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Lviv Contact:

Agency Astronomical Observatory of
Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
Mailing Address AO LNU, 8 Kyryla i Mefodia str.,
79005, Lviv, Ukraine
Primary Contact
    Contact Name Yaroslav T. Blagodyr
    Telephone (primary) (+380)-(32)-2600393
    Telephone (secondary) (+380)-(32)-2347317, (+380)-(32)-2346382
    Fax (+380)-(32)-2600395
Secondary Contact
    Contact Name Kostiantyn P. Martyniuk-Lototsky
    Telephone (primary) (+380)-(32)-2600393
    Telephone (secondary) (+380)-(32)-2346321
    Fax (+380)-(32)-2600395

Lviv Coordinates:

Approximate Position:

X coordinate [m]     3760674.975
Y coordinate [m]     1670776.340
Z coordinate [m]     4857165.479
Latitude [deg]     49.9176 N
Longitude [deg]     23.9572 E
Elevation [m]     359.368
Additional Information Bryuhovychi is a village ~10 km from Lviv

Lviv News:

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