 Laser Amplifier for Long Range Radar and Co2 Laser Dial Experiments
blank D. Souilhac, D. Billerey: Two Wavelengths Solid State Laser for the Laser Ranging Station
Session 11: Timing Devices and Calibration (J. Gaignebeit)
blank P. Gibbs, G. Appleby: The Stanford SR620 Timer as a Possible Source of Range Bias (Poster)
blank B. Greene: Timing System Performance in Keystone (KSP) Class Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) Systems
blank F. Katsuo, T. Otsubo, J. Amagai, H. Nojiri: A New Calibration Technique for the Telescope Reference Point and the System Delay
Paper Icon J. Kölbl: Clock Distribution in SLR Stations
Paper Icon J. Kölbl: Frequency Synthesis for Timing Calibration
blank P. Lemonde, Ph. Laurent, E. Simon, G. Santarelli, A. Clairon, N. Dimarcq, C. Audoin, P. Petit, L. Bernier, G. Busca, E. Samain, C. Salomon: Atomic Clock Ensemble in Space On Board the Space Station
blank Q. Zhong: Linearity of HP5370x Time Interval Counters (Poster)
Paper Zip Icon0.5 Mb Zip archive of all files from Timing Devices and Calibration session
Sessions 12/13: Automation and Control Systems (H. Kunimori, J. McGarry)
Paper Icon R. Wood: Improving Orbit Predictions
Paper Icon B. Conklin: Fully Automated Acquisition System
blank G. Baustert, R. Koenig: Low Flyer Acquisition Data: Some Strategies and Problems
blank W. Tanqiang, G. Tangyong, L. Nailing: The Real Time Processing of Tracking Deviations for SLR Tracking Control System
blank G. Xiangdong, H. Li and Y. Fumin: Multi Satellite Alternate Tracking and Control System
Paper Icon R. Ricklefs, D. Nugent, J. McGarry: Linux-Based On-Site Data Analysis Systems
blank C. Dou-Xing: A Numerical Method for Ordinary Differential Equations (Poster)
blank J. Cheek, A. Mallama, N. Ton, J. McGarry: SLR2000 Pseudo-Operator (Poster)
Paper Icon B. Conklin, A. Mann, M. Sadeghighassami, J. McGarry: SLR2000 Data Analysis Computer (Poster)
Paper Icon R. Ricklefs, Jan McGarry: SLR2000 Remote Access Terminal (Poster)
blank J. McGarry, J. Cheek, A. Mallama, N. Ton, B. Conklin, A. Mann, M. Sadeghighassami, M. Perry, R. Ricklefs: SLR2000 Automated System Control Software
Paper Icon B. Greene, J. Cotter, C. Moore, A. Loeff, I. Fras, P. Burns, H. Kunimori, T. Gotoh: Keystone (KSP) Class Autonomous Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) Systems
Paper Zip Icon1.6 Mb Zip archive of all files from Automation and Control Systems session
Sessions 14/15: Station Performance Evaluation/Quality Control (M. Pearlman)
blank M. Pearlman: Introduction
Paper Icon V. Husson: SLR Global Performance Evaluation
Paper Icon V. Husson: System Performance Monitoring 2000
Paper Icon I. Prochazka: Differential Satellite Laser Ranging SLR System Diagnostics Tool
blank S. Schillak: Analysis of Quality of the Borowiec Satellite Laser Ranging System
Paper Icon G.M. Appleby, W. Hausleitner, A.T. Sinclair: Rapid Quality Checks on LAGEOS Data from the Eurolas Stations
blank T. Otsubo: Quick Bias Report For LAGEOS and Ajisai Data
Paper Icon P. Dunn, Mark Torrence: Performance Assessment of Geodetic SLR Stations
blank G.J. Ourensma, R. Noomen: Quick-Look Analysis at Delft University of Technology: Past, Present and Future
Paper Icon V. Glotov, Vladimir Mitrikas, Natalie Abylchatova: The Operational Procedure of the SLR Data Quality Analysis in MCC
blank R. Eanes, R. Pastor: Assessing the of Accuracy of Satellite Laser Ranging Data
Paper Zip Icon0.8 Mb Zip archive of all files from Station Performance Evaluation/Quality Control session
Session 16: New Applications and Techniques (J. Luck)
blank U. Schreiber, G.E. Stedman, M. Schneider, W. Schlüter: Characteristics of a Ring Laser for Geodesy
blank Olivier Bock: First Aircraft Experimental Results Obtained With the WAALRS (Poster)
Paper Icon B. Greene, L. Dahl. Y. Gao. C. Cochran: Eye Safe Laser Detection of Aircraft: Applications in Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR)
blank P. Schumacher, G.C. Gilbreath, E. Lydick, M. Davis: Precision of Satellite Laser Ranging Based Calibration of the Naval Space Surveillance System
blank T. Otsubo, J. Amagai, H. Kunimori: Measuring Ajisai's Spin Motion
Paper Icon M.Leonardi: A Possible Use of Ajisai Mirrors for Two-Way Laser Synchronization (Poster)
Paper Icon E. Samain: The Time Transfer By Laser Link (T2L2) Experiment
Paper Icon J. Degnan, J. McGarry, P. Dabney, T. Zagwodzki: Design and Test of a Breadboard Interplanetary Laser Transponder
Paper Zip Icon0.9 Mb Zip archive of all files from New Applications and Techniques session
Session 17: Special Topics (invited papers) (P. Shelus)
blank K. Nordtvedt: Scientific Prospects For Interplanetary (Transponded) Laser Ranging
blank R. Vessot: High Accuracy Time Keeping From Space
blank S. Nerem: Gravity Models Developed from Geophysics
blank W. Gurtner: Synergy of SLR With Microwave Technique for Orbit Determination
Paper Icon R. Buzelis, J. Kosenko, E. Murauskas-Ekspla, K. Lapushka, Ai Ui: Q-Switched SBS-Compressed Nd.Yag Laser for Satellite Ranging
Paper Icon Yu. Artyukh, V. Bespal'ko, K. Lapushka, A. Rybakov, V. Vedin: Selective Time Interval Counter for SLR Applications
Paper Icon S. Tatevian, O. Bayuk: Optimum Planning of LAGEOS Laser Ranging for Geodynamic Programs
blank The NRL LEO Retro-Array for Satellite Laser Ranging
Paper Zip Icon0.2 Mb Zip archive of all files from Special Topics session
Totals: 48 out of 123 papers available
Paper Zip Icon10.9 Mb  


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