15th International Workshop on Laser Ranging Instrumentation

Canberra, Australia
October 15-20, 2006

Science Products

  • J Andres, R Noomen, Enhanced modelling of the non-gravitational forces acting on LAGEOS (Invited)
  • C Urschl, G Beutler, W Gurtner, U Hugentobler, S Schaer, Calibrating GNSS orbts with SLR tracking data (Invited)
  • F Deleflie, S Melachroinos, F Perosanz, O Laurain, P Exertier, GIOVE-A and GPS-35 satellite orbits: analysis of dynamical properties based on SLR-only tracking data
  • R Govind, Orbit Determination and Analysis for GIOVE-A using Satellite Laser Ranging Data
  • C Urschl, G Beutler, W Gurtner, U Hugentobler, M Ploner, Orbit Determination for GIOVE-A using SLR tracking data
  • K Lambeck, Satellite Laser Ranging in the National (Australian) Collaborative Research Infrastructure Proposal for Geospatial R&D (Invited)
  • F Lemoine, S Klosko, C Cox, T Johnson, Time-variable gravity from SLR and DORIS tracking (Invited)
  • W Peltier, Global Glacial Isostatic Adjustment: Target Fields for Space Geodesy (Invited)
  • E Pavlis, I Ciufolini, R Konig, Recent Results from SLR Experiments in Fundamental Physics
  • F Delefilie, A web service to compare geodetic time series
  • D Coulot, P Berio, A Pollet, Least-square mean effect: application to the analysis of SLR time series
  • H Mueller, D Angermann, M Kruegel, Some Aspects Concerning the SLR Part of ITRF2005
  • R Govind, Determination of the Temporal variations of the Earth's Centre of Mass from Multi-Year Satellite Laser Ranging Data
  • D Gambis, R Biancale, Contribution of Satellite & Lunar Laser Ranging to Earth Orientation monitoring
  • Z Altamimi, Station Positioning and the ITRF (Invited)
  • R Koenig, H Mueller, Station Coordinates, Earth Rotation Parameters and Low Degree Harmonics from SLR within GGOS-D
  • D Coulot, P Berio, O Laurain, D Feraudy, P Exertier, An original approach to compute Satellite Laser Ranging biases (Poster)
  • D Coulot, P Berio, O Laurain, D Feraudy, P Exertier, F Deleflie, Analysis of 13 Years (1993-2005) of Satellite Laser Ranging data on the two LAGEOS satellites for Terrestrial Reference Frames and Earth Orientation Parameters (Poster)

Network Performance and Results

  • R Noomen, the SLR network from a QC perspective
  • G Bianco, The ILRS Standard Products: a quality assessment
  • T Otsubo, Systematic range bias 2005-06
  • P Gibbs, A reassessment of laser ranging accuracy at SGF Herstmonceux, UK
  • E Pavlis, The Global SLR Network and the origin and scale of the TRF in the GGOS era
  • F Pierron, FTLRS Ajaccio campaigns: operations and positioning analysis over 2002 and 2005 campaigns
  • E Pavlis, SLR-based evaluation and validation studies of candidate ITRF2005 products
  • R Govind, An Optimised Global SLR Network for Terrestrial Reference Frame Definition
  • J Luck, Performance of Southern Hemisphere Stations
  • P Shelus, Response of the network to new satellites
  • M Torrence, Assessment of SLR Network Performance:
  • V Burmistrov, Russian Laser Tracking Network
  • J Luck, WPLTN Performance (Poster)
  • C Noll, M Torrence, W Seemueller, Archiving and Infrastructure Support at the ILRS Data Centers (Poster)
  • J Luck, MINICO Calibration Paper (Poster)
  • C Moore, A Summary of Observations of GIOVE-A, taken from Mt Stromlo SLR Station (Poster)
  • T Otsubo, Systematic range bias 2005-06 (Poster)

Lasers and Detectors

  • I Prochazka, K Hamal, L Kral, Photon Counting Module for Laser Time Transfer Space Project
  • N Andreev, E Grishin, O Kulagin, A Sergeev, M Valley, Picosecond lasers with Raman frequency and pulsewidth conversion for range finding
  • Y Gao, Advanced Solid State Laser System for Space Tracking


  • J Degnan, D Wells, R Machan, E Leventhal, D Lawrence, Y Zheng, Second-Generation, Scanning, 3D Imaging Lidars Based on Photon-Counting
  • H Michaelis, T Spohn, J Oberst, N Thomas, K Seiferlin, U Christensen, M Hilchenbach, U Schrieber, The BELA - The first European Planetary Laser Altimeter: Conceptional Design and Technical Studies
  • P Jirousek, I Prochazka, K Hamal, M Fedyszynova, Timing System for the Laser Altimeter for Planetary Exploration Technology Demonstrator
  • T Varghese, R Burnham, A Compact Low Power Altimetry Laser for Lunar Applications
  • R. Burris, Lasercomm at Sea - Trident Warrior 06

