14th International Workshop on Laser Ranging Instrumentation

San Fernando, Spain
June 7-11, 2004


  • Welcome (W. Gurtner)
  • History and Meeting Overview (M. Pearlman)
  • ROA: 250 Years of Scientific Activities (R. Boloix)

Scientific Achievements, Applications, and Future Requirements

  • The Global Geodetic Observing System (GGOS) in its Initial Phase (H. Drewes)
  • A Multi Year SLR Solution (H. Mueller, D. Angermann, B. Meisel)
  • Processing 18.6 Years of Lageos Data (J.-M. Lemoine, R. Biancale, G. Bourda)
  • SLR Contributions in the Establishment of the Terrestrial Reference Frame (E. Pavlis)
  • Long Term Monitoring of Geophysical Parameters Using SLR (V. Luceri, C. Sciarretta, G. Bianco)
  • Combination of Space Geodesy Techniques for Monitoring the Kinematics Of The Earth (D. Coulot, R. Biancale, P. Berio, A.-M. Gontier, S. Loyer, L. Soudarin, J.-M. Lemoine, Z. Altamimi, N. Capitaine, P. Exertier and D. Gambis)
  • Interannual and Annual Variations in the Geopotential Observed Using SLR (C. Cox, B. Chao, A. Au)
  • Atmospheric Loading 'Blue-Sky' Effects on SLR Station Coordinates (T. Otsubo, T. Kubo-oka, T. Gotoh, R. Ichikawa)
  • FTLRS Support to the Gavdos Project: Tracking and Positioning (P. Berio, P. Exertier, F. Pierron, J. Weick, D. Coulot, O. Laurain, P. Bonnefond, FTLRS laser staff)
  • Precision Orbit Determination of Low Altitude Lunar Spacecraft with Laser Systems (D. Smith, M. Zuber)
  • Solar-System Dynamics and Tests of General Relativity with Planetary Laser Ranging (J. Chandler, M. Pearlman, R. Reasenberg, J. Degnan)

Scientific Achievements, Applications, and Future Requirements (Posters)

  • ROA: 250 years working in Astronomy and Geophysics (1753-2003) (F.J. Gonzalez, A. Pazos)
  • ESA EO Envisat and Cryosat Missions Status (P. Femenias)
  • NASA ICESat Mission Status (B. Schutz)
  • The PASAGE Project. Astrometric Positioning of Geostacionary Satellites (T.L. Moratalla, C. Abad, F. Belizon, J.C. Coma, F.J. Montojo, J.L. Muinos, J. Palacio, M. Vallejo)
  • Determination of the Site Position at the SLR Tracking Station (7824) at San Fernando, Spain (I. Vigo-Aguiar, J. Ferrandiz, J. Garate, J. Martin Davila, D. Garcia)
  • FTLRS Positioning for the EU/NASA Altimeter Calibration Project GAVDOS (E. Pavlis, S. Mertikas)
  • Laser Ranging as a Precise Tool to Evaluate GNSS Orbital Solutions (G. Appleby, T. Otsubo)
  • Seasonal effects on Laser, GPS and absolute Gravimetry vertical positioning at the OCA-CERGA geodetic station, Grasse (France) (J. Nicolas, J.M. Nocquet, M. Van Camp, J.P. Boy, J. Hinderer, M. Amalvict, P. Gegout, E. Calais, J.J. Walch)
  • Earth Orientation Parameters from Satellite Laser Ranging (E. Pavlis)
  • Time Series of Satellite Laser Ranging Station Position (D. Coulot, P. Berio, P. Exertier)
  • Proposed International Institute for Space Geodesy and Earth Observation (L. Combrinck)

Lunar Laser Ranging

  • MeO: The Future of the French Lunar Laser Ranging Station (E. Samain, G. Aridon, P. Exertier, J.F. Mangin, G.M. Lagarde, J.L. Oneto, J. Paris, F. Pierron, J.M. Torre)
  • MeO Improvements for Lunokhod 1 Tracking (J.M. Torre, M. Furia, J.F.Mangin, E. Samain)
  • Lunar Ranging from Mount Stromlo (B. Greene, C. Smith, Y. Gao, J. Cotter, C. Moore, J. Luck, I. Ritchie)
  • Lunar Laser Ranging Science (J. Williams, D. Boggs, S. Turyshev, J.T. Ratcliff)
  • Consolidated Laser Ranging Prediction Format: Implications for Lunar Laser Ranging (R. Ricklefs)
  • The Apache Point Observatory Lunar Laser Ranging Operation (APOLLO) (T. Murphy)

