2007 ILRS Technical Workshop

Every two years the ILRS conducts Technical Workshops to focus on a few timely topics that impact the quality of our data products and our operations. These workshops are held in intervening years between the full International Workshops on Laser Ranging and are intended to provide time to articulate the issues carefully, allow for careful discussion, and formulate a path forward. The 2007 Fall ILRS Workshop was held at the "Palais des Congrès" situated in the heart of Grasse, France, September 24 - 28, 2007.

Over 85 attendees (photo) particpated in the workshop. The Program section of this website includes links to all available abstracts and presentations.

Program committee:

Francis Pierron
Mike Pearlman
Werner Gurtner
Pierre Exertier
John Degnan
Toshi Otsubo
Ulrich Schreiber
Pascal Bonnefond
Matthew Wilkinson
Cinzia Luceri
Georg Kirchner
Yang Fumin

Local organizers:

Francis Pierron
Florent Deleflie
Pierre Exertier
Monique Pierron
Jean Marie Torre
Maurice Furia
Grégoire Martinot Lagarde
Pascal Bonnefond
Martine Perrin
Anny Bigot
Christine Julienne
Françoise Baumont

Grasse, the perfume capital

View of Grasse

Calern Observatory with laser ranging facilities
Mobile SLR Ftlrs System and LLR Meo system

The Observatory founded in 1974 has been, from the first beginning, dedicated to the Geosciences especially with first SLR/LLR facilities and astrometry measurements. This Observatory situated in the countryside only 20 km inland from Grasse has been selected to offer good sky quality and Nice university proximity.

Sponsors and Collaborations:

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