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Jason-2: Reflector Information

RetroReflector Array (RRA) Characteristics:
Jason-2 retroreflector Array

Courtesy of HTSI

The corner cubes are made of research grade radiation resistant suprasil quartz. Their performance is optimized at the green wavelength, 532 nanometers. The corner cubes are symmetrically mounted on a hemispherical surface with one nadir-looking corner cube in the center, surrounded by an angled ring of eight corner cubes. This will allow laser ranging in the field of view angles of 360 degrees in azimuth and 60 degrees elevation around the perpendicular to the satellite's -Zs earth panel. The design is identical to the array to be used on Jason-1, ADEOS-2, and GFO-1.

The Jason-2 geometrical configuration is very similar to Jason-1. The LRA has an unobstructed field of view of 120°. Only a few small instruments such as T2L2 were added, with no impact on the LRA field of view.