Improved and Upgraded Systems Posters

  • The Performance of Changchun Satellite Laser Ranging Station (L. Chengzhi, Z. You, F. Cunbo, H. Xingwei, Z. Xinghua, S. Jianyong, Z. Haitao)
  • Progress for Daylight Tracking in Changchun SLR System (Y. Zhao)
  • New Drive and Servo-Control System of Kunming SLR Station (Z. Xiangming, J. Chongguo, X. Yaoheng, Z. Yuncheng, L. Zhulian, W. Hanping, F. Honglin)
  • San Fernando SLR Status and Future Objectives (J. Garate, J. Martin Davila, M. Quijano, C. Belza)
  • San Fernando Baker-Nunn Camera Transformation (F.J. Montojo, J. Nunez, O. Fors, M. Merino, J.L. Muiios, F.Belizon, M. Vallejo, J.M. Codina)
  • Modernization of the Borowiec SLR System (J. Bartoszak, S. Schillak)
  • Laboratory Tests and Calibration on Chronometry for the French Transportable Laser Ranging Station (M. Pierron, D. Feraudy, M. Furia, F. Pierron, FTLRS laser staff)
  • The Performance and Observation of Mobile System TROS-1 In China (G. Tangyong, T. Yechun, L. Cuixia, H. Shihua, L. Xin, W. Yinzhen)
  • The Mount Stromlo Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) System Local Tie Connections Before and After the 2003 Destructive Canberra Fires (J. Dawson, G. Johnston, S. Naebkhil, R. Govind)
  • SGF Herstmonceux: Current Status and Future Upgrades (G. Appleby, P. Gibbs, D. Benham, C. Potter, R. Sherwood, V. Smith, M. Wilkinson, I. Bayer)
  • Current Status of San Juan SLR Station in Argentina (T. Wang, F. Qu, Z. Wei, N. Liu, B. Cheng, Q. Xiang, Y. Han, W. Liu)
  • Self-Mixing Optical Doppler Radial Velocity Measurements & Laser Link Budget: A Prospective Study (J.-L. Oneto)
  • Status of the Russion Laser Tracking Network (M. Barshnicov, V. Burmistrov, V. Vasiliev, V. Shargorodsky)

New Applications

  • Time Transfer by Laser Link T2l2 (M. Ravet, E. Samain, R. Dalla, P. Aubry, J.M. Torre, J. Paris, J.F. Mangin, G.M. Lagarde)
  • Time Transfer by Laser Pulses between Ground Stations (Y. Fumin, Z. Zhongping, C. Wanzhen, L. Xin, C. Juping, W. Bin)
  • SLR2000C: An Autonomous Satellite Laser Ranging and Space-To-Ground Optical Communications Facility (J. Degnan, A. Seas, H. Donovan, T. Zagwodzki)
  • Technical Concept for a European Laser Altimeter for Planetary Exploration (U. Schreiber, H. Michaelis, J. Oberst, I. Leike, T. Spohn)
  • Laser Altimeter For Planetary Exploration (I. Prochazka, K. Hamal)
  • Scientific Applications of Planetary Laser Altimeter Radiometry (M. Zuber, D. Smith)

Atmospheric Correction and Multiwavelength Ranging

  • Two-Wavelength Satellite Laser Ranging Experiment at Shanghai Observatory (Z. Zhongping, Y. Fumin, H. Jingfu, C. Wanzhen, C. Juping, L. Rendong)
  • Real-Time Separation Atmospheric Tip-Tilt Signal from Lunar Surface (X. Yaoheng, G. Rui)
  • Effects of the Atmosphere on the SLR Precision (J. Mulacova, K. Hamal, G. Kirchner, F. Koidl)
  • Atmospheric Contribution to the Laser Ranging Jitter (L. Kral, I. Prochazka, G. Kirchner, F. Koidl)
  • Multiwavelength Refraction Modeling Improvements for SLR Observations (G. Hulley, E. Pavlis, V. Mendes, D. Pavlis)

System Calibration Techniques

  • Five Target System Calibration (J.McK. Luck)
  • New Internal Calibration Target at SGF Herstmonceux; Design and Results (D. Benham, P. Gibbs, V. Smith)
  • MLRO Performance Characterization (G. Bianco, R. Sala, V. Luceri)
  • Portable Pico Event Timer 2 Khz (K. Hamal, I. Prochazka)
  • Tests of the Stability and Linearity of the A031et Event Timer at Graz Station (C. Selke, F. Koidl, G. Kirchner, L. Grunwaldt) Mount Model Stability (J.McK. Luck)
  • Signal Strength Monitor for C-Spad Receiver (I. Prochazka, K. Hamal)