Kilohertz Systems

  • K Hamal, I Prochazka, Y Fumin, Portable Pico Event Timer and SLR Control (P-PET-C) System
  • P Gibbs, C Potter, R Sherwood, M Wilkinson, D Benham, V Smith, Some Early Results of Kilohertz Laser Ranging at Herstmonceux
  • J Degnan, D Caplan, Performance of Liquid Crystal Optical Gate for Suppressing Laser Backscatter in Monostatic Kilohertz SLR System
  • J McGarry, T Zagwodzki, SLR2000: The path toward completion
  • G Kirchner, D Kucharski, E Cristea, W Hausleitner, Spin Parameters of GP-B and AJISAI with Kilohertz SLR Data
  • D Kucharski, G Kirchner, LAGEOS-1 spin determination, using comparisons between Graz kHz SLR data and simulations
  • G Kirchner, D Kucharski, F Koidl, J Weingrill, Measuring Atmospheric Seeing with KHz SLR

Timing Systems

  • X Dong, C Fan, Y Zhao, X Han, A032-ET Experimental Test on Changchun SLR
  • Y Artyukh, V Bespalko, K Lapushka, A Rybakov, Event Timing System for Riga SLR Station
  • Y Artyukh, E Boole, V Vedin, Instrumentation for Creating KHz SLR Timing Systems
  • E Samain, J Tore, D Albanese, P Guillemot, F Para, J Paris, I Petitbon, OCA Event Timer
  • V Bespalko, E Boole, V Vedin, The Model A032-ET of Riga Event Timers
  • Y Zhang, P Huang, R Zhu, Upgrading of Integration of Time to Digit Converter on a Single FPGA
  • D McClure, C Steggerda, S Wetzel, High-Speed Enhancement to HTSI Event Timer Systems

Multiple Wavelength, Refraction

  • H Mueller, Analysis of Multi-Wavelength SLR Tracking Data Using Precise Orbits
  • G Hulley, E Pavlis, Improvement of Current Refraction Modeling in Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) by Ray Tracing through Meterological Data
  • W Gurtner, Two-color calibration of the Zimmerwald SLR System
  • F Pierron, E Samain, J Torre, Grasse laser stations in evolutions to future, technological developments in progress
  • V Burmistrov, V Vasiliev, N Parkhomenko, V Shargorodsky, New Russian Systems for SLR, Angular Measurements and Photometry
  • K Hamal, I Prochazka, J Blazej, Y Fumin, H Jingfu, Z Zhongping, Multi Color Satellite Laser Ranging (Poster)

Telescopes, Stations, and Upgrades

  • H Donovan, D McCollums, J Horvath, M Heinick, A Mann, D Patterson, T Oldham, TLRS-3 Return to Operations
  • H Lim, Korean Plans for SLR System Development
  • Z Li, X Zheng, Y Yong, Study on Servo-Control System of Astronomical Telescopes
  • V Burmistrov, A Fedotov, N Parkhomenko, V Pasinkov, V Shargorodsky, Russian Laser Tracking Network
  • H Donovan, M Blount, D McCollums, C Foreman, M Heinick, S Wetzell, TLRS-4 Deployment to Maui, Hawaii
  • Y Han, E Actis, T Wang, W Liu, R Podesta, F Qu, A New SLR System of NAOC Running in San Juan of Argentina
  • Y Zhao, C Fan, X Han, C Liu, J Shi, Z Zhang, B Shao, H Zhang, System Improvement and GIOVE-A Observation of Changchun SLR

Advanced Concepts; Eyesafe

  • Y Fumin, H Peicheng, C Wanzhen, Z Zhongping, W Yuanming, G Fang, Z Guangnan, L Ying, I Prochazka, K Hamal, Progress on Laser Time Transfer Project
  • E Samain, P Guillemot, D Albanese, P Berio, F Delefie, F Para, J Paris, I Petitbon, J Torre, P Vrancken, J Weick, T2L2
  • T Otsubo, H Kunimori, T Gotoh, New application of kHz laser ranging: time transfer via Ajisai
  • H Kunimori, M Okawa, H Watanabe, Y Yasuda, Satellite Tracking Demonstration on Ground Using 100mm Aperture Optical Antenna for Space Laser Communication
  • D Carter, The NASA Satellite Laser Ranging Network: Current Status and Future Plans
  • T Otsubo, T Kubo-oka, Possibility of laser ranging support for the next-generation space VLBI mission, ASTRO-G
  • D Lewova, M Nemec, I Prochazka, K Hamal, G Kirchner, F Koidl, D Kucharski, Y Fumin, Electron Multiplying CCD Camera Performance Tests (Poster)
  • G Appleby, R Jones, C Potter, P Gibbs, LIDAR experiments at the Space Geodesy Facility, Herstmonceux, UK (Poster)
  • M Abele, L Osipova, Possibility of the Near Earth Objects Distance Measurement with Laser Ranging Device (Poster)
  • M Nemec, I Prochazka, K Hamal, G Kirchner, F Koidl, W Voller, Simultaneous Optical and Laser Space Objects Tracking (Poster)