Engineering and QC Analysis

  • Numerical Noise in Satellite Laser Ranging Data Processing (I. Prochazka, G. Kirchner)
  • Is Your Performance being Ruined by Interpolation Errors? (J.McK. Luck)
  • Engineering Data File Processing and Distribution (K. Salminsh)
  • Herstmonceux Time Bias System as A Possible Real-Time QC Tool (I. Bayer, P. Gibbs, M. Wilkinson)
  • Determination of the Station Coordinates for Quality Control of the Satellite Laser Ranging Data (S. Schillak)
  • Results of the SLR Tracking Data Quality Control During the Operational Processing (H. Mueller)
  • MCC Analysis Procedure of the SLR Data Quality and Stations Performance (V. Glotov, N. Abylchatova, V. Mitrikas, M. Zinkovskiy)
  • 18 Years of Q/C Analysis at Delft University Of Technology (R. Noomen)

Automation and Control

  • Ray Matrix Approach for the Real Time Control of SLR2000 Optical Elements (J. Degnan)
  • Remote Operation of GUTS-SLR (M. Sawabe, T. Uchimura, S. Murata, Y. Matsuoka, T. Oldham, J. Maloney)
  • Consolidated Laser Ranging Prediction Format: Field Tests (R. Ricklefs)
  • Zimmerwald Remote Control By Internet And Cellular Phone (W. Gurtner)

Targets, Signatures, and Biases

  • Laser Retroreflector Array of Geostationary Satellite, ETS-VIII (M. Sawabe, T. Uchimura, A. Suzuki, H. Noda)
  • Design of Laser Retro-Reflector Array and Laser Ranging Experiment for Shenzhou-IV Satellite (Y. Fumin, C. Wanzhen, Z. Zhongping, C. Juping, W. Yuanming)
  • REFLECTOR, LARETS and METEOR-3M(1) what did we learn from tracking campaign results (V. Burmistrov, V. Vasiliev, N. Parkhomenko, V. Shargorodsky)
  • A New Approach for Mission Design for Geodetic Satellites (M. Lara)
  • Lageos' Asymmetric Reflectivity (D. Arnold, G. Appleby)
  • Centre-of-Mass Correction Issues: Towards mm-Ranging Accuracy (T. Otsubo, G. Appleby)
  • Return Energy Estimates Derived from Normal Point and Full-Rate Laser Data (M. Wilkinson, G. Appleby)
  • Centre-of-Mass Correction Issues: Determining Intensity Dependency at a Multi-Photon (Moblas-5) Station. (R. Carman, V. Noyes, T. Otsubo)
  • Identifying Single Retro Tracks with a 2 Khz SLR System-Simulations and Actual Results (D. Arnold, G. Kirchner, F. Koidl)

Advanced Systems and Techniques

  • The New Mount Stromlo SLR System (B. Greene, C. Smith, Y. Gao, J. Cotter, C. Moore, R. Brunswick, C. Burman)
  • Overview of Guts SLR Station (M. Sawabe, T. Uchimura, A. Suzuki, S. Murata, Y. Matsuoka, T. Oldham, J. Maloney)
  • Early Satellite Tracking Results from SLR2000 (J. McGarry, T. Zagwodzki, J. Degnan, P. Dunn, J. Cheek, D. Patterson, H. Donovan, A. Mann, A. Mallama, R. Ricklefs)
  • Graz KHz SLR System: Design, Experiences and Results (G. Kirchner, F. Koidl)
  • The SOS-W - A Two Colour Kilohertz SLR System (S. Riepl, W. Schlueter, R. Dassing, K.-H. Haufe, N. Brandl, P. Lauber, A. Neidhardt)
  • A Compact, Totally Passive, Multi-Pass Slab Laser Amplifier Based on Stable, Degenerate Optical Resonators (J. Degnan)
  • Recent Achievements in Detectors for Eye Safe Laser Ranging (I. Prochazka, K. Hamal)
  • Advanced Techniques at the EOS Space Research Centre (B. Greene, C. Smith, Y. Gao, J. Cotter, C. Moore, I. Ritchie, C. Burman)

Operational Issues

  • Data Yield of the ILRS Global Network Over The Past Decade (E. Pavlis)
  • The ILRS Report Card and Performance Charts (M. Torrence, V. Husson)
  • Korea's First Satellite for Satellite Laser Ranging (J.H. Lee, S.B. Kim, K.H. Kim, S.H. Lee, Y.J. Im, Y. Fumin, C. Wanzhen)
  • EUROLAS Real Time Status Exchange (W. Gurtner)
  • CDDIS Archive Structure Supporting Laser Ranging Data and Products (C. Noll, M. Dube)
  • ILRS Tracking Support of GP-B (P. Shelus)
  • The MICROSCOPE Mission (R. Biancale)
  • ALOS Overview: Time-restricted operation (H. Kunimori)
  • Status of the NASA SLR Network (D. Carter)
  • ILRS Mission Support (P. Shelus)