  • G Neumann, J Cavanaugh, B Coyle, J McGarry, D Smith, X Sun, T Zagwodzki, M Zuber, Laser Ranging at Interplanetary Distances
  • J Degnan, Simulating Interplanetary Transponder and Laser Communications Experiments via Dual Station Ranging to SLR Satellites
  • J McGarry, T Zagwodzki, P Dabney, P Dunn, J Cheek, Laser Ranging at Planetary Distances from SLR2000
  • D Smith, M Zuber, M Torrence, J McGarry, M Pearlman, Laser Ranging to the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO)

Uncooperative Targets

  • Y Fumin, C Wanzhen, Z Zhongping, C Juping, W Yuanming, I Prochazka, K Hamal, Experimental Laser Ranging System for Space Debris at Shanghai
  • M Nemec, I Prochazka, K Hamal, G Kirchner, F Koidl, W Voller, Simultaneous Optical and Laser Space Objects Tracking

Software and Automation

  • C Moore, A Comparison of Performance Statistics for Manual and Automated Operations at Mt. Stromlo
  • M Pearson, EOS Software Systems for Satellite Laser Ranging and General Astronomical Observatory Applications
  • P Wang, T Guo, X Li, Y Han, W Liu, T Wang, F Qu, Y Tan, T Zou, Electro-Control System of San Juan SLR Station
  • L Xin, G Tangyong, A Tong, W Peiyuan, T Yechun, X Jiening, Z Yunyao, D Ruilin, Integrated Upgrades of Control System for TROS
  • C Clarke, M Heinick, J Horvath, A Mann, O Brogdon, Upgrades to NASA SLR Computing and Software Systems
  • W Gurtner, M Ploner, CCD and SLR dual-use of the Zimmerwald tracking system
  • J Degnan, G Jodor, H Bourges, Adaptation of a Commercial Beam Expander for Automated Transmitter Beam Size and Divergence Control in the SLR-2000 System
  • Q Li, F Qu, Z Wei, Obtaining the High-resolution Epoch with the FPGA Technology
  • M Pierron, New FTLRS software tools for tuning observations schedule and remote control
  • M Heiner, N Brandl, U Schreiber, Recursive Filter Algorithm for Noise Reduction in SLR
  • C Moore, The Impact and Resolution of Collision Bands on Tracking Targets at Various Ranges
  • K Salminsh, Web Application for the Engineering Data Files Processing
  • R Ricklefs, Consolidated Laser Prediction and Data Formats: Supporting New Technology

Lunar Laser Ranging (LLR) Systems

  • T Murphy, APOLLO springs to life: one-millimeter LLR

Targets and Return Signal Strength

  • D Arnold, Retroreflector studies
  • G Delle Monache,The INFN-LNF Space Climatic Facility for the LARES mission and the ETRUSCO project
  • T Murphy, Absolute Calibration of LLR Signal: A Peek at Reflector Health
  • J Luck, C Moore, Experimental Return Strengths from Optus-B and GPS
  • V Shargorodsky, V Vasiliev, M Belov, I Gashkin, N Parkhomenko, Spherical glass SLR target Microsatellite

Overflow, e.g., New Missions, Stations

  • A Dmytrotsa, O Minin, D Neyachenko, Current Status of Simeiz-1873 station
  • K Martynyuk-Lototsky, J Blahodyr, A Bilinskiy, O Lohvynenko, Overview and performance of the Ukrainian SLR station 'Lviv-1831'
  • J Horvath, M Blount, C Clarke, H Donovan, C Foreman, M Heinick, A Mann, D Patterson, D McCollums, T Oldham, S Wetzel, Results of the TLRS-4/Moblas-7 Intercomparison Test
  • N Kudo, S Nakamura, R Nakamura, S Katagiri, Using SLR, the GPS accuracy verification experiment of ALOS
  • H Lim, J Park, Y Kim, Y Son, S Lee, J Lee, H Cha, Korean Plan for SLR System Development
  • Y Zhao, X Han, C Fan, T Dai, Fulfillment of SLR daylight tracking of Changchun station
  • V Glotov, S Revnivykh, V Mitrikas, GLONASS Status Update and MCC activity in GLONASS Program
  • V Burmistrov, et al., New Russian Systems for SLR, Angular Measurements and Photometry